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  1. I have been told that it is not ideal to dive the Red Sea during the winter, so I need a recommendation outside the Caribbean for a dive vacation over the New Years holiday. After diving in Sharm this past summer I don't want to return to the Caribbean. The Red Sea was marvelous. Is there a place comparable to the Red Sea that has great diving during late December? Is the winter a good time to go to Wakatobi? Can you recommend a specific resort or liveaboard? Price does not play an important role in my choice. Thanks, John
  2. Some Sharm resorts boast of a "house reef." I am planning my first dive vacation to Sharm in 20 days and I am looking for the right resort. Are any of these house reefs similar in access as is the mainstay in Bonaire? I am in search of a luxury resort in Sharm, and I am overwhelmed by the number of choices. John
  3. I’ll be in Israel for a month starting mid-August and I am planning to spend a couple of weeks diving in Sharm. Is there a competent Israeli travel agent thoroughly familiar with Sharm hotels and dive operators who can get me there in one piece? I am a US citizen and I am getting my Egyptian visa in the next couple of days. Thanks.
  4. I have the Canon 20D with an Aquatica housing, along with a Canon 10-22 and 60 Macro. I am thinking about purchasing a fisheye. Will the Canon make a significant difference in my wide angel shots? Tom
  5. In the past I stayed at Captain Don's on two trips, and I am planning to go back to Bonaire in mid-July. Is there a better house reef or resort in Bonaire than Captain Don's? I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom and ease of diving at Captain Don's (and loved the pizzia), yet I am not sure there isn't something even better. Any suggestions? Tov
  6. I dove just about everywhere I could think of in the Caribbean, but I have never been to Costa Rica. How is the diving in Costa Rica different from places like Belize or Bonaire? Can you recommend a great dive resort in Costa Rica? How do I find which is best? Thanks, T
  7. Are there any reliable online dive travel companies with great dive packages? I just got off for a couple of week in July and I don't know where to go. Any with last minute deals? I’ve dived in the Caribbean extensively, but that’s it. I never dived anywhere else. Thanks! Tov
  8. Arnon, thank you so much for you help. Also, is there a top dive resort in Eilat that you recommend that combines a nice hotel and dive facilities? I checked out your photos on your site and they are amazing. Any info on the livaboard that you recommended and flights to get there would be very helpful. Thanks, Tov
  9. Can you recommend a really nice livaboard in the Red Sea? I plan to go to Israel in mid-August and I would like to hop over to the Sinai for a once-in-a-lifetime livaboard trip. It has to be really comfortable or my girlfriend will not get on. Any suggestions? Tovy
  10. Just don't stay at Beaches!
  11. Can anyone recomend a good dive resort in Israel? I'll be in the Holy Land for a few weeks. Do you have any recomendations? Tov
  12. I just bought a Canon 17-40 F4.0L to use with my Canon 20D. I have an Aquatica housing. Which port am I supposed to use? thanks, Tov
  13. Bonaire is the easiest diving in the world. Personally, I love Catain Don's. However, Romon's Villiage in Belize is fantastic. Bear in mind that the fish are much bigger in Belize, and dive boats often chum the water for great fishy pictures.
  14. I'm going to be in south Florida for 5 days; does anyone know of a great place to spend my time diving?
  15. I am considering to staying at the Palau Pacific Hotel? Is that the best place to stay in Micronesia for diving? What are the currents like? Do you have to hang on to a rope or anchor in order to not be swept away?
  16. I love the Canon 16-35 F2.8 on a Canon 5D and the Canon 100 Macro. The 24-70 F2.8 is really sharp as well, and will enable to have a really wide range without the super wide.
  17. I am planning a big dive trip this summer, and I am considering the highly regarded Palau, Micronesia (perhaps the Palau Pasific resort), or Wakatobi Indonesia. I like easy diving, I prefer to stay out of currents, and I find the shore diving at Wakatobi very appealing. What are these locations like and what are the differences between them? I plan to stay at a resort rather than a live-aboard. What is a better dive destination?
  18. I had the worst experience of my life at Beaches Turks. The place is roach infested, the furniture was falling apart, and the condition of the "resort" was atrocious. The diving was amateurish. I learned a lesson: If a resort doesn’t carry nitrox, they are not serious. Although I booked a nine-day vacation there, I left after three days. Like a fool, I didn’t take the warnings in the review seriously. Sandals Bahamas, on the other hand, is beautiful.
  19. I was close to purchasing a 5D and then when I saw how vulnerable the 20D is to a tiny drop of water, I realized that it wouldn't be a good idea to risk a $3,300 body to the watery dive boat environment. Does anyone know if Canon is planning to come out with a mid-priced, digital weather-sealed SLR body with 12-13 megabytes like the new Nikon D200? Tovia
  20. I have a Canon 20D in a Aquatica housing, and I am toying between the New Canon 24-105 F4L and the Canon 24--70 F2.8 L. Does anyone know if the Canon 24-105 F4L can work in the Aquatica 8†Dome port? Is there a zoom ring for it? I know that I would be giving up some wide shots, yet the versatility of such a lens UW would be mind-bending. I know that the 24-70 F2.8 L is very sharp and would work, but I would love to have the extra focal length to capture those timid fishys. Tovia
  21. I have the exact same setup at you: Aquatica A20 with 60 macro, and my focusing gear works perfectly. Call blake at Aquatica @ 514-737-9481. He is very helpful.
  22. Gosh, I've been using Pelicans for years on airlines with no problems. But these posts are scaring me. I would need a huge travel roller case with a ton of padding in order to dump my Pelicans.
  23. I'm in the US, so I am looking for a diver resort in the Caribbean. A couple of thousend would be ok.
  24. I want to go for about a week to a great dive resort over Christmas but it seems that the prices are through the roof. Does anyone have an idea for a great deal on an awesome dive resort for the last week in December? Tov
  25. I went to B & H today and couldn't stop drooling over the new Canon 5D. The 5D in a aluminum housing, when one comes out, is going to rock. I think that the combination of a huge, easy-to-view 2.5†LCD screen, and the full-frame with nearly 13 MPs makes this new SLR one of the best bodies for UW photography. The only shortfall of the 5D, as I can see it, is it lacks weather or moisture seals. As careful as you try to be with a camera around water, a moisture seal provides peace of mind and may save a dive vacation. Does anyone know when the aluminum housings are coming out for Canon’s new magnificent creature? I’m going to have to take out a second mortgage to pay for this one. Tov
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