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  1. I use ZMI ZI5 to charge Eneloops. Very small and very light at about 50 grams. Takes like 5 hours or so to fully charge, but not a big deal for overnight charging. For 18650s batteries I use XTAR MC-2. The USB charging part I use 5-port Orico QSE-5U. Baseus Transun USB-C + USB charger for my Lenovo laptop Also a Xiaomi 20,000 mah powerbank when the power turns off. All with weight as the main factor. Very short lightweight micro-USB cables as well.
  2. I didn't even consider that. Both the Sigma 70mm and Sony 50mm FE macro extends quite significantly. That pretty much rules it out. I've read complaints about the Touit 50mm focusing underwater, so I don't think thats an option. Plus there isn't an ideal port for it.. same with the Canon 60mm + Metabones. I'm using a Seafrogs salted A6xxx case. There isn't really any zoom lenses for Sony E-mount that have a decent magnification. Pairing up with a diopter makes life hard to focus without getting great magnification factor. I'm leaning to just get the 90mm and if I run into frogfishes and so on.. I'll just do a close-in shot on the eyes and not do the whole subject. And I'll probably bring along my current 30mm FE with a short port for occasional use as well.
  3. There's the Sony 50mm FE macro.. but the barrel extends pretty far and working distance is pretty small. Tough choice.. . 90mm FE have the best working distance.. but it becomes too much for larger objects as you have to shoot from too far out !
  4. TTL on the YS-03 been OK so far... getting the hang of it. Initially most shots were overexposed.. but with exposure compensation I get better and reasonably consistent exposures. I'm not so sure shadows is necessarily a bad thing... it's potentially a positive. Haven't really noticed shadows in my shots so far despite only 1 strobe !! I see you're Sydney based as well.. I haven't been to Clifton Gardens yet... will have to go in the next few weeks for a macro tune-up !
  5. I have a Sony A6300 that I use primarily for wide angle video (mostly no lights) for years. I recently started to dabble in macro. Currently using Sony 30mm macro with a single Sea & Sea YS-03. I also in the past tried to use a Sigma 60mm f/2.8 with i-Das UCL-02 +8 diopter, with little success. With the Sony 30mm the working distance is very small and its difficult to get close. Heading to Anilao in a few months so looking to upgrade gear. Lens: - Sony 90mm FE macro (135mm equiv). Hopefully its not too much in the long side. Should be plenty of working distance. - Possibly the new Sigma 70mm ART. Half the price, focal length is probably more ideal. But lacks OSS and since the lens is physically longer, a fair bit less working distance. Strobe: Is the existing YS-03 sufficient in terms of power ? Since you're shooting pretty close for macro.. power is not important right ? 2 strobes its not a big advantage for macro since coverage isn't important ? If an additional strobe is ideal.. I'm thinking YS-D2J or Inon Z-330 and pair it with my existing YS-03 Video lights for macro: I haven't tried to do macro videos at all yet. Currently have 2 x Archon W42VR lights and a DGX Push Video light. I'm getting a tripod setup for video stability. I figure its plenty enough light ? They're not high-CRI lights though.. is it important ? So far I've been pretty unhappy with my video lights... subjects tends to just look blown out white instead of retaining colours. Diopter: I'm eyeing a Nauticam CMC-2 on a flip adaptor. Should be easier focusing than my i-Das diopter I hope. Not looking for crazy super macro.
  6. Forgot to return to this thread. Been to 2 dive trips since then.. I don't use lights at all during the day, ambient light makes it pretty pointless.. particularly as I prefer to shoot larger scenes (in video). The A6300 definitely white balances beyond 9900K (throwns an error, just like NEX-6). I use my SRP red filter. In terms of white balance consistency, the custom white balance settings is not as good as my old NEX-6 in nailing good results. Its a bit of a hit and miss, sometimes it nails it really well. Underwater auto white balance produces inconsistent results.. even worse. The 4K 100 Mbit produces a lot of detail.. a big improvement from my NEX-6 as expected which tends to lose detail in complex scenes due to low bitrate. Low light capability feels like 1-stop better, which helps quite a bit in deeper conditions. Noise isn't at all an issue anymore. The lack of 60fps is annoying though.. 25-fps means that quick movements looks terrible. You really need to be really still and smooth to get good results.
  7. In my NEX-5N and NEX-6, white balance errors in the display but it actually seems to go beyond 9900K. I haven't really tested it out with my new A6300 yet. Note: I always use a red filter.. usually a plastic filter taken from an SRP GoPro URPRO SWCY pack
  8. I have a Sony A6300 on a Seafrogs housing. Primarily doing wide angle 4K videos with a Sigma 19mm and dome. But occasionally I get stuck with macro specific dive sites, so I will switch to a more appropriate lense. The lense choices I have that fits in the housing is Sony 30mm macro, Sony 16-50mm kit and Sigma 60mm. Sony 30mm macro has too short working distance. Sony 16-50mm have quite poor detail. So I'm looking at the Sigma 60mm. The stock magnification ratio is 1:7 which is pretty bad. So I'm aiming for a macro diopter that will get it closer to 1:2 ratio. I'll be shooting mainly nudibranch, pipefish and maybe pygmy seahorse. Hopefully 4K macro videos as well (I have a pair of 5,000 lumen lights) I'm not sure what diopter to get.. there's so many options. Nauticam CMC-1, Subsee 10+, Inon, Aquako, iDas is all options. I'm not particularly fussed about getting the absolutely best magnification.. ease of use and image quality are more important factors. So what do you think ?
  9. I am planning a visit there in a few months as well. My understanding is that on Sundays the home stays have no boat trips.. which basically means no diving. A trip to Piaynemo would be even more unlikely on Sunday as it takes a whole day You should plan a trip to Piaynemo on Sunday. There's a famous dive site called Melissa's Garden near there. And there's usually a second dive somewhere else in the way. Maybe Manta Sandy near Arborek. On Sunday.. I would try to do unguided house reef dives amongst yourself.
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