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  1. Oh, ok, thank you. So "Focus peaking - The operator adjusts the focus control until the red outlines on the desired area are clear. clear being well defined, not see through. Lol.
  2. Hi Tani, could you post some images of your monitor setup? Some pictures with an image on the screen. I would like to see how sharp the monitor is. Thanks. I was also looking at the Dive and See website at the DNC-5 monitor and under the overview section it says: "Focus peaking - The operator adjusts the focus control until the red outlines on the desired area are clear, indicating optimal focus. For the best results, be sure the subject is properly exposed. Available Four colors - Red, Green, Blue, White." So it looks like this works differently to other monitor in that the color disappears when focus is sharp. That would be great, as having the color fringe when focus is sharp sometimes gets in the way of what your trying to look at.
  3. Dive and See have a newer 5.5 inch DNC-5A(H1) monitor that is 1920 x 1080 . I've also been debating between it and their DNC-7A(H1) 7inch 1280 X 800 monitor. As much as I would like a 7 inch monitor to look at, I think a smaller, lighter, higher Resolution monitor with less drag would be the way to go. But that little voice in your head is always saying, "isn't bigger always better" ? Its always difficult to make a buying decision when you can't hold the two items in your hand, or even try before you buy. https://www.diveandsee.com/products/underwater-monitors/dnc-5a
  4. Hi, kc_moses, I didn't contact Reef Photo about the availability of the Nauticam NA-Z100. I will ask them. I have gotten a quote from them regarding a Subal housing for the FS7 before I started looking into the Z100. Hi, bubffm, I haven't decided against the FS7, I've had my heart set on this camera for topside video and underwater well before there was an underwater housing even available. Unfortunately my head is fighting my heart. After researching this camera to death and watching hundreds of videos and reading reviews and blogs for years. I believe this would be the best camera for topside video, especially now that they have come out with the 18-110 servo zoom lens. I've researched the Sealux housing for the FS7 and the Subal housing for the FS7, both look like great systems. I'm leaning more toward the Subal. What has me hesitating is, cost as the Canadian dollar is dropping like a stone. The small selection of lenses for this camera underwater, most being F4. I didn't know if F4 is going to cut it in the cold dark water her in British Columbia. To get a good wide lens in F2.8 or faster you need a canon or other with a speed booster and that adds more issues. I don't know how well this camera will white balance underwater. The reports of other new Sony cameras white balancing underwater have been poor. Not being able to get a wide, medium and close shot all in one dive like you can with the Gates SWP44c. This would be nice, but not the end of the world. The lack of underwater video online and not being able to rent a system to test make it hard to drop a large amount of money and be the Guinea Pig. The only video I could find is the Sealux promo video in a pool and video from a guy in England with the camera in an Equinox housing. Good looking footage, but I don't know what lenses were used. I tried contacting him and asked what lenses, but didn't hear back. I'll tell you what my thinking was regarding the Z100. I have an Amphibico Phenom and the Sony Z1U. I saw a year or so back a guy in France managed to fit a Z100 into the Phenom housing and get the electronic controls to work the camera just like the Z1U. I thought if I got the Z100 I would try to get it to work in my housing, if it did, then I would just get the FS7 for topside work and have both. If it didn't work in my Amphibico, I would just get a Gates or Nauticam housing and it would be all good. I would get the FS7 later on and have the best of both worlds. Now with the Gates and possibly the Nauticam being discontinued it would be to risky to get the Z100 just to find out it wont work in the Amphibico. One last thing I may try is the FS5 in my Amphibico housing. Its very small so should fit in no problem and its Lanc controlled like the Z1U. There is a rental house that has one for rent and they said I could come by with my housing a play around to see if it will fit and if the electronics will work. This would be a compromise as I think the FS7 and Z100 are far better cameras.
  5. Hi, Sorry to throw a wrench into the discussion. Last week I was about to pull the trigger on the Nauticam NA-Z100 underwater Housing with the Gates SWP-44c Lens, or the Gates Z100 with the SWP-44c lens. I called Rob at Backscatter to look into it for me and get a quote. this is the e-mail I got back from him. (Rob) "Thanks for the e-mail and info. Well I have bad news, and bad news. The Z100 housing is not officially discontinued by Nauticam, but they do not have any in stock in the US, and they do not think anything is available at the factory. The other bad news is I contacted Gates to ask them about their Z100 housing, and they have discontinued their Z100 housing. Gates recommended searching for something used. I have spent literally over 100 hours on the computer comparing the pros, cons and price of the FS7, FS5, Z100, Z150, Red, mirrorless, DSLR's and there housings. There just doesn't seem to be a camera, housing and lens combo that doesn't compromise in some way with out spending $30,000 +. Even then there is no perfect system.
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