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  1. These look to me like they may have been shot (if using a slr) around f8. I would stop down to a smaller aperture to get a better depth of field. JMHO
  2. RGB can represent brighter colors than CMYK this is why you often get that annoying “out of gamut” warning when converting to CMYK. Unless a particular version of an image is going to be only used in magazines and books I would save it in RGB. JMHO
  3. Yep, that is a trumpetfish. The juveniles can be small enough to be mistaken for pipefish.
  4. Alex, It would be worth the price of a new D3x in a Subal housing to me to be able to organize my thoughts and put them down on paper as well as you do. I learned so much from reading your post, that I feel a debt of gratitude to you. My next order from Amazon will include at least one of your books. Thank you, Don
  5. Great Shots Frank! I especially like the Nembrotha kubaryana mating. I also like the ease of using your website and the way each picture has a caption. Thanks for shareing.
  6. This was a great book, I highly recommend it to any one diving where there are nudi's.
  7. I only did three dives with them, but I did like Neptune and I will use them again next trip. 20 meter Banca dive boat, good boatmen, good divemasters. http://www.neptunediving.com/neptune/index.jsp
  8. Moalboal has some great walls. The near by island is also very nice. I also plan to spend at least a week there next trip. I wish I knew a good (but cheap) place to stay.
  9. I just got back from doing 201 dives in Puerto Galera/Sabang I have a million hours of work to do to get the pictures ready for listing with the stock agency's. I have been batch processing/down resing for eight solid hours right now. Got about 40 folders of pics done today, many many more to go. Then the marathon photoshop sessions start. Thank God I got all the key wording and indexing done in between dives. El Galleon is kind of an upscale resort, you probably will like it there. If I were to stay at an upscale resort I would probably pick Mermaid. El Galleon people seem to dive with Asia divers. I do not really want to complain about Asia divers on the board, but I did 10 dives with them a few years back and I was less than 100% happy and did not go back to them. This trip I did all 201 of my Sabang dives with South Sea Divers. www.southseadivers.com I like them a lot. The owner Sky is a friendly expat Texan. The one dive master Amil has the best "critter eyes" of any one I have ever dove with. The other dive master Jack---excuse the spelling and grammer but I will paste the rough draft of a story I wrote to eventually put on my website below. South Seas Divers is cheaper than most other dive shops, I prefer to stay at less expensive places for longer stays. Cherry, the office girl can help make reservations in almost any price range, at different small hotels in the area. I do hope to do a longer trip report some day--- but right now---way too much on my plate.
  10. There is quite a long sequence of events involved in this story. It likely goes beyond my ability to tell it all and do justice to all parties involved. But I made the initial post so to be fair I have to give it a go. 1) I came across the use of my image and reacted by making the post on wet pixel. 2) Upon further reflection I was still a bit upset about the use on my image but also perhaps a little flattered. I took a look at the Get Wet Asia site and they seemed ok. Then I found that I had some mutual acquaintances who knew Martyn at least a little bit and they thought he seemed a stand up guy. 3) I contacted Martyn via email and a social exchange followed. Martyn added my name as a photo credit to his web site. And we seemed on track to resolve the issue with no ruffled feathers on either party. 4) Martyn came across my post on wet-pixel and became quite upset by my use of the phrase “www.getwet-asia.com STOLE MY PICTURE” 5) I had a phone discussion with Martyn, and I agreed to ask the admin of Wet Pixel to remove the thread. Martyn stated that he preferred this to my making a subsequent post that we were working toward a resolution. 6) The time which I was allowed to edit the post had passed. Last night I made the request in item (5) to wetpixel admin using the help/contact us feature. 7) I wish that I had used less inflammatory languge in my wetpixel post but the image used was mine, how it came to be in Martyns hard drive I can not answer. I know that most Wet Pixel members would have handled this more wisely than I did. I do not know how the image came into your possession. That it is cropped more tightly than the image on my website does not make it a different image. Yes I did agree to ask wet pixel admin to remove the thread, and I sent you a copy of the message I sent to wet pixel asking them to do so. Thank you for removing the image, I guess that is for the best at this point.
  11. I emailed Ikelite about this and they offered to send replacement parts here to me in the Philippines. I guess thats pretty good service after all.
