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  1. Nice! If you got those great photos from one day on the water then it really gives me hope of capturing something memorable, too! Thanks for the warning about limiting in divers int the water. I can be patient, and actually nice to hear that they keep the animals' welfare a priority.
  2. Thanks for the tip. We are renting 8mm "semi-dry" suits, which I am guessing are just wetsuits with gaskets at the face, wrists, and ankles, but have no inflator functions. There is the option of a regular 7mm wetsuit. I get cold easily so am opting for the heavier option.
  3. Wow, if I can get a shot anything close to what you have as your profile pic, I'll be very pleased! And, thanks for the tip. The zoom I was thinking of getting is super wide at 9-18mm, but really I think I'll be sticking with the 8mm fisheye, which I've read is ideal for very large animals like whale sharks, mantas, humpbacks, etc. I am also assuming there is no use for strobes. Would you agree? I've read that we may just miss the puffins by a week or so, since we'll be there 2nd week of August. I will inquire about Lunga island, though. I know Fingal's Cave on Staffa is on the agenda, which looks gorgeous.
  4. Thanks for the responses. I also heard back from the tour company and they also recommended two cameras:
  5. Thanks for the response. I don't have two of the same body, but I do now have two of the same system: Olympus EPL-1 with Oly UW housing and a recently acquired E-M1. They plan all along was to bring two cameras on the trip, partially for the above-mentioned basking shark scenario, but also because the ol' E-PL1, while still competent for UW work (with strobes), is lousy for topside photography (no VF, noisy older sensor, lack of dials and direct controls). The E-M1, on the other hand is a complete joy to shoot. However, that plan is now unsettled as I just snagged an inescapably good deal on an Olympus PT-EP11 housing for the E-M1 ($700 new cond!). So, now I have the potential to take one camera, and it would be an upgrade for UW shooting. I was just hoping to get some insight from other shooters who have been on tours like this.
  6. Hi, I'll be on a 3-day basking shark trip in August and am looking for tips on photography. I'm planning to utilize the 8mm fisheye on my Olympus setup for majority of the UW work, as it's the widest lens I've got. I assume the 14-42 zoom would not be sufficient in capturing these big beauties. However, would it be advantageous to acquire a wide-angle zoom like the 9-18? Also, I've never done a tour like this. I am considering bringing two cameras, one at the ready, loaded in housing, to go overboard with when something awesome swims by the boat, and a second body with a long telephoto to capture breaching animals and such while in the boat. Does that make sense or will I not be frantically switching between topside and underwater subjects? Packing light is a goal as this is part of a larger Scotland/England trip, so if I can get by with one camera to use that would be a big plus.
  7. Hi, I've only recently acquired the 60mm macro lens and am planning to use it of the first time in a couple weeks on Catalina Island (hopefully there will be nudis!), hence my interest in this topic. Can I ask what AF point/target arrangement you tend to use and if you've tried mixing that up, such as limiting the camera to a single center point versus using an AF grid? Also, this might be too subjective, but what's a good aperture range to plan for to shoot nudibranchs and small fish with the 60mm?
  8. I'm in a similar position: have EPL1, invested in the system the recent acquisition of 8mm FE and mini-dome, and trying to determine when and what to upgrade to. FWIW, I read a review of the E-PL8 a while back (dpreview or imaging resource) and the conclusion was that if you have the 7, the upgrade is definitely not worth it. At present I'm hoping to hold out another year and get a EM-1 II after a presumed price drop. I like that the newest Oly housing has a deeper depth rating (196ft / 60m), and that it's just the best 4/3 imaging available so should keep me from needing to upgrade again for a long time. That said, if this camera was only for UW duty, I'd probably jump on the best bundle deal I could find on E-PL7 or EM5. However, I'm planning on my next Oly body to be my main camera, UW and topside (and selling off my Pentax SLR kit). That means I could actually make use of the significant capabilities of the latest OMD cameras in a way I'm not likely to under water: high-res shot mode, super-fast seq. shooting, and an electronic viewfinder.
  9. New member here and I'd like to share my journey and commitment to M4/3 as I found Draq's question interesting. I chose Olympus M4/3 shortly after getting OW certified in 2013. I'd long been a photography enthusiast and had only recently dropped my Canon kit and started over with Pentax K-5, which I still think is a terrific camera for my needs: compact (for an SLR), weather-sealed, in-body IS--Canon had nothing like it and neither did Nikon. Anyway, I looked into what it would take to put it underwater. Ikelite briefly made a housing for K5, but when I looked at the price of that, plus the price of their strobes, and that sync cables just looked like more potential flood failure points to me*, I started looking elsewhere (also I just wasn't sure I wanted a rig that big as a beginner diver). I wanted the best bang for buck for sensor size, and I didn't want anything two large, and at the time, going fiber optic for strobe sync seemed a no-brainer for cost and reliability. Then, BAM!, I found a closeout package deal on, iirc, Adorama: Pen E-PL1, kit lens, and Oly PT01 housing for $500! I've been building onto that system ever since. Now, since I am shooting a camera that was an old model even when I bought it in 2013, I recently went through a huge research slog to decide if I wanted to invest further in the setup or if I should plan to jump ship to Sony or another mirrorless format when it's time to upgrade. Well, I decided to stick with it and bought the Pany fisheye and matching AOI dome port for my recent trip to Bonaire. I don't get to dive often enough to justify a huge expenditure on gear (two trips a year, currently, and I live in the midwest), so I wouldn't have spent another $1200 on this setup if I didn't plan to stick with it. The announcement of the E-M1 MkII helped keep me on board. Also, I really like the Oly housings and mine has been very dependable. The biggest shortcoming I had with it was the depth rating limited to 150 ft. Places like Truk Lagoon are on my bucket list, so I was relieved to see the newest OMD housing is rated to 60m. Right now I'm thinking in a year, hopefully with a price drop, I'll upgrade to the E-M1 II, with oly housing, and it will also replace my Pentax K7 and be the only camera system I use, UW and topside. It didn't hurt that Oly just introduced some great new glass. So anyway, from the frugal end of the spectrum, I can say Olympus still offers a great value to anyone wanting to be a serious underwater photographer, and with their recent lens and camera offerings, I have confidence it sticking with them. *At this point I'm well aware of the advantages of the electronic flash syncing, but I'm still glad that's several o-rings I don't have to worry about.
  10. Hello, I'm from Cincinnati, OH and am new to this forum. I've been diving only since 2013 and got into UW photography almost immediately as it's long been a topside activity for me and the things to see underwater are too amazing and beautiful to not want to capture and share. My interests in subjects is increasingly shifting toward megafauna: being in the water with big animals: sharks, mantas, dolphins, turtles, goliath grouper, etc. I can't get enough of it!. I also enjoy wrecks, reefs, and muck, and any life that abounds there, though I'm not currently set up to do quality macro photography. Cheers.
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