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  1. Looking for the Nauticam M16 valve and pump, please let me know if you have one for sale. I'm best reached at mlanghan@ucsc.edu
  2. Hi, is the Vacuum Valve still available? If so I'd like to buy it. You can reach me at mlanghan@ucsc.edu
  3. Do you have any interest in selling the M16 valve and pump separately? If so, please let me know at mlanghan@ucsc.edu.
  4. Hi, I'm interested in your dome port. Can you confirm that it is the "Nauticam N120 8.5 in acrylic dome port? Also, you wouldn't happen to have a M16 Valve for sale, would you? I'm best reached at mlanghan@ucsc.edu.
  5. Hi there, I'm interested in the nauticam dome port. Could you confirm that it is the 'Nauticam N120 8.5in Acrylic Dome Port'? I'd love to discuss this with you, please email me at mlanghan@ucsc.edu.
  6. Hi Steve, I'm interested in the macro port + focus gear + extension for the 100mm lens, and possibly your diopter as well. Do you have any arms for sale, or a port for that 15mm fisheye? I can be best reached at mlanghan@ucsc.edu, looking forward to discussing this with you. -Michael
  7. Are these strobes still available? I'm very interested in the bundle purchase. You can contact me on here or email me at mlanghan@ucsc.edu. Thank you.
  8. Hello, is the Sigma 15mm still available? Does it work with Canon as well?
  9. Hello everyone, My name is Michael and I've been diving for three years and taking photos for a little over one. I dive mainly in Monterey, CA. Currently looking to upgrade my system to a DSLR
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