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  1. I have to correct my previous post from April 19th: the difference between metabones 1x and 0.71x is NOT 6.5mm, as I have stated erroneously, but is of course 5.6 mm. The rest stays valid... Wolfgang
  2. The added length that I measured for the Metabones are: 1x adapter: 24.7 mm 0.71x speedbooster: 19.3 mm => Viltrox 1x has same length as 1x Metabones and requires the same extension, i.e. 35mm. You also need a zoomgear extension. printed 3D (I put the file somewhere here and Massimo has the file for download on his homepage)... Wolfgang
  3. I recommend you check the length of the Viltrox adapter by yourself instead relying on product decriptions, at least the length difference between the two Metabone adapters, cited above, is not correct (the real world difference between 1x Metabones and 0.71x speedbooster is 6.5mm and not 10mm (I have them both here, but unfortunately cannot check the Viltrox)). In case the 1x Viltrox is indeed the same length as the Metabones 0.71x speedbooster (I cannot figure out how this would be possible, 1x glasless adapters must add exactly the same extension to the system to perform adaption...), the extension, recommended by Nauticam, would be 30mm (it is 35mm for the Metabones 1x to compensate for the extra 6.5mm). Maybe the lengths that you have from the technical descriptions is the overall length, including parts that will be engulfed by the camera or lens, when mounted. Relevant is the length that the adapter adds to the lens system, when the adapter is once mounted... Wolfgang
  4. As far as I understand the video, shark fishing remains prohibited, but the commercial use of bycatch will be allowed (often the "bycatch" of sharks is the main reason why long-line fishing is performed at all (e.g. long line fishing in the Atlantic ocean)). => I do not see the "controversy" here: As long as long-line fishing is prohibited, there is no need to allow the use of "bycatch". I believe we should stay alert - better to make the Maledivian government aware that many of us do not want shark fishing, long-line fishing and also not the use of "bycatch"... Wolfgang
  5. I would not retire the Apeks regulators: after a full service they are like new (unless the MD is creeping up, then they need to become replaced). I use Apeks since 2007 and service them every two years by myself (it is important to me to have the same brand, my wife and me have five first and six second stages). A twenty year old regulator that is freshly serviced is much, much, more reliable than a four year old model that is just used and lying around somewhere. This is true for every regulator brand and the technics of regulators is unchanges since decades, no need to upgrade. Especially an UW photographer needs regulators he can rely on. If buying new anything I would take a regulator with venturi lever (as Apeks) - the extra air is good to have when beeing deeper and having to work, e.g swim against current etc. ... Regarding the BCD, it is a matter of personal preference whether ADV or wing (After decades of ADV (first nothing, then the "toilet seat" type, then ADV), I am now happy with Scubapro Hydros wing). I find wing more comfortable UW, but you need extra bags, e.g. on th ediving suit. What needs to be replaced in all BCDs from time to time is the inflator valve, the rest can be used very long (depending on brand; no luck with Seac Pro 2000 HD, fell apart into pieces after only about three years of use (approx. 300 dives))... Wolfgang
  6. I have no experience with Nikon lenses. As Chris says, the adapter you linked has this, apparently, non-removable foot what makes housing difficult (In your case I would ask Nauticam for help whether a solution is known to them)... I use this adapater here (for both Metabones 1x Smart adapter and 0.71x speedbooster (MFT to Canon EF)): https://www.nauticam.com/products/n85-to-n120-34-7mm-port-adaptor-for-metabones-ef-mft-mount-t-speed-booster-ultra-0-71x In principle any extension that has the length of the adapter should work, but a N85 to N120 adapter provides more space and the subsequent N120 extensions and ports can be used for a later FF system as well, while the N85 items go with the MFT system... Wolfgang
  7. Whow - I just watched this episode and can only say that I am impressed! I knew, from the forum here, that old Nikonos fisheyelenses can be converted to fit on modern cameras. I hear for the first time, that also rectilinear RS WA lenses can be used (and restructured as explained in the video). WA at f 2.8 at highest optical quality - so THIS is impressive. The WACP goes in similar directions (both in principle, weight and price), but good IQ at f 2.8 seems out of reach and the restructured lenses seem to be far smaller and lighter... Wolfgang
