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  1. Selling mini flash trigger for NA GH5 housing item 26309 in great condition new is $220 asking $100. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal only.
  2. Nauticam item 36165 N85 power zoom Macro port 29. In good condition used on a few dives, just the end has a few scratches see photo below. New is $385 asking $200 or best offer. Buyer to pay shipping and pay via PayPal. Can send photos via email or whatever since I can’t figure out how to load a bunch on here
  3. Thanks for the lengthy response I am using ysd2 strobes and have never had any issue. I did change my setting for single shot and didn’t have any issues. I will take your advice though and try on land in a dark setting to see if I can replicate the issue.
  4. Thanks all my max speed is 1/250 I have a Nikon d850 but I’ll try a lower speed and also check the settings.
  5. Hi guys I can’t seem to figure out why my photos have this weird line at the bottom of the photo. (It’s obviously a bad photo but emphasizes the color diff the best) my shutter is 1/250 so it’s not that and also bc it’s not a black line. Is it a shadow or a camera setting? This has never happened before
  6. great condition, asking $200 for this port can send pics on request Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ Panasonic LUMIX G X VARIO PZ 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 ASPH. Power O.I.S. Panasonic LUMIX G VARIO 12-32mm F3.5-5.6 ASPH. MEGA O.I.S. Optional accessories: 83201 Wet Wide Lens 1 (WWL-1) 130 deg. FOV with compatible 28mm Lenses 83213 M67 to Bayonet Mount Converter Specifications:
  7. Extension and dome sold macro Zoom 29 port, and flash trigger available
  8. I have the nauticam 140mm dome for sale for n85 and an extension depending on what lens you’re planning on using. Shoot me a message if you’re interested
  9. If you ever want to sell it for 600 I’d take it
  10. Extension, dome, and flash trigger available Bump!!
  11. If you change your mind I have the nauticam n85 140 mm dome I had barely used
  12. yes I did! it cost only $50 more to get the 9 since I still had to buy the housing etc. Thanks for all of the info!
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