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  1. HI, Bob. Thanks for the really informative reply. Very much appreciated and also to Ethan for his input. OK, update to the post. I now have the LD adapter and wide angle lens with the dome port. I have an old Reefmaster flash which seems to be giving me some OK sort of results. Next purchase will be the dome cover as I do understand how that can get scratched or damaged easily! I've shot some images in our local training sessions and have yet to take the full lot underwater in either the Docks at Liverpool or in the quarries close by. That's a really good tip on the housing, I'd never buy a generic, non-branded housing and I like the ergonomics of the Canon housing, so maybe time to invest in a brand-new one and maybe apply some Teflon to the buttons on the old one. I've home made the base plate to fit my housing, strobe and a focus/video light on, it seems to work well and until a new housing is bought and a strobe saved up for, it'll have to stay like this, unfortunately I looked at buying directly from Inon but found a UK based drop-ship website that was considerably cheaper and then found the mount and wide-angle lens on Gumtree of all places. Thanks for the all the advice, looks like I'm building up the right way. Kev
  2. Hello, all. Please, could you help me with a future project? I have recently acquired a Canon S95 Powershot along with a WP-DC38 Housing, by far it is the first camera I feel comfortable with and I am starting to see some pleasing (for my own use) results. I use an elderly Pioneer Reefmaster manual strobe with an optional slave and am really enjoying my photography underwater. The question, in the next six months or so, I would like to add a wide angle lens and then after this, a macro lens. The array of kit is a little bewildering and I was hoping the more experienced members could pass on a pointer to help, please. I have seen M67 adapters but am unsure if this is the right way for me to go forward. Thanks for any advice.
  3. Hi Barmaglot. Like you, I have recently started underwater photography and I received some great advice on this forum that has helped me immensely. Forget taking your camera with you until you have at least 35 dives logged and have your buoyancy so dialled-in that you don't need to think about it. I was full of pish and vinegar and wanted to dive in and capture all the amazing things we see under there, however, after considering the advice of those more experienced I ditched the thought of using a camera until I had my diving up to an acceptable level. It really is a distraction and can take the fun out of the dives. Once you are totally comfortable, then have a go. All the very best.
  4. Hello all, thanks for reading this post. I am looking to buy a reasonable (for me!) strobe and am looking for some advice. I am using a Canon Powershot G series camera and looking to pair this with a Sea&Sea YS03, I don't understand the difference between E-TTL (which I believe the G Series uses) and TTL and note that the YS03 uses TTL. So, would the YS03 work with a G series Canon is the question! Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Thanks for the message. Canon GX1 Compact in a Canon housing, strobe is Sea&Sea YS02 which doesn't have TTL. The strobe picks up from a fibreoptic cable that is velcro'd to the housing. I'm using aperture priority and using ISO between 100 -200. Thanks for the tips on metering, it is something I have yet to fully grasp. The Sea & Sea only has two settings, power and full flash / pre-flash. Sorry if I'm not being too clear!
  6. Hahahahahaha! A Scouser born in Lancashire - You've adapted that saying from the Yorkshire version!
  7. I'd take that over the Emptyhad part of your profile!
  8. No bother Tim. Been a mod/admin myself so appreciate the amount of posts etc. Will try that out next time and block the camera's own flash out, your advice is more than welcome - I'll keep going to Capernwray though!
  9. Tim. Thanks so much for being objective and informative, a great answer that has helped me a lot! Water wasn't too bad - 10 degrees at 17 Metres where the Trout was. My main point wasn't about the strobe flash, but the camera's own flash. I appreciate I have to have this triggering to fire the strobe, but, can the camera's built in flash have a detrimental effect? I can stop a lot of the light from it by either taping the housing of the camera or the diffuser that sits on the housing - essentially blanking the camera flash off and using only the strobe at 45 degrees as you mention. Thanks Kev
  10. So I've ventured underwater with a camera at the excellent Capernwray dive site here in the UK - thanks to Adam and Carol, it is a lovely spot. My equipment and motives: Canon G1X in a WPDC-44 Canon housing, strobe is a Sea & Sea YS-02 triggered by fibre optic cable. I have the flash diffuser fitted to the housing. My images are for my own memories and for our club (Liverpool City Divers) Facebook page and website. I am quite happy with the image of the Perch and Brown Trout, they were stumble across images, the images a little closer to the surface I'm not so happy with - your advice and thoughts please. I am using the flash on the Canon to trigger the strobe, am I right in saying that I should blank the camera flash off as much as possible to reduce backscatter? The area these shots were taken in is a training area and had quite a number of students in, visibility was reduced with lots of particles suspended in 2 metres of water. Would it be advisable for me to tape off / paint the diffuser to stop light emitting from it as much as possible? Thanks in advance. Kev
  11. HI Tim and thanks for the reply. I've just received Mr Edge's book and am starting going through it page by page, it is a very well written and absorbing book as mentioned previously. Most of my diving for the moment will be in UK quarries with (in the main) no more than 20 metre depths - I'm aiming for 20-25 dives before going AOW and then looking to complete rescue and DM in the future - I want to get the experience in first as others have mentioned. My local dive club uses a pool, so I'm looking to get in there as much as possible and practice with the camera and.... The YS-02 I've just bought! It's going to be a chilly winter, water temps are dropping now - down to single figures in my local spot and I'm in there soon hopefully! Kev
  12. Dave and Wolf Eel, thanks for taking the time to write, your advice is welcomed and taken onboard.
  13. Thanks for reading. I've recently purchased a Canon G1X and housing to get me going in underwater photography. I have a little experience in photography and have recently completed my open water accreditation - in the fullness of time I hope to become a rescue diver and maybe go on to dive master. From being a child fish have fascinated me, I've been angling since I was six but now I want to catch fish digitally. Predators are my thing and I can't wait to swim with anything toothy, Pike to Sharks. I will never be a pro, but I would like a system that works for me, my general interest will be predators in their home environment. Questions 1) I have some video lights at the moment (2x Fuji X-Dive 700 lumen) will these provide enough light for focus and possibly subject illumination? I plan (big phrase that) most of my diving in the UK but to dive abroad whilst on holiday. 2) Without breaking the bank, what would be a good general purpose strobe? My system has a Sea & Sea connector on it, the housing is a Canon WP-DC 53, I am unsure if this is a bulkhead fitting or fibre-optic affair, excuse my ignorance. I have an Adobe CC subscription and am comfortable with RAW images and editing, my images will be for my own memories and pleasure. Any advice really welcomed.
  14. Hello all, Kev Haworth from Liverpool UK. Love my photography even though I'm not very good at it! Just achieved open water and really looking forward to experimenting with underwater photography
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