  8. In the case the videos are taken just with available light (e.g. snorkeling with dolphins), I believe the cameras with the larger sensor will be the better choice. D500 or D810 just in housing without any lamps or flashes will be easy to handle and motility will not be restricted more than with GoPro or TG... Wolfgang
  9. I have a question regarding this nice video: At approx 08:00 Alex demonstrates snoots at different diameters available for the Retra strobe. Later, at approx. 10:20 the Retra LSD. My question: Is the LSD just the better, "luxury", version at a higher weight, or are there different applications for the snoots and the LSD (e.g. narrowing the beam to reduce backscatter for the snoots and "creative" lighting for the LSD)? I am asking, since I consider the acquisition of a snoot for our Inon Z330's (no experience with snoots, so far): This here that looks similar to the traditional snoot shown in the video: https://www.panoceanphoto.com/inon-snoot-set-z-330-d-200 or the Retra LSD in Inon Z330 mount: https://www.retra-uwt.com/collections/shop/products/light-shaping-device?variant=12730263240746 Is it advisable to go just for the LSD and one has then everything, or should one have both snoot plus LSD for different applications (also the size and weight of the LSD may be worth a consideration)? Thanks for ideas, Wolfgang
  10. Why take an additional, separate, camera for video? The GoPro or TG will not substitute for a missing video light. I doubt that the videos will, technically, be better than videos from from D500 or D810. I make similar, occasional, videos with Oly EM1II and EM5II (mostly when motion is important, e.g. schooling fish; "moving" slides inbetween the stills when I present). As videolamp I use a single, stronger, focuslight, that serves also as very good mainlamp for nightdives. It has approx. 3400 lumen at its maximum (Weefine 3400). Of course, two lamps with 2x - 3x the power would be better and also not a big investment (e.g.: two X-LIGHT M6000-WRBT II, 6000 lumen each). And of course when two people go UW at the same time, it is always possible to equip one rig with a lens that fits for the projected video... Wolfgang
  11. Good to hear that Belize is open again for vaccinated people... In the meantime there are also guidelines from DAN for the safety of vaccinated divers (but beware and look again before diving, these guidelines are updated as more experience is gained): https://www.daneurope.org/readarticle?p_p_id=web_content_reading&p_p_lifecycle=0&p_p_mode=view&p_p_col_id=column-1&p_p_col_count=1&p_r_p_-1523133153_groupId=10103&p_r_p_-1523133153_articleId=14891675&p_r_p_-1523133153_articleVersion=1.0&p_r_p_-1523133153_articleType=General+Web+Content&p_r_p_-1523133153_commaCategories=NEWS&p_r_p_-1523133153_commaTags=&p_r_p_-1523133153_templateId=5993844&fbclid=IwAR0j_61Kk3nxRM65z32QqrWNx5WGLWSTA61VkvZVpCRp9xREF9NEvZUXjZQ Wolfgang
  12. I am not a technical diver and use regular floats, designed for fishermen nets, for buoancy of the housing from the company below (similar depth rating as the Stix floats, but cost almost nothing). They have also special floats for deep-sea nets at low cost in their program, rated between 400m and 1800m, depending on material. The material can be cutted and holes can be drilled into it. Maybe worth to consider (unfortunately the site is only in German)?: https://engelnetze.com/tiefseeschwimmer Wolfgang
  13. Hi Craig, There was a similar tread recently: The Seaskin suits are made in U.K. and Stuart said shipping to US is no problem. These suits are entirely made ad measure and good quality for relatively low price... Wolfgang
  14. Hi Polyroly, This was the company: https://tauchmaske.de/ustanovka-linz-226 They offer lenses made from glass with special refractive index for high dioptries, +7.5 should work... Only problem is that they are in the EU (there are several other companies here in EU that offer similar service). I guess there are similar companies in Canda and this will be better for you, but I do not know wich... Wolfgang
  15. Masks with pop-out lenses at different strength work only for divers that do not have astigmatism nor prespyobia. I have both and would not like to take different lenses for reading gauges and seeing UW on the two glasses. Here in Europe we have companies that glue optical lenses of all kind into a dive mask: You first select (almost) any mask that fits your face and then they glue the lenses, according to the presciption, into the mask. It is not cheap (approx. 650 Euro for a multifocal mask with correction for shortsightedness plus astigmatism), but it is worth every cent. I can see everything sharp, from gauges to the writing on the backscreen of the camera and also at far distance and this completely relaxed.. Wolfgang
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