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  1. Hi Tim - that is good to know. Thank you very much for sharing!
  2. Hi, Im planning to use the Nikon 16-35 lens inside a Subal housing. When I look at the Subal website, it lists the following as the required gear combo: - either 8 in or 9 in dome port, EXR90, diopter (+2/77), zoom gear (4ZN034 or 4ZN834) However, Ive read on a thread somewhere on wetpixel that the spec listed by Subal is incorrect. Can somebody confirm this? If it is indeed wrong, what should be the correct gear combination? Thank you Martin
  3. Hi Arturo, Its actually for 100mm dome port. I have the Sigma lens hood shaven off already. So EXR18 would be ok in this case? Martin
  4. When you combine a 15mm Sigma + Kenko x1.4 Teleconverter inside a Subal housing to do close focus wideangle, is it necessary to have a port extension? Perhaps physically the lens+TC won't fit, so a port extension is necessary? Even if the lens+TC fit, will it properly focus without the port extension? If the extension is necessary, what kind is required? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've been curious to know whether people enable/disable active d-lighting on their Nikon cameras when shooting underwater. What are the pro's and con's? I know the benefits of this on land, but does enabling this feature actually help underwater when shooting with strobes? I guess one downside to this is that Lightroom or Photoshop will not recognize the effects added onto your files via active d-lighting, whereas Nikon's proprietary software would recognize them? Any thoughts/feedback would be helpful. Thanks. Martin
  6. Hi I am Martin Voeller - a diver/underwater photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. I have been doing this for about 5 years now and am hoping to keep improving. Thanks.
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