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  1. like both colemans. they are really nice. better than the sawblades. so rather keep the colemans ... the sawblades are nice ... but they don't come near to your colemans shots ... really nice perspective greets, serge
  2. hi mel, i use the INON MRS port for the 60mm on a inon X2 housing (which can also support your inon strobes with fiberoptic cables) ... i am very happy with the magnetig port. it is very helpfull when AF does not work fast enough in low light or with lots of particles in the water ... greets, serge
  3. hi matt, yes ... do that. i had the same experience. i gave some images to a stockagent, that has almost no uw images. i put there like 20 images online. in 4 months i sold already some. it is not so much ... but also it is not much work an they also can be sold again and again. i did put images that differ a lot from each other ... the ones that sold: shark & turtle & anemonefish good luck! serge
  4. i use 2 strobes. but in case i only need one, i swith one off for that shot. but i always have mounted two ... that makes me more flexible and sometimes then when one strobe battery goes flat, you can still do some shots with the other strobe greets, serge
  5. i always buddy up with my camera so when i take pictures i always go solo i dont take any pony bottles or spare airs or stuff like that if i go by myself on the housereef i never go deeper than twentyfive meters and thats it> sometimes i go photodiving with my girlfriend but even then it ends up being a solodive> camera and buddysystems just dont mix> if thet is a good thing or not? maybe not but i think most photographers handle it this way serge
  6. hi all, after several times without luck i finally managed to get this first frogfish on our housereef with open mouth i quite like the shot and would appreciate any suggestions how to get it done better. i took it with a ef-s 60mm lens and one strobe from the top ... i hope you like it. some more images from this month on my website: http://www.serge-mondial.com/pictures/W3/W3.html greets, serge
  7. for popping up the flash maybe you could try to switch the camera to automatic mode and focus on something that will underexpose without flash (shouldnt be so difficult to find under water) ... then the flash should pop up. then just switch back to manual and dive. give it a try ... normally that should work fine. serge
  8. hi guys, i can confirm what andy says about the optical TTL. i am using a INON X2 housing with INON strobes. i can confirm that the ttl works fine. using these cables quite a while now ... and am quite happy with them. they just cannot fail. concerning the not popped up flash ... in my housing ui have control to pop the flash out AND in. quite usefull ... because i also forget sometimes to pop it up. since i have it now, i've seen already quite a lot of traditionall cords fail ... it is quite good not to worry about this anymore. greets, serge
  9. very nice pictures fred ... i enjoyed watching them. all the nice critters we miss her in maldives i gotta go to lempeh for holidays. greets, serge
  10. hmm ... sounds not too bad. but it also depends on how often you dive it ... lets see. we have the D6 here in the diveshop on the island ... i can get it for 580$ ... seems like a OK price to me. but on the other side it is almost 2 mosquitos. anyone knows how long the mosquito batteries still will be produced? because i heard they want to take the mosquito out of the market ... so maybe just buy a mosquito with 10 batteries ... but john ... one question: one reason, that made me think of the D6 was the Gas switch ... not because of techie stuff, but because of the fact, that the mosquito sets back to 21% when desaturating or sometimes you just forget to set back from 21% to 32% ... and under water you're out of NDL. how bout the D6 ... can you quickly set him to 32% under water? somebody told me, that you have to define the gasses you will be using before the dive ... that would make this whole gas switch feature very useless ...
  11. hi john, because i want to wear it as a watch ... anything not attached to my wrist ... i will forget it on every second dive. thats why. so eather another mosquito or the D6 ... thats why i would like to know about the battetry life ...
  12. Hi all, the time has come again ... my second suunto mosquito broke ... he did some more dives then the first one, but after 1300 or something he died. i really liked the mosquito ... good price and specially user replaceable battery: very useful in remote location. now i am looking at the D6 and wonder how long the battery lasts ... on my mosquitos i had to change it like 2-3 times a year with an average of 2-3 dives a day. anyone experience with the D6? is the battery life as bad or a bit better? i dont want to buy a computer, where i cannot change batteries if i have to travel to the capital 3 times a year ...
