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  1. This was such a cheap buy for who ever brought it! Lucky!!!
  2. So was able to get an a7iii to try in my housing, luckily someone on this small island im living on brought an a7iii and was nice enough to let me man handle it to see if it would work! The shutter button can be pressed and works correctly, the front aperture wont slide or change and the bottom plate would need to be modified to fit... If you where really stuck and where willing to modify the base plate and make some button throw adjustments and possibly modify them it could be done, but check for your self I don't want anyone buying an a7iii to try fit it in their a7ii housing I'm opting for buying the A7Rii instead as im sure it fits trouble free.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm a ikelite owner and been trying to find out an exact answer... Obviously ikelite will tell me to upgrade my housing to accomodate the new Sony a7ii but based of looking at photos and the dimensions the new a7iii is only slightly different in size and considering theirs ample room in the housing regardless of the model it shouldn't be an issue. The majority of the buttons should in theory match up with some buttons length or throws needing adjusting... But better yet does anyone here own a a7iii and an older a7ii ikelite housing or had the chance to try it and see what the major change is? I just feel crazy upgrading my camera to a mark 3 and also buying a new housing because 2 buttons don't function! Kind regards, Trent Reid
  4. Since my initial post ikelite has been really good and has replaced the housing and deemed it faulty I'm guessing as the replacement one they let me keep after inspecting the first unit I was using. A lot of the good customer service was from my supplier Digital Diver who sorted out everything for me, even got ikelite to supply them a replacement housing on loan until we found out was was going on with my housing, due to the fact I work as a videographer daily and understood I needed something to be able to work. The loan one ended up becoming my replacement as it fixed all my issues I was having with the setup, since then been pretty happy with the housing no issues and been diving with it for several months. Have now brought a second ikelite housing for my Sony a7 mkii due to great customer service from my supplier and I know if I have any issues they'll get it sorted... I guess that boils down to if you want to buy ikelite or not that it just depends who your buying from and who will be looking after your new purchase if things do go wrong. Down the track I hope to buy a nauticam as its a better commercial designed rugged housing however its twice the price and I couldn't justify buying a double up of domes and ports between the two setups.. Cheers, Trent
  5. yeah thanks for that, seen this it looks like a nauticam led trigger... pretty pricey was hoping to make something DIY but worst case ill be buying one of these butchering it and extending the led's onto wires and place them inside a spare bulk head with a acrylic nut glued in place and mounting the optical cables to that bulkhead nut to capture the flash.... hardest parts being trying to find acrylic bolts that fit the ikelite accessory holes which are 1/2 -20.... might be getting some custom made ones from china if the factory replies....
  6. Thanks for that! photos look great! Think I'm pretty sold on buying these strobes, only issue is getting them hooked up with an ikelite housing so venturing into a DIY led trigger setup fingers crossed it all goes to plan!
  7. Thanks again for the replys, will read those forum posts been reading along with people on Hedwigs mini led setup for the hot shoe and trying to find someone who still makes them as a led correctly positioned seems to be the way to go and a less messy of a setup.... I was even thinking of having the whole bulk head replaced with the correct one needed to install that optical tube thingy there for being able to position it where needed but the glue on block seems easier and if this all really doesn't work that well removing it is simple... I know I can buy the parts needed to setup an internal flash practically anywhere in the housing, making it an led one is a different story.... I've stumbled across this and its nearly worth the purchase if it works correctly since the price I'm getting on the strobes is so darn cheap! but it's a lot to fork out for something I could try DIY like the led's people have made for a lot cheaper! http://trt-electronics.com/#features I even found this that could be super handy if used with something like hedwigs setup to run it ? only issue is finding out what port / thread size it is.... or could I not buy my own acrylic nut that fits the ikelite thread and size to fit this and partly drill it out which looks like what they've done ? http://trt-electronics.com/product/led-window-house-without-built-window/
  8. hoping to get one of these from you hedwig, have emailed you at both your emails fingers crossed your still making them!
  9. how did this all progress along I'm in the same boat with an ikelite housing and looking at optical triggered strobes the only thing is the new ikelite housings are no longer fully clear and I'm having to mount something on a hot shoe extension cable to somewhere not on the front of the camera like a popup flash would be....
  10. I'm thinking the thread side will be an issue but possibly can have the hole re-drilled so long as its larger then the size I've currently got not smaller otherwise I'll go with the other option of gluing a optical port block on the back clear door and addressing the issue that way... How is one to learn without asking questions the more you learn the higher chances of success! I'm just after manual strobe triggering as that's what I prefer to learn at the moment plus the strobes do have a form of learning which you can adjust on the strobe not as good as TTL but have heard it functions quite well. This is why I'm thinking if hot shoe leds seem a bit of a hassle I may just use an actual hot shoe flash which is the same as a pop up flash that should get the job done but obviously more of a battery drain however my battery's last a full dive even filming and I've got several which I change after every dive anyway.... thanks for the reply though and have read that forum post too!
