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  1. You could take a shot of the diopter each time you put a new one on the housing ?
  2. You may consider using a underwater magnifier, nauticam proposes some for compact housing, rgblue propose something too, don't know for other manufacturers. And maybe on diy side using some ucl165 lens in front of the screen with arms. Did not tried any of this, just pointing out options. (I plan to try the diy way one day) Cheers
  3. Im not sure to understand exactly how you will manage to get a link between ice color and lightness to dimensional characteristics of it, meaning thickness and surface shape (if this is what you're looking for) Just a thought (not an expert at all in this kind of systems), but seems to me that what you're interested in is the opposite of trying to map the depth of sea bed. Maybe a kind of sonar system, opperated from the rov with known depth should give you the rov to ice distance ?(not sure solid water to be different enough from liquid for the sonar to work well) More is needed to get the thickness but you start with quantitative measurements. Sounds dumb ? Envoyé de mon D5803 en utilisant Tapatalk
  4. Hello, I'm interested in how you mounted the shutter release extension on your housing : Could you please precise what reference is the handle bracket mounted on the rig ? I own a NA-RX100M2, and seeking for a solution like yours, but brackets for NA-RX100M1 and M2 do not seem to exist ! Thanks in advance !
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