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  1. There is about 5mm between the screen and the back of the glass in the housing.
  2. I run the nauticam housing and it has a tray for 4x 18650 batteries. This gives a few hours of run time. I also turn the camera off between recording to save battery life and it generally gets me through a full day on the water.
  3. Up for sale is an excellent condition Nauticam NA 502 housing for the Small HD 502 monitor, This is the HDMI version. I am looking for USD$1400 ono. Includes international postage and paypal fees.
  4. Up for sale is a panasonic 7-14mm with nauticam zoom gear. I took the filter holder off a panasonic 8mm lens and installed it on this lens and it creates a simple way to add filters to the back of the lens. It doesn't get in the way of mounting the lens to the camera at all. Lens located in Melbourne, Australia. Will ship worldwide. AUD$1,000 ono - USD$700 ono
  5. I'm on the 14-42 mk2+35 port. I guess there is faint vignetting right hand corners but pretty faint... see for yourselves.
  6. I remember watching a video of a nauticam housing going down to 500ft. Pretty impressive stuff.
  7. I can confirm the petals on the wwl do appear on the na-bmpcc4k but for me its only on the left hand side. Upper left corner is a strong vignette but the right side is completely free of these. The very slightest of zoom means it is gone. Swapping between OIS didnt change anything.
  8. Thank you for your help. I am actually a freediver and this will be exactly what it is used for. I do have a selection of domes and find them better, but for filming I wanted to try this solution and see where i got and a $5 O-ring is a pretty cheap experiment when it comes to underwater housings!
  9. I remember reading somewhere that one can use an O-ring to seal water between the wwl1 and the port but cant seem to find reference to it. What are people using to do this and which O-rings work?
  10. Hmmm

    FS: Nauticam WACP

    Sold Sorry errbrr, mark got in just before you.
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