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  1. PPR hotel is very nice. It's the most upscale of the hotels in Palau. The 1hr. ride through the Rock Islands every day is beautiful if you don't mind long rides to dive. The dive op right at the hotel (Splash?) is very good. The boats are comfortable and fast. As far as the diving, it ranges from no current to speak of to ripping at places like the famous Blue Corner. Don't be too worried, the DM's will supply reef hooks if needed and drop you in up current from the site. They keep the group together and motion for you to hook in where they want you. Then they inflate a marker on a reel and bring everybody up together where the boat picks you right up. The alternate would be to do a liveaboard. It would be my preference after having been there. The island is beautiful and quiet, but not much to do there. You'll get a better range of diving from liveaboard.
  2. I have 2 arms... one reaches the bottom row of the touch screen and one reaches the top row. The middle seems to be forgotten. The arms only have one direction with which to touch the screen with.
  3. If you have an Ikelite housing I found that by moving the assignment of the white balance "button" into reach of the arm is the ticket. You can organize your personal menu any way you want. The adjustment is somewhere under menu function. Just get the book out (I don't have mine in front of me). OOPS... I spoke too soon.... Yes this is a problem. While I can get into the white balance menu, I can't reach the one touch white balance command. I'm also intereseted in what the fix would be.
  4. We used to call the edge the brick I've had a USD Matrix go bonkers. It said deco very shortly into the first dive of the day on the descent. A battery change didn't help this one. I retired it. Luckily I had a back up computer in my pocket that was working fine. I always dive with 2 computers on major trips. I've seen too much of this stuff happen too many times.
  5. Wow... I posted the exact same question on scubaboard. I recieved about the same responses too. I guess it's all in how non-chalant you can be combined with a little luck.
  6. This also seems to be a good time to dive Raja Ampat. Kararu has a new boat that'll be there at that time.
  7. I did read some of the REA, very interesting stuff for an old marine ecology student like myself. Of course I wouldn't cancel my trip because of weather concerns. I was mainly wondering what kind of currents, vis, temps, to prepare for.
  8. Has anyone used the Sony wide angle lens inside their video housing? I was reading a description of the Ike PC 1000 housing and it referenced having space inside the housing for it. It's a whole lot cheaper than wet lenses.
  9. Timely discussion....... I'm heading that way in March. I don't even know what my air from Manado to Sorong will be (Kararu is booking it). So I played it very safe and am getting into Manado a day early, and spending 2 nights in Manado on the way back because I was afraid to book connecting flights. I'm getting into Manado on a Sat. so the next flight to Singapore is Mon. One more night in paradise can't be all bad.... right? Besides my Singapore air ticket is non changeable (consolidator fare). What's the diving like in late March/early April?
  10. Thanks guys...... after a long search I found that Ike isn't making a housing for the X5 but Equinox is. Equinox will fit their housings to just about any camera you want at a reasonable price.
  11. Given the recent hurricane in Cozumel, you could likely find a nice deal down there. The diving is always good in Coz. Warning.... many of the airlines are reducing flights to Coz. Make air reservations with care.
  12. Hey Ike......... I noticed a link posted on another forum for the new Canon S2 housing. I can't find it by searching the site though. The link did work. Do you have a link for the new S80 housing? Price? When it will be available?
  13. According to their website Ikelite has a housing coming out for the S2 IS in Dec.
  14. I'm checking out Kararu's new boat Voyager next March in Raja Ampat. I'll let you all know how it goes. It's hard waiting that long.
  15. Help! I'm shopping for my first camcorder. I don't have much to spend so I'm looking at under $1000 (for the camera real $'s not MSRP). The new JVC GR X5US has great specs/price for an underwater camcorder. I can't find a housing or anyone thinking about making a housing for it. Do you know where I can find info for this, or can anyone recommend a comparable system in the same price range? IE.... cam and housing under $2000 that performs reasonably without video lights in clear water. The system also needs to travel well since I don't live in an area where we do much local diving. I'm getting rid of my Nik V and A1 strobe. Just got too expensive to maintain for the amount I actually get to use it. Not to mention I've never used it enough to get very good with it.
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