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  1. Hi i know I can set up an underwater mode that allows me to zoom the lens in and out with one button press but it comes with lots of other settings which I don't really want. Is it possible to set up this functionality but remain in fully manual mode ? Cheers
  2. Hi all I am currently running a compact camera system RX100iii based with ikelite housing and two Sea&Sea YS03 strobes. I also have a wide angle wet lens. I am struggling with the setup in particular getting the exposure correct. The strobes are auto only and connected via fiber optic. My questions are, is the setup sound and if so any advice on setting it up better or have I mismatched somehow. Also considering if an upgrade makes sense and if so where to invest first. I am thinking mirrorless and housing but then are the strobes up to it? Very confident/competent photographer above the water but I guess I don't use strobes that much Thanks in advance for your advice BBB Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Hi I am an avid land based photographer who is just starting to get to grips with the equipment, techniques and EXPENSE of the underwater game pleased to meet you all. BBB
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