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  1. congratulation for your new toy and thanks for that nice story, that remembered me of my inon parcel ... i might know someone with an english user manual: manfred from www.unterwasserkamera.at in austria had all the inon manuals translated in german and - as far as i know - also in english. maybe ask him. greets, serge
  2. if using fibre optic you just put the left wheel on sTTL and shoot (ok ... maybe first make sure the strobe faces the right direction). for correction (more/less light) you can adjust with the right wheel. or you use the manual mode: just put the left wheel on manual and use the right wheel to control strobe power (completely left is full power. turning to the right side you decrease the strobe power). it is really very simple. the other modes i basicly dont use. for the beginning sTTL is fine. after a while try the manual. i prefer it. speciall with close ups it is better to use the manual mode. greets, serge
  3. lens has been sold. now 2 auctions on ebay germany: cam&housing and athena tray. the rest still available if anybody needs: * internal ttl connection for olympus * athena sync cord with Olympus ttl adapter * Fantasea redfilter for UWL 100 serge
  4. have a look at my compactset on ebay. it is 9 month old and in good condition: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...DME:L:LCA:DE:11 1x Olympus SP350 with 512 mb card 1x Olympus PT-30 Housing 1x INON UWL 100 Wideangle lens (no scratches, with adapterring for use with PT-30) 1x Redfilter for UWL 100 (brand new, can put on and off under water) 1x Athena two handle Tray (for PT30, PT27) 1x olympus internal ttl cable (hotshoe-housing) 1x Athena TTL Caple with build in Olympus TTL Adapter (just came back from service, works!!) shipping worldwide. have a look, serge
  5. i ad an athena ttl cable with olympus converter (175 euro) to the offer. it has been just serviced. cam with card, housing, wideangle, two handle tray, internal ttl connection cable, athena ttl cable with converter, redfilter for uwl 100 and adapterring alltogether for 500 Euro. shop price was 1200 euro and everything is in best condition. last chance. greets, serge
  6. I sell my complete compact set except the strobe: Olympus SP350 with 512 mb card Olympus PT-30 Housing (with hotshoe connection cable for TTL use) INON UWL 100 Wideangle lens (no scratches, with adapterring for use with PT-30) Redfilter for UWL 100 (can put on and off under water) Athena two handle Tray (for PT30, PT27) All the gear is in good condition ... i just cant keep it anymore, because there is no space in the baggage anymore with the heavy DSLR stuff. The Equipment is in Germany. But i can ship. Alltogether for 550 Euro. If you just want single parts drop me a line with an offer. And feel free to ask any questions greets, serge
  7. Hi all, after upgrading to DSLR i am thinking about a second strobe (actually with my new tokina fisheye i really NEED a second one). i have a INON D2000w strobe and i am very happywith it. occasionally i can use the D2000 of my girlfriend as second strobe. but its time to get a own second one. i really fency the new INON Z240. the bit of extra power could be usefull for wide angle. but is it a good idea to mix the INON D2000w (guide number 20) with the stronger INON Z240 (guide number 24)? I would be using the strobes only with optical slave, not with the nikonos connection. so will the two strobes work together in TTL Mode? Anyone using two different power INONS, who can tell me? thanks for answers, serge
  8. i used the sp350 with pt30 and athena ttl with a INON d2000w strobe. and i was absolutely satisfied. i cannot talk about the sea and sea ... but i can tell you, that you gonna have fun with the inon. small, handy and easy to use. i havent had any problem jet. and dont worry about the manual. the strobe is easy to use and quite idiot safe.
  9. wow! these are really good. and they make me feel i took the right decision with my 60mm and closeup lens. cant wait to try it out and post here greets, serge
  10. OK, i NEED this lens. I am going to Japan this week to pick up my new Eos 30D with INON X2 housing ... i know it is quite hopeless ... but does anyone know, if it's possible to fit this lens under the Dome-port for the X2. Extensions, yes or no? >> japanese shops offer a Dome for the canon 15mm Fisheye ... maybe this one is enough? and thay also offer one with extension for the canon 14 mm lens. anyone knows if one of the two might fit? or something else? thanks
  11. hi! i will go to japan end of this month ... and of course i want to use this possibility to do some shopping and maybe upgrade to slr. i specially like the INON X2 for the eos 30d ... the first housings should be delivered now. i really like the idea with the magnetic focusring and the 45 degree viewfinder also looks good. and it is handy ... apparently there are 2 ports with magnetic focusrings: for the ef-s 60mm and for the ef 100mm ... and a dome for the 14mm (or 15mm?) fisheye ... anyone tried the x2 already or heard something about it? and did anyone try the macroport with the m67 closeuplens, that can be srewed in front of the port? i would like to know how good it works ... if good, then maybe the 60mm plus the closeuplens could be a good option, if i only want to buy one macro port. and for the wide: inon says, the dome will be for the canon fisheye ... does that mean, i cannon put another (more extreme) fisheye from another manufacturer inside (i think about the sigma 8mm)? and finally: is the 30d a good model to choose? the d200 seems to be the leader in all forums ... but i like that inon housing ... hopefully there is somebody who can help me with at least some of these questions ... thanks, serge
  12. thanks. i know the bayonet fisheye. its nice. but i already have the uwl 100. and i already have M67 Macrolenses ... would be pointless for me to switch lenssystem, when i have already 3 lenses ... i stick to 67 mm.
