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  1. Any comments on whether this lens can be used out of water? I assume you have a camera in a housing still. Also whats the maximum aperture?
  2. Well cheap is relative isnt it... but currently its the cheapest 12k60 camera. Cheaper than many 4k, 6k and 8k cameras that are sold in the same category. And when the sensor tech filters down into other smaller cameras they will be cheaper again. As for editable, I guess if you are trying to edit on a banana then you’ll run into problems, but it will be more editable than most footage, on much cheaper computers. Have you tried to edit the footage they have for download? The 12k footage edits and plays back better than 4k h264 on my 2017 computer.
  3. For some one who is constantly banging on about color it surprises me that you arent excited for new sensor tech that is showing great color off a big resolution, high frame rate sensor That is also cheap and very editable on normal computers.
  4. You missed talking about compressed raw and the flexibility of raw in post. All well and good to have locked in perfect WB at the time on a tiny screen, but when you get back to the computer, having extra room to move here or there is a major benefit and something a lot of other codecs cant do. Also recording onto CF is great, dont need SSDs for raw. Also not sure why you write off the Blackmagic cameras, Their version of braw provides the flexibility of raw format while working in a slightly different space. At the end of the day if you can shoot 12:1 braw and get the same quality output as a 12:1 r3d it is the same outcome, then it just comes back to the camera and sensor for differences. Same can be said for shooting another codec like prores 422 or other fixed format, if the outcome is good and you can get what you want, its all the same, however your ability to pivot on those other codecs is far more limited.
  5. Hmmm


    Price drop $1300 ono.
  6. There is about 5mm between the screen and the back of the glass in the housing.
  7. I run the nauticam housing and it has a tray for 4x 18650 batteries. This gives a few hours of run time. I also turn the camera off between recording to save battery life and it generally gets me through a full day on the water.
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