  13. so you are on a liveaboard? then you shouldn't worry too much ... they will make sure you will have some dives with manta enjoy your trip!! if you do that trip, which is marked on your picture there ... make sure you dive kandooma thila (or raan thila or cocoa thila ... different names for the same spot). it is in southmale atoll close to gurrhaidoo ... not the spots for manta, but in my opinion one of the best spots in maldives. fantastic for eagle ray and grey reef sharks, napoleon. also lots of turtles. if current is fast, adrenalin is high! dont forget to share your images after the trip
  14. in maldives clear blue is impossible anyway at this time of the year one more reason for a wide lens ... mantas will be hanging out in the chanel areas of the east sides of the atolls. depending onb which area you stay, your mantapoints will be in between 5 and 25 meters deep. but water will not be clear. specially, because you see the mantas on most spots, when the current is running out of the atoll. the best manta dives in maldives you get in the high season between december and april, when water is clearer and mantas on the west side.
  15. hi leander, most manta dives in maldives are cleaning stations. so there is a good chance to get close. as mentioned above >> take a wide lens. the 10.5 might be a very good choice. got a tokina 10-17? i'd prefer that one. when it is a nice cleaning station, you might get good chances to just sit under the manta in the sand, having it hovering just above you ... so it is actually nicer to have a strobe (or two) ... of course ambient light is also possible. but also be prepared for current where in maldives are you going to? greets, serge
  16. HI all, slowly it starts feeling more natural with the DSLR ... results are not WOW, but still i'd like to share and maybe get some tips & critique. http://www.serge-mondial.com/pictures/W2/W2.html lens was EF-S 60mm ... some with INON Wetlens. The Wideangle is tokina 10-17. 2 inon strobes with optical cable. greets, serge
  17. actually hugyfot offers their ports also with optically coated glass on request. greets, serge
  18. Hello everybody, i finished my first dives with my new DSLR rig: a Canon EOS 30D in a INON X2 housing. i used a tokina 10-17 fisheye and a EF-S 60mm Macro ... and a INON wetlens for ultra-macro. watch my first gallery on my website: http://www.serge-mondial.com go to "pictures" and select the top album. i am happy for any constructive critique! greets, serge
  19. hi scorpius. the reason nobody talks about the 30D is simply the minor changes, that have been made compared with the 20D. so many housing manufacturers did not come out with a new housing for it ... because they think, that not many people will upgrade from 20D to 30D. But if you are gonna buy a new camera ... the 30D is a very good camera. i am using it UW since 3 weeks and i am very happy with it. the big screen is really good and also the viewfinder is quite nice. i like the menu and for me funktions of the 20D/30D are way easier to access, than in the KISS models. if you go nikon or canon ... well. i think it does not really matter. but if you go mainly macro ... the canon has 1,6 crop compared to the 1,5 of the D80 ... so you're already a bit closer anyway: so far i am very happy with my 30D. you will not make a big mistake if you go for it. greets,serge
  20. rene from the german digideep.com forum has already a magicfilter on the canon tokina ... he told us, that he cut out a big circle, so that it fits in the body ... he just needed to cut out a smaller part for the contacts. the filter seems to be stable in this position. i think it's quite a good idea, because it is so big, that its quite save from falling off and falling into the shutter ... anyone has a concern with this method? i think also alex should be happe, because quite lots of filter is needed
  21. ah. ok sorry. then we ment the same thing ... yes. the shutter is another problem. but i think only if the filter comes loose ... as these cams are EF-S lens compatible, there must be some space for the filter. i just tried something with an O-Ring ... put i dont have the right size of o-ring ... with the ring, that is just the right size ... it could hold. then just glue the filter on the ring. should work. i will check for a ring next week.
  22. i thought about a similar way to fix the filter ... but after trying with a bit of paper ... it is not the way i want to fix it. would be perfect to have a round filter with a kind of tube that just fits over the top of that round thing there ... so it would be easier to put it on and off. because when taping it's just too much work to put it on and off ... if it is so complicated i would end up never using the filter ...
  23. thank you alex. ahh. ok, on the nikon connection it is quite obvious ... maybe i let it try someone else first with a canon one ... i am not so good with D.I.Y. projects looking forward to see a canon solution. serge
  24. @ alex: you say, that you have a filter already on you lens. ? where exactely on the back of the lens did you put it? i mean there is no filter holder ... and i don't want to break mine ... i just hold it in my hands and i dont get it. will that also work for Canon connection? thanks, serge
  25. the hugyfot 45degree not only looks like the INON viewfinder. it is the INON viewfinder, that hugyfot buys from INON. you can take it off very easily for transport. on the INON X2 housing it is also possible to change from 45degree to normal viewfinder if you want. i dont't know how easy it is on the hugy. greets, serge
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