  13. HI. I've been shooting with the SP350 and the UWL 100 (with a 46mm to 67mm adapter ring) for almost a year ... and i am quite happy with it. as much as you can be with a camera of this size. Now i am thinking about getting the Dome for the UWL 100 ... anyone tried that on the SP350? will there be Vignetting in the corners? thanks for your help, serge
  14. i use the sp350 in the pt30 housing - with a inon 2000w with ttl connection. the cable is a sea and sea and works fine. the quality of the ttl is not sensational. actually not much better that optical cable. but a little better. and thats worth it, because you dont have the internal flash (saves reloadtime and battery). the housing itself is perfect ... i dont see a reason for the ike ... i use the screw on (67mm) lenses from INON. My girlfriend has the same camera and strobe, but uses the bayonet version. they are about the same ... i just took the m67 version, because they fit on other oly housings as well (5050, 7070 etc). if you want to have a look at pictures with this setup: www.serge-mondial.com ahh ... and larry: you can switch the sleep-mode off ... better for the harbour seals. cheers. serge
  15. Thanks alot. nice cam. very nice. but expensive. and i guess housings will be as well. i think i just go for the HC1. unfortunatly Gates does not produce the housing anymore ...
  16. Hi all, I want to buy a video set up ... and i dont want to buy a equipment, that does not meet certain standards. i've been reading a lot in this forum about a year ago, before i went working for a year in maldives. That time i could not make a decision and just kept on doing photography for a year. now i'm back in europe for a month or two and definetly want to buy this time ... i've been reading a lot but still i want to open a new thread: so sorry for any double/stupid/beginner questions. 1. First of all i want to spend something about 5000$ ... if there are good reasons, i can also spend 1000 or 2000 more. but of course not more than necessary. 2. I work as an instructor and have lots of opportunities to use my gear: so it will not be a little toy for 3-4 weeks a year, but something i am gonne use every second or third day. so a certain quality is a must. i've been videoing before. never seriously, but about 20 dives with cameras , so i now i want to keep doing it. 3. The main point is the camera: At the moment there is only HD cameras coming up ... i mean in the upper consumer class. Do i have a choice? Is there no good 3chip option? As i look at it now: there are the HC1 and HC3, thats it. They have the new format, but i read a lot of low-light problems and things. anything better is too expensive if you think about housing, lights and lenses that come on top. How abot the quality of these conumer HDs when using them downgraded to DV? are they better than a normal DV or a normal DV 3chip lice the pc1000? this is my main question. Because at the moment i own a 3 year old Ibook Laptop, which is definetly not an option for HD ... so at first im gonna be using DV: and there i need good quality. what you recommend me there? I know only the sony range ... is there maybe something else? i just dont want to buy something, where the manufacturers concentrated only on the HD and a little bit less on the rest ... so. long speech. i hope someone got my problem: i want to find a good picture quality while using DV: shell i go anyway for a HC1/HC3 or is there something better for me. >> and it should be something Gates, Amphibico or L&M offer a housing for. thanks for some help. serge
  17. hi guys! just registered and have some HC1 questions ... 1. the silverfushhousing which appeared in the beginning of the poll: i dont really care about whitebalance, so i can live without that button on the housing. but how you want to get the HC1 in there? the manufacturer says there is 220 milimeters space. the hc1 is 185 milimeters ... the hc-optimised sony-lens is much longer than the remaining 35 milimeters (lets not talk about the small battery you'd have to use). My question: is there another lens (good quality & at least 50% zoomable)? or nobody thought about the extra lenght of the lens? ... same thing for the top-dawg housing? so if all these housings are too short, what is remaining, if i want lanc-control: undersea miniDV, the Amphibicos ... and? or am i forggetting another option? 2. concerning the hc1 itself: for me it is the maximum expense possible. i cant spend more for the cam. for that money (1600 euro here) ... is it really the best choice for UW-Videography? i start getting concerned because of all that low-light problem discussions ... is that just compared to more expensive models or is the hc1 generally bad for low-light ... ands so for uw? thanks for short and simple answers (i dont undersand much of technology) ...
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