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  1. We were on the same Ocean Rover trip in February when Mark had the camera trouble. The Indians were definitely not allowing more than one carry-on for the guys. They seemed to be a bit more lenient on the women, but still I wouldn't risk my camera gear. We dove in a full polar fleece covered with a 3/2 mm shorty and were plenty comfortable. The plugs are not the same as the UK. You will need an adapter for India. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. Hi- I've got a business trip to Honululu, Hawaii on the week of July 30th. The question - is the diving any good there and what area would you recommend? My husband and I like live aboards as well as shore diving. We most recently dove the Andaman Islands on the Ocean Rover in February. Before that it was shore based on Cozumel. We've been to PNG twice as well as Fiji and Oz in the Pacific. We are trying to decide if it's worth it to plan a week of diving there. Looking for any advice you can give. Thanks! Cheri
  3. We are considering Mafia Island or Pemba in late June. Any thoughts?
  4. Hi - We haven't used the dive shop at Iberostar, but have used Black Shark in town. If you set things up in advance with them, they will pick you up each morning in their little, fast boats. The only complaint is you have to bring your own fresh water bucket for your camera. We are heading to the Reef Club Cozumel for Thanksgiving. Can't wait! Cheri
  5. Hi Everyone- I'm an avid photographer and outdoor enthusist. My husband and I ski from Nov - May in VT, SCUBA every chance we get (read twice a year - the water is too cold in the NE US), ride our road TREKs as often as possible and generally love life. We're a pair of engineers which pays for our fun. We are also computer geeks. We were lucky enough to enjoy a photo safari in South Africa this past spring where my SONY F707 was a star performer! I brought my trusty Minolta with a 500mm lens, but truth be told, the output from the SONY was every bit as good. We got certified off the Great Barrier Reef in 1995 and have been hopelessly addicted ever since. I shoot most of the images while my husband plays the role of camera caddy and chief critter finder! Presently I am shooting Nikonos V gear, but looking into a housing for my SONY. Hoping to glean some information from all of you! Cheri
  6. Hi- I just found this forum and am impressed with all of you and your experience with UW systems. I own a SONY DSC F707. Ikelite offers a housing and the DS125 strobe. Do you think I will have enough control to make good images? The one thing I don't like about my Sony is the manual focus - it's darn hard to focus manually. Any thoughts on this? Has anyone out there tried this set up? I am a fairly experienced Nikons V user and want to get at least the same functionality out of this very pricy approach to UW digital photography. Thanks for any insights you may have. Cheri
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