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  1. I don't post underwater necessarily, but water photography yes... @bcarpenterphotos or https://www.instagram.com/bcarpenterphotos/
  2. I'm asking for $1800 plus shipping or best offer. With this purchase, you'll get the following "like new" Aquatech Imaging Solutions water housing kit for a Nikon D750 DSLR for use in shallow water/surf photography: 1 Elite D750 aquatech imaging solutions housing w/full control back plate with o-rings ($1895 value) 1 pistol grip with shutter release trigger and associated accessory cables and hardware ($400 value) 1 P-90 flat port ($195 value) 1 flat port neoprene cover ($14.95 value) 1 aquatech pistol grip leash ($24.95 value) 1 DIY foam carrying case made from a recycled plastic hard case (unknown value) 1 tube of o-ring grease provided by Aquatech Imaging Solutions The Aquatech Imaging Solutions water housing has full back plate controls. It has only been used for ~4 swims, so it is still basically brand new and shows little to no signs of use. The o-rings have been kept clean and lightly greased. No sense in just letting this bad boy sit in the closet. Buyer pays shipping. No PayPal. I will only accept credit card/debit card and it will be charged through my credit card processing company I use for my photography business (Stripe).
  3. I would say it comes down to how much you'll be in the water and the cost/benefit etc. What are you going to do with the images etc. I have a Nikon D750 and spent close to 3K on my water housing and accessories. After only doing 4 swims with it in a year, I would say it was probably a complete waste of investment. I haven't done anything much with the images either. Also, the Nikon D750 I found is not such an efficient camera to shoot in the water if shooting manual, or I just haven't shot enough to get efficient. You do have to start somewhere. Once you get over the initial investment, just get out there and have fun with it. But like someone else mentioned, if you do under 10 swims a year, I'd avoid the investment in SLR rigs and look for much cheaper options than SLR water photography (cheaper but still pro level point and shoots etc., action cameras etc)
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