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  1. Thanks so much for thinking of me. Unfortunately the 4.33 dome port was already sold. So close! Still looking for a Nauticam 4.33" dome port for the Panasonic 8mm fisheye if anyone is parting with one.
  2. Thanks for responding! Ya, I'm really just looking for a dome port for the lens I have right now. I know many people like to use the 7-14 and that will likely be my next purchase if I continue with this, but I'm starting with just what I have first so I'm really still just looking for that 4.33" dome.
  3. Have the camera housing now, thanks @ScubaBob! Still looking for your used Nauticam 4.33 inch Dome Port for Panasonic 8mm Fisheye Lens. Let me know if you can help, thanks for looking!
  4. Never got around to trying the hacked firmware yet. Early on I was waiting for that to mature, then later I got distracted by GoPros, this camera has been neglected as of late. Looking forward to checking it out now to see what benefits there might be for underwater. OH jeez, gear. Ya, I know. It's why I'm trying to be very strict about this 'minimal entry' for me right now.
  5. The reason I want 8mm is that's the lens I own. While I'm a video hobbyist, I've only recently began experimenting with underwater video using simple GoPro cameras. The thought occurred to me that I could perhaps leverage some gear I already own and improve what I can currently capture underwater. Since I own the GH2 with the 8mm lens, I started searching there first. It seemed to me that the most minimal entry cost to get me further than I am right now is finding a housing and port for that pair. Anything else would involve purchasing new gear. That may be fine for the future, since this housing/cam/ports seem well supported, but I'm drawing a line at "equipment for existing gear" for this stage. Knowing that, would you say I'm on a reasonable path or not? Would money spent on a port for the 8mm be a waste? IE: is the performance so terrible that I'm better off with a GoPro and the 8mm port money would be better put towards a better lens and port (6" + 12-35)? **EDIT: I imagine other lenses and ports would be something I would graduate to eventually. I'm really asking if the 8mm is a viable, entry level lens for the meantime (and a gut check on spending a few hundred bucks on a dome for it).
  6. UPDATE: Found Housing! Now looking for: port for 8mm fisheye. QUESTION: I also have the kit 14-42 lens that came with the GH2. Is there any port that fits both the 8mm fisheye and the 14-42? The 3.5" port perhaps? I've been reading old threads online to try to figure this out, but there's a lot of information. Thanks, any advice appreciated! I'm trying to be economically responsible and use what I already have as much as possible here. If there is a port that could accommodate both those lenses (even if not ideal for either), I feel like I'd like to start there. However, if people advise that (as a beginner) I'd be fine with just the 8mm and its most appropriate port, then that's helpful info also. Thanks! -------------------------------------- This is encouraging. I've enjoyed my GH2 on land for years, so it's nice to see it has been an enthusiast model in the water as well. I hope mine will enjoy a second life underwater now. When I decided to see if there was a housing option for my existing camera, I was happy to find this apparently well supported Nauticam system. It reaffirmed how great of a buy this old camera was. Panasonic seems to have done a great job with this line.
  7. Hello! As the title says, I'm looking to purchase any kind of housing for my old Panasonic GH2 camera, preferably with a port or two, specifically one for the 8mm fisheye lens. I believe the Nauticam NA-GH2 was a popular housing for this camera. I'm hoping someone still has an old one collecting dust and can help me explore further into underwater video than my GoPros. Fingers crossed. Any info or point in a helpful direction is appreciated.
  8. Hi there, I'm John. I scuba some, but I've mostly been freediving lately. I like to play around with cameras with all the things I do. However underwater, I've only experimented with simple GoPro devices. Recently I thought maybe I can find an underwater housing for my old Panasonic GH2 (perhaps find a deal), and try it out underwater. I'll post in the classified to ask if anyone is selling.
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