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  1. Does anyone know how I can get this scratch out of the back of my inon uwl h100 lens. Super bummed... I can see it and I'm sure it will effect future photos. Thanks
  2. Just took my first underwater lesson and was curious as to which blue background most people prefer or is it just personal preference, I also took another shot but it's a lighter blue but cant figure out how to post both for comparison. This is the darker blue
  3. Thanks for that info. Yes I will be looking into using their site for future purchases as I will no longer use this other company
  4. Has anyone else had this issue, I bought the housing in 2016... and my housing didnt have the bulkhead slot for the vacuum pump. I declined adding it as an accesorry on check out but just bought one now and realized I cant use it. After contacting the website I bought it from the sales associate was not helpful and initially told me the vacuum for nauticam housing for rx100m2 doesnt exist. Then he said there were 2 models and the one with the vacuum bulkhead came out later bc nauticam didnt offer the I'm curious as what the cut off was since I know the housing was initially released in 2013? Did I just get sold an older model... sad and upset about this
  5. Thank you! This was very insightful, I saw a good deal on a camera but I have held off because like you said I should take this in steps and still work with my current system before jumping into a new one
  6. Oh ok thanks I've been doing post searches but dont think I've checked there.. thanks!
  7. I'm thinking of purchasing a gh5 and want to get into video... preferably wide angle Can you please post any links to videos and your rig info, ports, lens, lights etc.. I'm really curious to see the diff between the 8mm vs 7-14mm And any advice etc.. thanks!
  8. What's your setup if you dont mind me asking...
  9. I'm interested in what you end up deciding...have the same setup rx100ii... but not sure if I'm leaning towards more video vs photography Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks for all of your kind replies- Since I have lightroom already I will start with that and then look into photoshop, esp if its on a monthly basis when I have photos to work on.
  11. Thanks so much for your input! Elements seems like a good option! I would like to just learn one application really well then be overwhelmed by both.
  12. Hi, I'm a beginner and want to get into photography. Most of my underwater shots were shot JPEG, but I have recently upgraded my camera and can't wait to use it and shoot RAW.. Is it necessary to have BOTH lightroom and photoshop. I have photoshop and have been trying to learn it which will take me a while... do people then normally export to photoshop?? Should I splurge and purchase that too when the time comes? Any thoughts/preferences? Thanks! Also what about video? I have adobe premiere elements which I like a lot but do people do color corrections before piecing together videos??
  13. Hi- I have read your blog and many posts and I'm sure you have answered many of the same repetitive questions but it seems that I am still a little confused so if you had the time to clarify I would appreciate it. I currently have the sonyrx100II and wanted to buy the nauticam housing; I understand most people like the UWL-H100 28 LD (In your blog you had the AD) but it seems the LD is maybe newer or most recent or has the locking device either way in your newer posts you mention the LD vs AD. I would also need the adapter and the only one I could find was either the Nauticam 67 to LD adapter that was about $160, but I wasn't sure if on the Inon website if the M67-LD mount converter for UCL-330/165M67 is the same?? You also mention for video you shot with the UWL-H100 (not the 28?) and used a filter. Are there no filters available for the UWL-H10028LD? I guess my main question is I would love to take great photos and then switch to video in between some shots since I am still a beginner I don't think I would be able to have the ideal set up like yourself for video vs photography- so my question is what is the better lens for this? I understand for video the white balance is not so good but the filter would have to be put on before hand as it can't be removed underwater. For video I was also just thinking of mounting my gopro off the camera if that was even possible but I guess I should worry about one thing at a time. I haven't really dabbled into Macro yet so I don't think I would need those yet. If you or anyone else had any insight that would be great!
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