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  1. Revised selling price, (this is because wet pixel does not allow you to edit your original ad ) New list price for everything - $6342, Selling listed package above for $4900 If you do not want the Light and Motion SOLA 2000 lights price is $3500.
  2. Tim, if someone sees the original post, doesn't like the price, what makes you think they will take the time to scroll down? This is crazy that you can not edit a post. I haven't used very many sites to sell scuba equipment but all allow you to edit a post. I sell a lot of still and video equipment and have never had an issue of doing a very simple edit. It appears I am not the only person who disagrees with not being able to edit. Also if an item sells why do you think someone is interested in looking/taking the time to see if it has sold or is still for sale. I do not understand or agree with what has been posted above on the issue. Why is there a 24 hour limit on editing? Who came up with that? I doubt a revised price further down is going to cause anyone much of a problem - this is your response --- how do you know how many people have not looked further down the add? The only way people know they have to scroll down the list to see a revised price is if they have tried to sell some thing and have tried to edit the add. Im new to this site and I wasted a lot of time figuring out that you can not edit. My point is why do you and Steve and Adam care what the history of an item is? This is stated above in the posts? Who cares if I sold a housing 6 months or a year ago? This is so amazing to me that Im actually taking the time to make an issue of it. I feel that if I have to change the price in a post that has to be scrolled down to see - I will miss some one who may by the item. Can you tell me if you know of any other sites that operate like this? John
  3. I want to change the price Im selling my gear for. I do not see an edit tab. From reading this thread, is it possible to change the price? If not why? It is crazy to have to add a line to a post several that a person may not see if they do not scroll down to see it. Please help! Thanks - John
  4. For Sale - Aquatica A5D Mark 3 underwater dive housing for Canon 5D Mark 3 camera. Complete kit with Light and Motion SOLA 2000 dive lights, extra 8 inch dome port, 8 inch dome shade, port extension, 4x Diopter 77mm, zoom gear for Canon 17-40mm, LIKE NEW Condition. Check Backscatter.com for prices new. New price for everything - $6342, Selling for $5200. If you do not want the Light and Motion SOLA 2000 lights price is $3800.
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