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  1. Hi all, Thx for your comments. I did it once when I dived Lambeth Strait last years. Yes, I did get the setup working and I did not see any obvious problem in my photos too. But I simply do not see this kind of mix-up very often on internet forum so I raise it here to see if there are any hidden disadvantage or limitation that i miss. Thx. anyway. Looking forward to learn from here:-)
  2. Hi All, I have been trying to search the answer for this question for awhile with no luck. I have an Inon Z240 and wonder if I can borrow my friend Sea and Sea strobe and works them as a twin strobe setup. I will be shooting full manual and I am pretty sure I can fire up both the strobes together, however, I would like to know if there are any other down side of this setup other than slightly different white balance may be? Thank in advance
  3. Hi I am Tai from HongKong, I have been shooting underwater for awhile and finally decided to get a housing to take my DSLR to diving
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