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  1. Selling all together, and I don't want to split it up. I would rather keep it. Price is £3000 (gbp). Buyer to pay any paypal fees and postage costs. Cash on collection is preferred, and I will travel to meet. I'm based in London. Sea & Sea MDX-D7100 rrp £2,750. Athena OPD-170 optical glass dome port rrp £800. 50261 port extension rrp £200. Tokina 10-17mm zoom gear (zoom gear 31114) rrp £165 NX Standard flat port (ss-56101) rrp £200 2x Sea & Sea YS-03 strobes rrp £485 Complete rrp - £4,600. Plus 3 x strobe arms, 2 x carbon fiber float arms, focus light, ball clamps, spare orings and grease, neoprene cover for dome port and probably other bits too. Asking price £3,000.
  2. I currently have 1 Ultramax UXDS-1 and I want to add a 2nd strobe. I'm considering switching to a S&S YS-03 for future ttl setup, but that means buying 2. I've been reading a book and it says the more powerful the strobe, the better. It seems the UXDS is more powerful, but does that mean its better? Should i go for the 2x YS-03 instead?
  3. Thanks for the advice Tim. I've seen plenty of times that shooting up is a must, but it's the 1st time I've read about picking the background, and it looks great. I will 100% be trying that! All of my UW shots were taken before I joined this wonderful forum. I've learnt so much since I've been here, and i can't wait to get my hands on my new housing and get it in the water, even though my 1st dives with it will be in a quarry in England.
  4. Ok, so i got my first dslr camera in December 2015 and I really enjoy taking photos! The reason for getting it was I was spending 4 months backpacking Asia. Anyway, here's a link to my FB page, and a site my brother has made for me. Most pics taken with a nikon D3200 and an 18-55mm kit lens, but I've now moved to a D7200. Mostly topside so far, but I'mm getting a proper housing for the D7200 soon and hope to add a lot more UW shots soon https://www.facebook.com/jmdimagery/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel http://jmdimagery.co.uk/ Criticism & advice always welcome.
  5. Thanks Diggy, I usually leave my strobe on minimum power and adjust the camera setting to suit. Now i know how to get the black background i will try it when i get the new housing and 2nd strobe. I see you're from Mumbai. Whats the diving like there? I'll be in Mumbai for 5 or 6 days in April, do you have any recommendations of where to dive while I'm there? Thanks Tim, I'll look into aquiring them
  6. That's good to know. I think I will invest on a 60mm macro setup. I know the theory of strobe positioning, but putting it into practice will be where it counts. Do the different ball mounts and arms make any difference in how smooth and easy the positioning of the strobes are? my current ones seem very "clicky" if you will, not very smooth at all.
  7. I'm using an Ultramax UXDS-1 at the moment, and will be adding a 2nd one soon. I'd love to upgrade to a ttl setup with smaller strobes one day, but I'll have to wait for some cheap stuff to come up in the classifieds though! The other thing I'm considering adding is a vacuum tester. i read the thread on flooded housings, and it seems at least 90% are user error. I'd definitely fall into that category!
  8. I've been reading up on the 60, and the 105mm lenses, and one of the forums mentioned the focus distance, and that the 60mm was quite close (7 inches) and it may be harder to use flashes with the lense so close to the subject. Under water, this would be closer due to the port being infront of the lense as well. Do you have any issues with lighting, or is it straight forward due to the strobe arms and how much the under water strobes can be moved?
  9. I think for now the 45 viewfinder is out of my budget. For around the same price I could get a ttl converter and 2 new strobes which I think would be better to get first.
  10. I will look into one then. Do i need a sea and sea one to go with my housing, or are there othe "generic" ones that are a bit friendlier on the pocket?
  11. Superb shot Stoo! I think ill get used to what i have for the moment, but a 105 is certainly on the list of bits to buy! With the view finders, i see quite a lot of options available. Now I've never used one under water as my housing only allowed live view, but are the easy to use? Is it just like using one topside? shut one eye and look through it through your mask?
  12. I will be doing as much diving as I can! I'm going to the Philippines for an extended period in November which i where i plan on getting most of my under water practice, as a pose to cold green murky lakes in England! My buoyancy (i like to think) is good. I've only done 60 dives so far, but my 2 instructors from OW and my AOW were both impressed with my buoyancy control. I can safely say I've never crashed into a reef. How do the wet diopters work? I'm guessing they require a flat port.
  13. Taken in Malta with a d7200, 18-55 kit lense and Meikon housing, using a video light! (on the way back from a wreck dive i was filming, left my strobe in the apartment) Heavily vignetted to try and get rid of as much background as I could. Any tips for shooting things in grass, or vegetation? What would you have done differently, and how can I improve it for next time I see a sea horse?
  14. Yes that helps a lot, thanks. The D7200 did survive, it was olny a few drops through a button, which i then took apart, filled with grease and put back together and used for the duration of the holiday! Is there a particular way to set the strobes for the black background? I assume a faster shutter speed would help too. I expect i will be investing in a 105mm and some ports to go with it soon!
  15. Hi guys, im new to the UW photography thing, and new to diving too really. I started out with a go pro on my 1st fer dives, which was ok, but i wanted an actual camera. I picked up a cheap coolpix camera with an ikelite housing which i used for one holiday before i decided id like to take my D7200 under with me. before sinking thousands into a setup, i bought a Meikon housing (which leaked) and a cheap strobe to give it a go. Next month I've arranged to buy a Sea and Sea MDX-D7100, Tokina 10-17mm lense and the ports and extention rings to go with it. I currently have one strobe (ultramax uxds-1) thats only manual. I plan to add a 2nd matching strobe, and possibly later on when funds allow go to a TTL setup. Now what i want to ask, is, how the hell do you guys get so close when taking macro shots? From what I've read about the tokina 10-17, (never used one yet) you can focus with the dome virtually touching something. Most of the time when I dive as soon as i even see something it runs away! How close do you have to get with a macro lens? the nikon 105mm seems to be a common choice for under water. One more question, how do you get a completely black background while shooting the subject? Thanks in advance, and here's one of my favourite shots using the D7200, with the 18-55mm kit lense, and a Meikon housing! (black backround made in lightroom) Until i figure out how to upload bigger files this is the oly one i have small enough to upload!
  16. This thread is perfect, as I'm considering buying an Ikelite housing and using my 17-70mm Sigma lense. Jim, do you have any more info on your photo results? Did you use the 5511.5 kit? Thanks
  17. Hi, Is this still for sale? do you have a price for housing alone? Thanks
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