  12. I got a spam from http://www.getwet-asia.com , and when I clicked on the link I found that they were using one of my pictures on the front page of their website and that they are claiming to own the copyright. If you click the link www.getwet-asia.com you go to a pic of a whale shark for about two seconds before you get redirected to their main content. This is my picture. It is on my website, http://www.uwworld.com/Eel%20&%20Shark...Shark%2012.html What really kind of irks me is that if you look at the bottom of the page they are claiming the copyright for GetWet-Asia.com So I went to godaddy and looked up the owner of GetWet-Asia.com Please note: the registrant of the domain name is specified in the "registrant" field. In most cases, GoDaddy.com, Inc. is not the registrant of domain names listed in this database. Registrant: Bernarditha Willes 28 Calcutta Street Merville Park Paranaque, Metro Manila 1700 Philippines Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com) Domain Name: GETWET-ASIA.COM Created on: 30-Nov-08 Expires on: 30-Nov-09 Last Updated on: 03-Dec-08 Administrative Contact: Willes, Bernarditha debeenterprise@gmail.com 28 Calcutta Street Merville Park Paranaque, Metro Manila 1700 Philippines 639178379793 Technical Contact: Willes, Bernarditha debeenterprise@gmail.com 28 Calcutta Street Merville Park Paranaque, Metro Manila 1700 Philippines 639178379793 Domain servers in listed order: NS.MYCAM-ASIA.TV NS1.MYCAM-ASIA.TV NS2.MYCAM-ASIA.TV Registry Status: clientDeleteProhibited Registry Status: clientRenewProhibited Registry Status: clientTransferProhibited Registry Status: clientUpdateProhibited
  13. And now the rest of the rest of the story, --- Here I am in the Philippines 50 dives into a 200 dive trip. The repaired Ikelite DS-125 has been handled very gently, I have recharged it about 20 times. This morning the locking lugs they repaired less than 60 days ago just snapped off when I was reinstalling the battery. Thanks a lot Ikelite.
  14. My Fiance built this dreamweaver site for me. www.uwworld.com I am quite happy with it. She is in the process of transitioning to a career in web design/Adobe Creative suite. It is a lot more work to add pictures than I would like it to be. Thus the website is a bit more static than I would like. But I like the layout and functionality. Some of the images are linked from flickr and some of them are self hosted.
  15. And now the rest of the story. Today an invoice for $100.00 came in the mail. Not a complaint, but the service is no longer worth a delighted post.
  16. I have Dual DS-125's. I do not feel that I have ever missed a picture for lack of power. The additional power would yield very little distance and you color would be falling off. But then I tend to shoot a lot of macro. Still My carry on with the Subal and all I am to terrified to check weighs 40 pounds. I mostly fly NW because of this. Another Pound and I would be over even what they allow.
  17. Preparing for my upcoming trip I had a four year old ttl converted DS-125 where the strobe was intermittent last trip. I also had a newer Ikelite DS-125 while packing for the trip 3 weeks in advance I accidentally broke the battery compartment locking dogs this flash was over two years old. I packed them up with a letter with my credit card on it and a plea not to hurt me any more than necessary. Got them both back with completed repairs today. Total bill: No Charge I thought that was pretty nice of them.
  18. Nikon ready for another news 22 oktober October Here is another way cool Nikon which could be coming up. Nikon 41-Megapixel MX Format Sensor for Digital Rangefinder? Just a couple of cool rumors to keep us amused. My perspective is that we have been keep waiting a long time and what ever they come out with next better be a world beater or it will be a disappointment.
  19. Rotflmao I happen to be from the other side of the political spectrum. Ms. Pelosi reminds me of fingernails on a chalkboard. I can think of no constructive thing that she has ever done. Still I must agree with your observation that the nominees of each party are quite the worst of their respective parties. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now in addition to all previous sins, it appears that she is responsible for defeat of this necessary measure. "Immediately after the vote, many House members appeared stunned. Some Republicans blamed Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, for a speech before the vote that disdained President Bush’s economic policies, and did so, in the opinion of the speaker’s critics, in too partisan a way." http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/30/business...&ei=5087%0A
  20. Methinks thow art trolling Methinks thow art trolling
  21. I strongly agree with your Ludlum recommendations, alas they are all read long ago. Ken Follett is a little to PC for my taste I did add a Vince Flynn book so that I would have something in that genre.
  22. I put that on the list. Nudibranch's always seemed pretty but boring. Perhaps I just did not know enough.
  23. I did read Shadow Divers I would rate it an ok read. Checking out your Paul Theroux's recomendation I see that he has a good sence of humor as the title essay points out: "Normal, happy, well-balanced individuals seldom become imaginative writers.... So I added one of his to the order. Thanks, Don
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