  11. Thanks for the reply TimG, yeah the overall cost to get those part's to give it a shot will be pretty cheap its just the fact of buying the lights and if it doesn't only having video lights! I've never owned optical run strobes so I'm wondering how sensitive they'll be to capturing the correct amount of light or flash thats required to make them operate correctly. Hopefully someone else chimes in shortly cheers!
  12. https://www.instagram.com/tjr.photos/is me or @tjr.photos practically only underwater stuff, mainly photos and some footage trying to post daily as I live and work on The Great Barrier reef as a trip videographer!
  13. so beautiful your work! how many dives does it take you to collect a series of shots like this? I feel like it'd take me a whole 60min dive to capture one subject like this the time to setup the camera in position etc
  14. still not even one reply ? surely someone has basic optical strobe knowledge that could lend me some! I'm hoping to pick the strobes up in a few days when I'm visiting the mainland and this will be the only chance I have for a few months so hoping someone can chime in.....
  15. How you finding the lights im thinking of buying them for my sony a7ii setup ? and photos you could post up ?
  16. looking at getting the same strobes for my Sony a7ii setup for the fact of strobes and video lights in a cheap affordable package, let me know how you go!
  17. Hey everyone, I currently own a Sony a7 mk ii in an ikelite housing. I'm looking at purchasing some strobes and realise that at this point and time ikelite housings only support the usage of sync cables with the bulkhead installed in the ikelite housing. I'm wondering if my idea below will work or if it's totally flawed ? I'm looking to purchase two I-Dive Symbiosis S2 strobe / video lights reason being is I'm getting extremely good prices for these through my local supplier, 2 of the units for basically the price of one ikelite strobe. The I-Dive symbiosis S2's however are optical strobes and my housing is not however I feel like I may be able to set it up the allow me to use these strobes.... I'm thinking of installing a hot shoe extension cable to allow me to mount a led or small micro flash somewhere inside of the ikelite housing like this one below: installing a small led or flash to the end of this mounted somewhere in the ikelite housing, now the new ikelite housings are not all fully clear but the back door is and preferably it'd be best to not have a flash firing off towards your face when diving so thinking if I removed one of the top bulk heads there's 3 i potentially could use to mount this and have the flash / leds directly under it or towards it as needed... basically this is all an optical port is on nauticam/aquatica housings right ? what potentially could go wrong with a setup like this ? another option would be using an optical block to mount the strobes cables to like below potentially i may need to make and internal blacked out hood / bay for the flash to be in to stop any scatter from going around inside the housing and potentially bouncing off the dome port into the lens however i feel like this could be an easy fix.. feel free to shoot down my stupidity with this setup as I'm totally new to strobe setups this will be my first... I understand I wont be getting any TTL but for the price I'm paying for the strobes/video lights and the fact I'll be force manually learning strobes I don't see this as a big issue. many thanks, Trent Reid
  18. Thanks for the reply phil, happy to hear you sold your housing! However thats all I'm really after as I've got the camera and lenses etc already just trying to find a housing a bit cheaper then retail, looks like I might just be stuck with ikelite for now then !
  19. Hey everyone, Just about to purchase a new ikelite housing for my Sony A7 mk ii as the new price tag of a nauticam is a bit out of my price range, however after having a look on here at a few sales I've missed on Nauticam housings I might be in the market for a second hand one. If anyones interested in selling just their housing or with a dome to suit the 16-35mm feel free to drop a reply here, PM or better yet email me at trent(at)tjrphotos.com Also located in Australia if that helps anyone's sale choices. Cheers Trent
  20. Thanks ! still super new to flying drones myself, this is probably the 10th actual flight I've done with it. I've found that just flying in straight lines works best, as the footage ends up looking quite average if you make movements too sudden. I'm still trying to master slight pans and adjustments which I guess once you get better at you can begin to combine with the straight flying! I'd say is quite a quick learning curve so don't let that set you back from buying one
  21. I've got a Phantom 3 Standard and only had it for a short time, brought it with the intention of shooting aerials out over the reef to compliment the daily dive footage I shoot for customers that are on our resort boat... A little more flying practice and I'll bring it out just nervous about launching it off a boat and landing it back on it with a boat full of guest's on board too https://vimeo.com/207546222
  22. I wish I had the money for an a7s model but unfortunately shooting with just a a7 mk ii underwater at the moment, still having a lot of the same issues with WB etc though but have found that if I shoot in the auto underwater mode and then push right to get into the kelvin setting of it and adjust it based on depth adding more magenta it seem's too come out the best, still not great though. I then usually try to colour correct it in premiere which does an alright job depending on the scene... yet to figure out davinci properly though which will take some learning.
  23. watched this the other day on netflix australia didn't know it was shot and done by a wetpixel member ! great work mate
  24. Can i get individual prices for just the Nauticam Housing, a price for the 16-35mm port and 90mm port if your willing to separate ? cheers, Trent
  25. Sent a pm regarding the housing... already own a A7 II wish I could afford the S though
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