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  1. Ill take the monitor housing please! I already own the monitor. Is this setup for HDMI? Thank you please email info@carlyunderwater.com To arrange
  2. Hi there, VERY interested. Please email me, info@carlyunderwater.com Thank you.
  3. Hi! Is this still available? Granted it is new in box, it will be without warranty at this point, What did you pay for it? I have a budget in mind, but you go first. I am located in Canada and would of course cover shipping and insurance. Thanks! info@carlyunderwater.com
  4. Hi! I am in the market for a Small HD 502 housing. I already have the monitor. Anyone selling? I need it setup with HDMI if possible (if not it is purchasable from Nauticam so not to worry). Also interested in the surface feed cable. info@carlyunderwater.com if you have one to sell! Thank you! Carly
  5. I have a used Nauticam 180mm Optical Glass Wide Angle Dome Port available. I shoot professionally, and someone else had it on a rental, small nick on the outside of the dome. It should not affect your shots at all, But they bought me a new one as per my contract. Some wear and tear on the sun shade. Photos are available, but for some reason I can't figure out how to attach them here. Complete with original box, soft shell Nauticam Case, neoprene hood cover. No O-rings. I live in Toronto, Ontario. Happy to ship at buyers expense. $1200 CAD new.... hoping to get $800 CAD for it. OBO. Please email me at: info@carlyunderwater.com
  6. I can't access this link!!!! is it down? I'd love to research these, what a fantastic idea
  7. FOR SALE!!!! Nauticam 180mm Optical Glass Wide Angle Port I sent it out on a rental, and it came back with a TINY scratch, off to the side.... it will shoot 100% OK! but the contract states that it must be replaced if damaged, so they purchased me a new one! Some cosmetic scratches on sunshade, but that doesn't affect anything at all. No O-rings included. NEW PRICE: $1125 USD ASKING PRICE: $700 USD ono Buyer pays shipping, insurance and paypal fees. I am in Toronto, Canada Please email me directly: info@carlyunderwater.com THANK YOU
  8. Hey all, Unfortunately, I flooded the battery pack on my Ikelite Strobe... salt water... I soaked it in white vinegar, but hasn't come clean.... afraid to try to put a new battery in it... any suggestions or ways I can clean it fully?? THANKS IN ADVANCE @carlyunderwater
  9. Hey all, Posting here to meet more underwater photographers, and try to showcase some work! I am a cinematographer and photographer based in Toronto. (Canadian and British Passports!) www.carlyunderwater.com I'd love any and all feedback on my photos and site!!! Site needs to be updated, I know! New reel is in the works!! Best, Carly @carlyunderwater
  10. I am looking to purchase an A7Sii housing... preferably Nauticam. Interested in what lenses you have to go along with it. Body not necessary, but would consider buying. Questions: Does the A7R housing fit the A7S? Has anyone heard rumours of the A7Siii??? What accessories do you have as well? Also Needed: Small HD 502 monitor and housing! I shoot underwater professionally, in Toronto, and would like to add a mirrorless full frame camera to our inventory! THANK YOU www.carlyunderwater.com
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