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  1. Is this available, pics. Would you ship to the US?
  2. I am trying to get a feel if I can sell my GH5 SYSTEM- It's only been used on roughly 80 dives. The WWL-1 lens set up has been used the most for about 40+ of the dives; My macro setup has been used on 4 dives; and the fisheye has been used on 14 dives. Everything is is near new/mint condition minus the buoyancy collar and Keldan lights as those were bought used already, I have broken down what I paid- and with a 25% discount off of all the mint like condition items or appropriately OR BEST OFFER!! Would LOVE to sell this kit whole but I most likely know that maybe it will go in pieces. I have most of my invoices (starting from 2018 to present), Most everything has the original box or bag, with extra o-rings, silicone grease etc. Pictures can be asked upon request (as there's too much inventory to post) Serious Inquires Only and best offers- Thank You, Will be Cross Posting GH%.numbers
  3. If this thread is still ongoing, more primarily for macro stills... the 60mm and cmc2 a good choice, I know the cmc1 I'll have to be really close and there's a learning curve... I also have the pz14-42 with wwl1... the cmc2 I can use with either setup? I'm just wondering though then if I'd have to change the mounting system for the diff lens... example 60mm port I would screw in, and for my 14-42... would it also snap into my bayonet mount? Also is anyone using subsee lenses? I'm trying to get 1 macro for both setups and I'm beginner. Thank you
  4. Selling my 1st kit, only used 3 times and some of the stuff has never been used- asking $1,200 OBO and buyer pays for shipping + insurance etc. will be cross posted Great for beginners who want a compact camera or who already have an RX100M2 Camera. Camera NOT included Nauticam Housing with handles- Used 3 times, no flooding; great condition Paid $1,000 Nauticam Lanyard - $40 Nauticam M67 to Inon LD Mount Adapter $160 Inon UWL-H100 Wide Conversion Lens 28LD Mount - $329- Theres a scratch that doesn't effect photos; see photos attached and what forum members have said Inon Wide Ange Dome Lens unit II for UWL-H100 Lens -299 Nauticam Lens Holder for Inon LD Mount $55 each x 2 = $110 - Inon Close up Lens UL-165LD - $178 - NEVER USED Photos are here in my dropbox since files are too large https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4xgh6mlt42a5b3c/AACOVHIGuKwchzOv5AAP5sZaa?dl=0
  5. I figured it out theres a wheel near the trigger button. Thank you
  6. I have a nauticam housing so theres only 1 dedicated button to switch either the f stop or shutter speed, since the housing doesnt have a the front wheel option on the housing. I have my back wheel button for f stop so does anybody know how to set a custom button or be able to quickly adjust shutter speed without going into the menu and switching the settings manually each time?
  7. I might know someone, wish the price drop was earlier would have bought
  8. Yes I've looked thru my cables at eye level and the flash fires on both sides and I ordered a new battery cap and strobe and will just have the other one sent back. I've cleaned the contacts thoroughly etc. And trouble shouted with the shop I ordered with. Thank you
  9. It's ok I already ordered the new one
  10. Yeah, I think it's my strobe the fault one only works on the right side so I'll just have to keep it on that side unless I can find a used one before my trip. Thank you for all of your input, advice etc
  11. Interested in strobes if you decide to lower price
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