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  1. As drew already asked. What your current 7D + nauticam housing is missing for your task? Bye
  2. Nice shot! This is the B17 near the Vis Island in Croatia, isn't it? PS Why trch divers like so much epic music?
  3. Hi, do you know the depth rating of the housing? Nauticam USA and other intl dealers state 100m but Nauticam website state 60m Thanks
  4. Yeap! Having an extra battery pack ready to use is a plus. The problem is the color temp (if it's real) 9000k is really a blue light
  5. Hi guys, not to hijack this thread but given that the sola1200 are the market reference for this kind of lights... Anyone has experience with the Fisheye FIX Led 1500? I found a small review wit a sola 1200 comparison: http://www.deepshots.co.uk/2011/07/quick-r...dx-video-light/ I like the user rechargeable battery pack but I don't like the color temp of 8500-9000K http://www.splashuwimaging.com/type/video-...led-1500dx.html
  6. Hi, The noise come from the camera or the compression? Bye
  7. There is new video out there: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...st&p=288519 bye
  8. I've found a new video shot with the GH2/Nauticam combo and Lumix 7-14mm + 8mm lens: Unfortunately not in HD [vimeohd]27289658[/vimeohd] Bye
  9. Why it should be different? The only trick part could be the focus
  10. Hi Frankie, On video forum there are two nice post on basic VidSRL settings: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?s=&am...st&p=265885 http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?s=&am...st&p=265862 Actually they are the same suggestions as on land shots. I have a GF13 and a GH13, a 20 pankake, a 14-45 plus several vintage yashica/contax lens but for a basic uw setup I should invest in a 7-14 lens + housing + lights. Not less of 3K Euro with a cheap housing like 10Bar. Except for the beautiful photos I saw it's a mistery how they perform with video.
  11. According with the video guru's in the other subforum, I think that autofocus should be avoided and with VidDSRL we should stick with MF. All the 7D video I saw there is no hunting. Giving that the panny autofocus is one of the best, I guess no autofocus is used. Seeing this table: http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html With a 7mm lens at f5.6 and focusing at 1 meter, eveything from 0,37m to infinity should be at focus Do you think that a fixed focus could be used for wide shots? If you use A, then you break the basic rule of video: shutter speed multiple of frame rate and you would get strange results. 24/25p -> 1/50 (PAL), 30p -> 1/60 (NTSC) I would really appreciate Thank you for your patience
  12. Thank you for sharing. Actually it's very difficult to have a idea of the camera/housing video quality from them I saw your beautiful photos but I wonder about DOF and minimum focus for video. I saw that at the beginning the shark video it's out of focus. Are you using auto-focus? Also the cuttlefish? They seems very dark. Which lens were you using? PS Sorry for my thousand questions but Panny G camera are somewhat considered the best DSRL for video but it seems impossible to see a nice sample while it's full of 7D uw videos
  13. Hi guys Do you have some uw video to show taken with GF or GH camera? Thank you in advance
  14. Despite looking very fragile I read a lot of positive feedback about this housing on italian forums. Pics can be viewed only from forum users but I found a public photo set on Flickr shoot with a Canon 550D and a Diveross DRP100: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pietrocremone...57625367536659/ On the net there is a online italian retailer: http://www.fotosub-shop.it/ Bye
  15. An Intel I7 o equivalent, 4 GB of ram and a 64bit OS (Win7) and any decent HD video card with 1GB of Ram. Few NLE use the GPU mainly for effects. Nowadays there are a lot of laptops with these specs, just try to check the hard drvie speed. 7200 rpm is far better while most laptop uses 5400 rpm. Cheers
  16. Err, maybe I wrote this because in this thread all rivals were cited? Jocking apart is there some official data on market shares, pro and consumer? Bye
  17. Why really few people here mention EDIUS? Is it considered so bad? I'm using EDIUS NEO 2.5 Booster and it edits everythings without transcoding. It was the first sw to natively support AVCHD If i remember well since 2008. It works like a breeze also on obsolete machines: I edit 1080p GH1 mts files on my old Thinkpad T60 with a centrino duo 1.66GHZ and 2 GB of Ram! 99% of the time I don't need rendering at all! Of couse when I export the final project it could last some hours but... there is the night for this Bye
  18. A new commercial spot of alessandro Beltrame on this misterious housing. This time on macro shots. [vimeohd]19040209[/vimeohd]
  19. Did you shot underwater? Ambient or artificial light? Depth?
  20. Hi Jack, thank you for your explanations Bye
  21. Would be nice hearing Jack Connick who write here about 10Bar customer care...
  22. I wrote to 10Bar asking info on lens and port compatibility but until now I got no reply
  23. Does the 14-45 ports permit a full zoom?
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