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  1. Yes, I have this setup. It is great for a mixed environment where you are shooting ambient and then move to an area (or the animal gets closer) where you want lights. You don't need to change white balance. I love that you sometimes can't even tell there are lights being used....like on schooling fish! There are negatives as outlined by previous posters. -kevin
  2. Did you use a tripod for any of the macro shots?
  3. I am interested. When did you buy it? Is it the LSD Ultimate? I am in the US. -kevin
  4. Sorry, everything has been sold already. Thanks!
  5. When you say 'auto focus' do you mean 'continuous auto focus'? The GH5 has no issue at all with auto focus (automatically obtaining focus before the shot/video starts. Continuous auto focus is where there can be some challenges, but with a fisheye I don't see why it would be needed unless you are doing close focus/wide angle video.
  6. The display is just a bit toward the left side of the window but clearly visible. I dove with it yesterday and had no issues. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2e1fz08snlf2j0c/IMG_20170505_211650.jpg?dl=0
  7. Sorry, it has been sold already.
  8. I pre-ordered mine on 5 Jan. Picked it up Tuesday from Reef Photo. Diving with it this weekend. Can't wait.
  9. I pre-ordered my GH-5 housing several months ago. The first to pre-order in the USA. Hopefully it will be released soon and we can answer some of these questions. I'm guessing the housing will include an LED flash triggering system built-in much like the D500 housing. The GH-5 auto focus is great. What many are discussing these days on the continuous auto focus issues. For video underwater I don't use continuous AF. On the GH-4 I set the initial focus (on my fin or something) via auto focus, but after that is set it doesn't change. I have back-focus button enabled so I can, if desired, change the focus before or during filming. I have the GH-5 and plan on setting it up the same way for underwater use. People are referring to issues with AF when in fact they are referring to the continuous AF issues. AF works fine.
  10. I do both, but not on the same dive and usually not on the same dive trip. I do mostly video, but I do like to take stills from time to time. The GH-4 was great for underwater stills and the GH-5 will be better. It has IBIS which will be great for some creative and ambient light shots. It has a bigger sensor (20 megapixel vs 16).
  11. My guess is that it will include an LED flash triggering system in the housing much like the D500 housing.
  12. I never use autofocus underwater for video, so for me it's not an issue.
  13. You mention that manual WB worked perfectly on the GH4. I've always struggled to get good WB for ambient light with the GH4. It always pushes the blues too far toward magenta/purple. I'm hoping the GH5 is better with the 10bit 4:2:2. Just waiting for the GH5 housing to be released.
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