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  1. Cheers for the reply's i have tried gumtree Australia and it is ok but not much on there and takes along time to sell i did sell a full d200 hugyfot setup on eBay only got $750 AUD for it with the camera and spares i have posted wanted adds but without any luck. Yeah shipping from the U.S only seems to be worth it on higher priced items. also a lot of people don't actually want to send it this way. and Australia was free the British just took it but its only cause the Spanish didn't want it Cheers Joe
  2. Does anyone know if there is a forum In Australia just like this one for selling and buying stuff? Seems with exchange rate and high postage costs to the land down under many items just don't work out. Plus some people don't want to send items this way Cheers Joe
  3. Aquatica 8" dome great condition with hood and cover only minor light scuffs $300 AUD about $220usd Subal dp-122 mini glass dome in great condition (best quality glass) no marks or scratches $200 AUD about $145 usd can be used in many aplications has been used with a 100mm macro on Aquatica body in the past i don't have one available but you can get a subal/aquatica adaptor in Aus (digital diver) in Us (samy's camera) postage will be about $20 AUD each in Aus and around $50 AUD each to the Us/international can accept bank transfer / paypal located hamilton island QLD Australia cheers Joe
  4. for parts or rebuild can also be upgraded by the factory to a ds160 strobe no longer fires light works and battery hold charge battery date is 2/07 physically in good condition only minor scuffs $150 AUD about $110usd will post anywhere at buyers expence max in Aus will be $20 to the us about $50 AUD bank transfer or paypal located hamilton island Australia Cheers Joe includes the NiMH charger
  5. has anyone used one of these are they any good? seem to be a good deal at $280au it is going onto 100mm canon macro Cheers Joe
  6. hello all 1. looking for 2 buttons for an Aquatica housing 2. looking ISO lever for Aquatica 5d iii 3. vacuum bump and circuitry located in Qld Australia happy to purchase internatonaly if you are happy to ship can pay with Paypal Cheers Joe
  7. postyjoe

    Fish eye

    Thanks for the help I have a bid on a cheep secondhand sigma 15mm I'll see how it goes But I will keep saving for a 8-15 also Cheers Joe
  8. hey mate would you sell this set without the 8" dome and shade (this would be easy to sell but i don't need and it would add more to postage) cost and postage to Australia ? cheers Joe
  9. hey mate would you consider selling the housing without the dome? and the cost and postage to Australia if possible? cheers Joe
  10. postyjoe

    Fish eye

    thanks mate i have looked at those i do have a 16-35f2.8 i was looking for a little wider like the canon 8-15 but a little pricey at the moment has anyone used one of these on a 5diii (Tokina AT-X 107 AF DX NH Fisheye AF 10-17mm f/3.5 - 4.5) and managed to get a zoom gear working on a Aquatica housing ​i had it recommend by a pro surf photographer but not sure its the exact one he was talking about. ​i live remotely so don't have a chance of checking anything out in stores cheers Joe
  11. postyjoe

    Fish eye

    What would be the best or best affordable canon full frame fish eye lens ? For those half halfs. And anyone selling one? Cheers Joe
  12. thanks for the Reply Mark i was hoping someone has dropped there housing or something and was selling it real cheap you do have a good setup there but not enough parts for me to use/need to make it worth while i have a 5diii housing was hoping to get somthing similar so it had the same bulk heads ect.. Cheers Joe
  13. Wanted damaged canon Aquatica housing for spares and parts 5dii 5diii 6d 7d 1d 60d 550d Reasonable price for the condition I'm located in AUS will pay the postage Also after a macro set up Cheers Joe
  14. Yep I guess if you are reading this you are seeing another new member Joe here from the Whitsundays Australia I have a 5diii Aquatica I will be looking intentenly on parts and will be post wanted adds soon Cheers
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