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  1. Hey everyone, Looking to upgrade from my ikelite housing to a Nauticam after having a play with a friends.... Just wondering if anyone is wanting to sell their housing, ports for 16-35mm sony lens ? Feel free to contact me via this post, pm. Thanks, Trent
  2. What currency is your pricing in ? can't seem to find your location ? Am interested in most of the housing parts....
  3. Just been looking into this as I've recently got a Sony a7 mk ii might shoot some LOG footage and have a play with it underwater and see what I think, I purchased a PDF which is basically just some settings for a picture profile as to try get Canon colours from Andrew's site and found it an absolute waste... maybe I'm not doing something correctly but even on land all my colours don't seem right it makes it worse then the original sony colours and from my understanding Andrew say's you don't need to grade it but his footage his got on his site definitely isn't straight out of the camera like his saying.. I'm a bit sceptical.....
  4. It does have a lip that the camera mounts up to with the screen however there is a few mm either side of a gap which allows the unit to have a decent amount of play when it comes to alignment... I can't wait to compare the two housings and find out what the actual real issue is here, I'm thinking dodgy bottom base plate or that whole mount is off all together is my bet...... Will come back to you all with my findings in the next few days.... On a side note also brought a mk2 sony a7 so wanting to get another housing in the future for it but don't know if ill be going nauticam or ikelite at this stage depending if this new replacement housing fixes the issues
  5. Awaiting a replacement housing from Ikelite, I think in this instance because I'm working off the mainland Australia on a small resort on an island and unable to leave here to bring it back to my local supplier and need it for work. They've managed to get a replacement housing.... I don't know if at this stage the housing is a full replacement or a loan while I send mine back to ikelite to be accessed... I'm hoping it's a alignment issue with the bottom tray and that this new housing fixes everything, but part of me feel's like its poor designed buttons to begin with, water stays in them and could be fixed by having slots for it to drain from and also maybe stronger springs ? Will keep you posted....
  6. This is the thing, I read of so many people with housings with sticky buttons and issues yet not many fixes... It seems like people just give up and learn to not use buttons or features on their camera's and the manufactures should be doing a better effort to look after their customers!! I'm hoping ikelite will send me out some sort of stronger springs or something I'm trying to source some on my own as well as at the moment ikelite is trying to tell me its a user error and maintenance issue (on a housing 2 weeks old!!) and that they have never heard of people having issues with buttons sticking with one of their most popular sold housings. Comment's back like that from ikelite make me never want to buy or recommend their products to anyone ever again, they damn right know there is button issues with their housings, don't try and pull the wool over my eyes!
  7. Wish I had the budget for a A7RII but unfortunately don't considering how much a new housing would be as I've currently got a a7 & housing.... I was looking at the option of maybe being able to afford a a7II though was mainly concerned about the IBIS and if it does that much being in water...
  8. I'm in this issue at the moment making daily dive videos for clients and trying to find good suitable music to go with it, is Creative Commons music not suited for this style of work ? I thought as long as the artist is given credit at the end of the video that is enough to cover me. Cheers, Trent
  9. Thanks for that reply, this is what I'm kinda tending to think also... I think the option I'm going to choose is another a7 with a 3 axis gimbal to compensate for top side shooting which I believe will make for much smoother footage then IBIS and then just do my best with my movements underwater
  10. No one else ever had ikelite issues or keen to shed some light ?
  11. This is almost what I need done to mine, I've got a sony a7 housing from ikelite doing the same issue but there refusing to acknowledge the issue ! Will send a screen shot of your post's to them. What did they charge for this service as it's happening to my housing which is brand new ! Thanks, Trent
  12. Will do ! Yeah it's not great to be experiencing these issues 2 weeks into owning the housing, if they don't get sorted I'd like to hope ikelite would offer a full refund on their faulty product... I feel as though this is just a rushed housing design with ikelite trying to get onto the Sony a7 market when it was released and non of the issues solved.... I've thought about cutting the length of the record button so it doesn't have the chance to be depressed so much it slips past the record button on the camera and jam's with the side of the camera body just enough to begin the record button function which might fix that issue. The sticky buttons seems like a fault on ikelites part, possibly needing stronger springs ? The f-stop scroller seem's to make better contact with the camera being in the tray marked for Sony A7r & s models so I'm going to try it today whilst at work to see if maybe its been incorrectly marked or something ? Oh joys ! especially when it's being used work related and it needs to work ! Cheers, Trent
