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  1. Hi, I'm looking to sell an Canon XTi and Seatool housing package for $1000. The contents are: * Canon XTi camera * Seatool aluminum housing * Seatool dome port (fits over 18-55mm lens, which is what I was using) * Tray with right hand grip with ball mount for strobe * 18-55mm kit lens * 75-300mm zoom (bonus, not much use underwater) * Battery & Charger (charger has my initials written on it) Hasn't been flooded, has served on many dives without problem. Tray is "solidly fixed" onto unit (plastic butterfly head screw broke off, could probably be removed with sufficient effort/skill). Would sell housing ex camera if there is interest. Physically located in Bermuda, could sell into US or UK with sufficiently patient buyer, or could negotiate shipping cost. P
  2. Hi, I'm based in Bermuda and have managed to get a few decent pictures here and around the world out of my XTi + Seatool basic setup. Will be reading and learning more soon. Thanks. Pareesh
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