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  1. I’ve seen amazing photos from an iPhone in a case on my last trip Galápagos
  2. Message sent sorry for the delayed response I didn’t get the notification
  3. Is the diopter available and where shipping from? Would offer 200 for it
  4. I have the flash trigger and the macro port 29 I think
  5. A lot of people buy off of the classifieds section here on wetpixel. My whole new upgrade (from gh5) came off of here. I have a few items left like the flash trigger for gh5 available and I think one port I don’t remember for which lens but can check.
  6. Selling mini flash trigger for NA GH5 housing item 26309 in great condition new is $220 asking $100. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal only.
  7. Nauticam item 36165 N85 power zoom Macro port 29. In good condition used on a few dives, just the end has a few scratches see photo below. New is $385 asking $200 or best offer. Buyer to pay shipping and pay via PayPal. Can send photos via email or whatever since I can’t figure out how to load a bunch on here
  8. Thanks for the lengthy response I am using ysd2 strobes and have never had any issue. I did change my setting for single shot and didn’t have any issues. I will take your advice though and try on land in a dark setting to see if I can replicate the issue.
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