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  1. George, never trust a local dive master with your safety. If you miss shots that is fine, but only give the camera the amount of attention that you can spare from your dive. After 1500 dives with a camera I still have never used a teather. Some day if I have an emergency in the water my 10k rig becomes just another ditch-able weight. If you do not have your own dive buddy, the important thing is to make sure that they understand that you do not want to spend your dive taking care of someone else. If this dive master is willing to be your buddy, and help you find subjects and lead you from one to the next while suggesting compositions, that could work out well. There are a lot of people much smarter than I on Wetpixel, but I look at underwater photography like driving while using the cell phone, You have to keep your eye on the road and you have to be willing to hang up or even drop the phone if things start to go wrong. You have to know how much attention you can spare from your driving to your conversation. If the wife calls and wants you to pick up a quart of milk on the way home that's fine. If your accountant calls and needs to go over your taxes line by line, you can not do that while driving safely. Like wise you will see things that you will know will make great photographs but you will lack the skill to execute them with the amount of attention you have available. If you can turn this into a source of inspiration rather than frustration then you could have a lot of fun with this hobby. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If the boat driver is not experienced with photographers who have gear similar to your, try to make sure that he understands how to pick up and set down your camera when you hand it to him from the water. At your safety stop, make sure that all your strobe arms are locked down tight so they do not flop against the boat when you hand the camera out of the water.
  2. With 36 MP we will all need new glass to take advantage of that resolution. Ahhh well first the earthquake and Tsuami in Japan, now this http://www.techradar.com/news/photography-...-closed-1035636 It looks like god does not want us to shoot D800's.
  3. . http://www.bjp-online.com/british-journal-...tory-earthquake If you are shopping for a high end Nikon perhaps you should order now or face delays.
  4. Bridge will display the time along side of the image.
  5. For the Subal D200 to D300 conversion I was quoted $2,300 USD. I just can not justify that even though I have a D300 and like it. I think better to wait one more generation. I hope to see the D700Xs soon.
  6. Eric, I have seen a lot of these at the Giant Clams & Manila Channel dive sites in Sabang Mindoro. The locan dive master said they were Juveniles of the regular adult cuttle fish. I know my classification "regular adult cuttle fish" leaves a lot to be desired. But on occasions I have watched them for 30 minutes or more, and like the color the skin texture seems to be something the fish cuttle fish controls, sometimes the bumps melt into the flesh of the cuttle fish and parts of him become smooth.
  7. GO Science Wins "Ring-Wing" Submarine Contract From Oil Company. Popular Science (9/10, Hsu) reports, "Engineers from GO Science, an engineering firm specializing in aerodynamic robots, have struck a $10 million deal with an unnamed oil company. GO's ring-wing foil concept has applications for aerial vehicles as well, but the startup company has currently focused on undersea flyers." The UK's Register (9/9, Page) reported, "The ring-wing subfoil...is 33 per cent more efficient than the best alternative underwater form factor, and it can easily do an impressive 8 knots on battery power," according to the company. Yet, "this is not the primary reason for the oil biz's interest. Rather, the deal was sealed by GO Science's other flavour of sauce - its autonomous, acoustic-link swarming technology." GO said that "the plan is to deploy a mighty swarm of up to 2,500 Ring Hydro Vessel Agent Under-liquid (RHyVAU) subdroids, which will navigate partially by compass/inertial means and partly using sonic signals emitted both from each other and from a surface reference unit using GPS satnav."
  8. Nope, not a .253 that is a Winchester .243. I bet you can't guess diverdon's other hobby. BTW that is not a chopper but a saw. Don't you love a know-it-all :-)
  9. I don't follow you. I just ordered a D700 with the 14-24mm and the current 70-200 today. VR2 may be an improvement but my understanding is that the current lens is still a fabulous lens. http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/70200vr.htm Do you disagree? I intend the use to be for weddings and portraits, not UW use.
