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  1. SOLD! All items are sold, shipped and paid for. Thanks for your interest. Robotten-usa
  2. Madbadgerous, did you purchase a camera/housing? I can offer you one! Thanks, Robotten
  3. Brian, I am selling a Nauticam NA-A7II housing with a Sony A7RII. Let me know if you are interested? Thanks, Robotten
  4. Good morning Michelle, I just saw your response. I believe that we could figure out a way to ship to AUSTRALIA. LMK. Thanks, Rob
  5. FS: Sony A7RII Body with Nauticam A7II Housing including Nikonos Bulkhead and Backscatter Airlock Vacuum and Port lock system, charger and 3-Sony Batteries The housing is lightly used and comes with a Nikonos bulkhead which I did not use. In the photo, you will see the LED wires for the Turtle TTL LED trigger which is easy removed. The Turtle trigger is not included with the camera and housing purchase. You will find that the airlock system and gauge gives tremendous peace of mind when taking your expensive camera, lens and housing into the water. This unit has never been flooded and the original boxes and tool kit are included for both the housing and the camera. The camera has 11,527 actuations according to A7info. (cool program). I love the 42 MP of this camera and have found that even with a very heavy crop you can end up with excellent images. Put another way, you can totally blow the shot and still end up with a 4 MP excellent photo after cropping. The equipment was most recently used during a Cozumel trip in early December 2018. All equipment operates as intended and the only reason for selling is that I have purchased an A7RIII. Screen protector installed and will come with caps and original Sony neck strap. Paypal accepted Shipping FOB the Philadelphia PA area at buyers cost. I would like to sell as a 4-piece set including housing, camera, charger, 3-Sony Batteries and Backscatter pump system $3650.00
  6. Hi Beth, is this still available? Thanks, Robotten Note: I will be with you and Phil in the Philippines
  7. Are you still looking? I am getting ready to list a Nauticam A7II housing and a lightly used A7RII camera. Pm if interested. Robotten
  8. I am preparing to sell my Nauticam Housing for the Sony A7RII or A7SII camera. I will include a lightly used Sony A7RII as well. If you are seeing this post, the item is still for sale. Thanks, Robotten
  9. These items are of interest to me. Are they for sale? Thanks, Rob Nauticam WWL-1 Wet wide angle lens 130 degree, with bayonet mount and buoyancy collar. Nauticam SMC-1 100mm macro lens Nauticam flip diopter holder
  10. Thanks everyone for your quick responses. I had already tried a couple of strap wrenches but no joy. After your suggestions, I patiently tried rotation and got some movement. Ultimately, they are now separated. Thanks! Robotten
  11. Help, I have a Nauticam N100 to N120 35/5 adaptor with Focus knob s/n A165351 that seems stuck to my extension ring 50 w/lock s/n/A165535. I am trying to separate the two parts but have not been able to do so. Any suggestions? I am not sure if I put it together incorrectly or? I am able to use it in the condition that it is in but thought that separating the parts would be a good idea after my last liveaboard trip a couple of weeks ago. Any suggestions on how to do this are greatly appreciated. I attached 2 photos to show the current alignment. Thanks, Rob
  12. Just came across this thread. Is anyone using the Turtle TTL with the A7RII and Inon Z240 strobes? Orangefrog, did you purchase one? I have the Nauticam Flash trigger unit, but would like the option of TTL. Thanks, Robotten
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