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  1. Thanks but don't do iphone. Looking for serious camera equipment.
  2. Umm, thanks but I mentioned that I already have presciption lenses in my mask.
  3. First I only snorkel but an serious about it. Caribbean, Africa, Australia & South Pacific in 4 months. Only time I go underwater is when I am Great White Shark Cage Diving & that's not more than 10-12 feet. On my 2nd or 3rd Olympus TG but I'm old (wear multifocal lenses in my mask) & that stupid 3" screen is getting darn hard for me to see. I don't mind spending the money for something if it has a bigger screen because I can always share it with my daughter who does dive. I also do a good bit of night snorkeling. Current set up is Olympus on tray with 2 GoBe Lights & GoPro Hero4 Black on the side. Is there anything out there that is an underwater camera, even if I have to go to a housing, with a much larger viewing screen? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Just joined. Am strictly snorkeler but serious about it. Caribbean, Africa, headed to Australia & South Pacific in few months. Also do Great White Shark cage diving, South Africa, twice in Guadalupe & will do Australia next year. Been suffering along with underwater Olympus system & have a GoPro also. Love night snorkeling with GoBe lights on tray. Am older & looking for underwater camera with larger viewfinder for us old folks. I have prescription mask & trying to view those 3" screens is getting tougher. Hoping someone here can give me some guidance.
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