  10. Whatever % you end up with just make sure that your agreement includes the right to audit sales, and that the gallery pays the audit fee if discrepcences beyond a certain amount are found. Call me a cynic.
  11. Researchers Create Camera By Integrating Sensors Into Polymer Fiber. Technology Review(6/17, Greene) reports that "researchers at MIT have integrated a collection of light sensors into polymer fibers, creating a new type of camera" that "could be lightweight, robust, and even foldable." Yoel Fink, "a professor of materials sciences and engineering and the lead researcher on the project," conceded "that the applications aren't yet well defined," but "suggests that such a fiber-based camera could be used in a large foldable telescope or integrated into soldiers' uniforms." The researchers created the camera by integrating "eight semiconducting light sensors into a polymer cylinder with a diameter of 25 millimeters," after which "the polymer cylinder was heated and then stretched so that the diameter shrank the diameter of hundreds of micrometers...retaining the orientation of the sensors."
  12. I think lazy police are the rule everywhere, it is too bad because they effectively enable this kind of theft by refusing to do their job. Suppose a surgeon refused to operate on a cancer because it was not big enough? Any gardener can tell you it is easiest to pull small weeds. Still, I just posted this as a warning to be careful, so I apologize for the harague.
  13. The heavier it is the tougher and more damage tolerant it will be. With regard to the Alcan Baltec product I use even the light stuff is very tough.
  14. One of my companys uses a lot of a closed cell, cross-linked polymer foam like this made by Alcan Baltec http://www.baltek.com/alcan/acsites.nsf/pa...4&type=.htm. It is not cheap prices vari from $2-10 per board foot. When ordered in industrial quantities. This foam comes in large blocks and we saw it up and laminate skins onto it to make panels at www.cattcousa.com
  15. You ask a very good question. This is one of the things I struggle with, especially how much and how to sharpen microstock images. Is it better to sharpen in the raw file converter or with the smart sharpen function or with a after market Photoshop plugin?
  16. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124269141246132667.html.html Start-Up Unveils Memory-Chip Alternative. The Wall Street Journal (5/19, B4, Clark) reports, "After seven years of labor in secrecy, a Silicon Valley start-up is disclosing one of the most radical efforts yet to replace today's memory chips." Unity Semiconductor Corp. hopes to "provide an alternative to chips known as NAND flash memory, which are a mainstay of products such as digital cameras and Apple Inc.'s iPod music player." The company says its "technology can store four times the amount of data as NAND chips of the same size, and record data five to ten times faster." Unity Chief Executive Darrell Rinerson, formerly an "executive at memory chip specialist Micron Technology Inc., said Unity hopes to forge a partnership with an existing memory chip maker, but didn't disclose a candidate." Unity expects "by mid-2011 to offer a commercial chip that stores 64 gigabits -- about twice the capacity of the most advanced NAND chips on the market now." But the company "faces many hurdles, including proving it can churn out chips at competitive prices."
  17. http://www.millerslab.com I really like the big prints I get made at Millers, good quality and fast reliable service. Not the cheapest but sometimes they have a sale and I tend to print in batches so a lot of times I will get a lot of stuff ready to print then wait for a sale.
  18. To print large size high resolution photo many people use plugins like Genuine Fractals from OnOne software. OnOne developed the underlying math to resize images 600-800% under contract for NASA. If you are interested free trials can be downloaded from their website. If you want to buy it you can usually get a discount if you are a NAPP member.
  19. What James said is 100% Correct. The cooler and dryer your stuff is when you assemble it the better off you will be. If you get some condensation on the housing after you leave the room with the unit already assembled I see no harm in that it will go away when the unit warms. Certainly when you put it in the water it will no longer be a problem.
  20. Bridge CS3 worked fine on my laptop. I wonder why it does not work for you.
  21. I believe this is a Hawks bill---am I correct---I was just wondering what the claw was for.
  22. I like a hooded vest, Henderson Hyper Stretch is the best I have found so far.
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