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  1. I use a Canon camera and housing since started taking pics and diving. Don't spend anymore money on better cameras or anything until you get really good at what it is like to take pics underwater. Don't buy a camera that can go "underwater" without a housing. I have never used one but why would you. Poor focusing and everything else. I have a simple Canon Powershot point and shoot camera with a Canon housing. It is fine for me, can take a video and any adjustments i want to make underwater just like on land. Not a big deal to take it out for going landside. You do need to be careful about resealing the camera in any underwater case. Mine flooded once and ruined the camera because of some sand in the seal. Not the cases fault, mine. Camera was cheap to replace and I still use the case with the new camera with more care and no problems. Good luck.
  2. I am looking for a good destination to dive with some whale sharks. Any suggestions for a good site, time to go, and operators for this? I have considered Holbox and Cabo but Holbox Manta divers seem only to offer snorkeling trips. Thanks
  3. I think the last picture is a small arrow crab. I see them hiding in sponges a lot. Borderdog
  4. Just saw this thread, Don't miss Coz if you have not been there. We have been diving there for three years. Before and after the big one. Last dived there in Nov. and could see the change since the hurricane but there was still so much good about it would go back tomorrow. Cant say enough good about hotel Casa Mexicana downtown and dive operator AquaSafari, which is located right out the front door. You wont regret it. :)java script:emoticon('') ,
  5. We did a live aboard for three days with Pro Dive in Cairns and loved it. Can't compare with the other shops as only used them. Would have nothing bad to say about them. Several young people were getting certified at the time and they did a good job.
  6. Yearning to go back to Cozumel for diving to escape Minnesota winter. Wonder how things are going since the big wind.
  7. Borderdog

    DC 500

    I am thinking of getting the SeaLife DC500 digital camera as my first dive camera. The reviews seem to be favorable. Has anyone had experience with this camera? Thanks
  8. Would like to hear from anyone who has been to the Caymens since their hurricane (last year). Wondering about the condition of the reefs and level of general recovery of the islands. Also any feedback about Dive shops (good &/or bad) would be appreciated. Thanks
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