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  1. yes I did! it cost only $50 more to get the 9 since I still had to buy the housing etc. Thanks for all of the info!
  2. Thanks I don’t plan on buying a third party action camera just trying to see if I would benefit from an upgrade from the 4 which it seems I would. Given the GoPro bundle 9 it comes to only about $50 more than if I bundled the 8 etc since none of them come with the housing or spare battery charger. I also do not want to purchase from an unauthorized vendor. Thanks for your feedback
  3. Thanks I’m also leaning towards the 8 or 7 just to save money and there’s not much out there on the 9. I know the stabilization is better but again I’m not a professional so I wouldn’t prob know the difference. Thanks for your input
  4. Thanks for the feedback I mostly won’t be playing with any of the buttons screen underwater (will mount on my camera rig or take when conditions are too rough) thank you for commenting on the quality as well!
  5. Has anybody tried the new gopro 9? I have a Hero Silver 4 and would like to upgrade. I believe my front runners are the 7 and 9 I have heard issues with the battery issues and stuff with the 8. Just curious
  6. Side note: I have the backscatter valve pump. What if I forgot my pump on a trip or lost it on a boat for example... is there a way to manually release the air out of housing?
  7. 8mm sold extension, dome, and flash trigger available!
  8. Bump price reduction for package 1800 I was asking 8mm 750, extension 210, dome 800, flash trigger 150, I’d bundle it all together for 1800 you pay for shipping and PayPal fees if you want the 3% protection or can do friends and family Or make me an offer!
  9. Macro setup sold still have wide angle setup, the power zoom port available, flash trigger available will discount
  10. Please see my listing. I have sold off many pieces of my kit. I have the 60mm macro lens and a wide angle setup (8mm fisheye, and dome port) i also have the flash trigger all for nauticam housing. . Used these items on one trip so everything is basically new. Send me a message as I would bundle for a good price as I've upgraded my kit
  11. Selling the N85 Power Zoom Macro Port. Asking 200 or best offer. Buyer pays shipping. Located in the USA. PayPal only.
  12. Like new mini flash trigger for GH5. Nauticam 26309. Comes with box. Buyer pays shipping, PayPal only. Located in the USA Asking $150
  13. I have macro lens/port and wide angle lens with dome port available, in US Message me if interested
  14. Oh I'm an idiot I misread it, I thought it was for the lens, I'm sorry thank you for your reply
  15. How much for the 60mm? If separating
  16. Like new for M4/3 used for 6 days approximately 12 dives total Nauticam 36048 n85 140 PM glass dome 36617 17mm extension Olympus 8mm lens Retails new 2250 asking 1600 or best offer, buyer pays shipping etc. Pics on request due to low file size.
  17. Macro port new is 300 asking 225 only used 4 times, buyer pays shipping
  18. 14 to 42 and zoom gear sold, 60mm and 8mm with ports and 140mm dome and other ports still available
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