  13. Evening everyone, I've got a few questions for anyone who owns a ikelite sony a7 housing, I don't know if the mk ii has the same issues so it may be a question for the original a7 users Problems listed below: 1. F-Stop scroller issues My f-stop scroller does not work if the camera becomes slightly twisted on the bottom mounting plate to the camera, if it makes no contact with the camera's f-stop scroller I'm needing to wedge a small piece of cardboard between the screen of the 7 and the plate it mounts to to make sure the right side of the camera is pushed more forward whilst sitting in the tray and mounted so the scroller actually makes contact with the ikelite rubber control. I feel like this might be a poorly designed bottom plate maybe from factory its not been made to its normal exact specs and there for makes the camera placement off when placed inside the housing ? I've also double checked and I am using the appropriate a7 bottom tray not the a7r or a7s tray, but for a stab in the dark have tried the other tray to see if its any better. 2. Buttons get stuck All my buttons have the potential to get stuck whilst under pressure at depth, I've had any of the 5 main control buttons jam in and stay stuck for the entire dive until my housing is opened and pressure released. Have tried replacing the springs / using a service kit on the buttons with no changes to the operation of them. This happens usually at depth's deeper then 5 meters deep. 3. Record button getting jammed beside camera body I've have on multiple times pushed the button that's meant to make connection with the record button on the right side of the A7 slip past the camera and become jammed along side the camera body, unable to get it to retract once this happens. If I'm not super super careful pushing the button in to begin recording, and being primarily a videographer for work at the moment this is super annoying and can completely ruin my dive and chance of getting clients footage for the day. Have tried other shaped rubber ends on the connection to try stop it but so far all has made it worse and more easily jam beside the camera body. I'm in talk's with my supplier who is relaying with ikelite at the moment and there been very good in trying to solve these issues but I thought I'd call upon the community for some extra assistance. If these issues are not solved I'll be looking to find out ikelites refund policy's as these issues aren't small problems they completely stop you from using the camera. The housings literally done around 10 dives and these issues have been with the housing since day one. A great start to my first underwater housing....... Thanks everyone, Trent
  14. TimG, that's good to hear ! I know what you mean, trying to focus on shooting customers and every first dip into the water with it is a nervous one thinking is this the time something goes wrong ! I've got a reply from both of the company's and going to go with the Vividhousings model which seems to be the nicer of the two. I bit of peace of mind at least when I'm in a mad rush on the boat to get ready to enter the water, exactly what everyone say's not to be when preparing a UW housing haha !
  15. My passion is photography, but I'm a dive instructor doing videography for work.... Keeps me in front of the lens even whilst at work ! Currently got a ikelite housing which I brought for my partners a7 but trying to make my mind up to either get another a7 for my self and that saves me having to fork out for another complete housing or getting a mk2 a7 for the IBIS or buying a gimbal for the a7 when shooting on land.... It's looking like the gimbal out powers any lens or IBIS there is to offer at the moment so I'm leaning towards buying another a7 which are on sale at the moment and I'm good to go, just wanted someone else's opinion who's maybe used IBIS filming underwater Thanks for the reply though have considered GH camera's but again its 4/3 format which I hated with my olympus omd I owned...
  16. Hello everyone, Just a question for anyone that has any new line of mirrorless camera that has in body stabilization on the sensor.... I am currently using my partners Sony a7 and I have had a Olympus OMD-EM mk ii in the past but recently sold it looking to also buy my self a Sony. I'm quite familiar with how smooth the axis stabilization was on land with the EM5 but never had the chance to shoot with it under water. From my understanding the stabilization will help a lot in underwater photography allowing the user to gain a few extra stops but my main question is how well does this system work making smooth nice video footage when shooting video underwater ? Has anyone noticed much difference whilst shooting video if they have it in body or not ? My main reason is that I'm shooting video underwater most days for work as a videographer for our customers on the day boat and am trying to decide if I should bother purchasing a Sony a7 mk2 to get the in body stabilization or not..... It's quite a price hike up, and then a new housing would need to be purchased so does anyone see it as a worth while upgrade if primarily shooting video, I'd love to be able to purchase a a7s but it's out of my budget. Reason I'm asking this is Sony's cash back at the moment makes the base model a7 able to be purchased new for $860 AUD which is dirt cheap, I also wouldn't need to fork out another $2k for a housing for the mk 2 upgrade and I was considering then purchasing a gimbal for shooting smooth footage on land. Thanks for anyones opinions or feedback ! Cheers, Trent
  17. I moved from my Olympus OMD-EM 5 mk ii to a Sony A7 and a lot more happy in the full frame format and with some extra mega pixels for times when cropping is necessary. Really liked my Olympus camera besides the poor grip the EM5 has but hated the format of 4:3 since I like to generally shoot closer to 16:9 and I found I was loosing out too much pixels when cropping to an image size I found more pleasing to my eye...
  18. I'm trying to get in contact with both of these company's in a hope to order a leak sentinel for my ikelite sony a7 housing, since I'm diving every day and using the housing and camera for work I'm hoping this will give me some sort of peace of mind. However i feel as though because I'm in the water every day my fear of a leak which everyone seems to get bitten by eventually is coming up faster then it does for other people!
  19. I too am shooting with the sony a7 and getting it to WB is driving me insane, bit of a newbie when it comes to underwater shooting. Have tried to MWB to a slate, hand, sand and nothing works well. From what I'm reading people are saying its best to get a magic filter then also MWB if I'm correct ? or getting specific coloured slates like in the link to the PDF posted and use them ? Does the MWB not have to be white to make it correctly WB ? Cheers, Trent
  20. Trent from Australia, currently living and working on the Great Barrier Reef at Lizard Island Resort. Currently taking on my first professional job as a videographer/photographer here on the resort. Previously a PADI Instructor in Indonesia, Dive master in Malaysia & Phillipines. Shooting on a Sony a7 + Ikelite housing, natural lighting at the moment. Have joined the forums hoping to gain some knowledge from the experienced shooters on here and hopefully share some of my work if it's good enough to make it on here with everyone else ! Take care everyone, Trent
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