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  1. I have something against the Thorfin. I spent a week at the mercy of captain Lance & his misbegotten crew once. It's the one of the worst weeks of my life. Lance is an arrogant jerk and the crew are slovenly hostile lagabouts. If this saves future customers from them then it is a good thing.
  2. 6) The Subal housing has 10 penetrations to accommodate 7 camera controls. This is becoming very frustrating! I have a picture to add to this post but the forum will not accept the picture. It is only a 200kb jpeg but I have been tried to add it 10 times. I go to browse and locate the file then click add this attachment or submit post and the browser just goes off to la la land. the address shown in the address bar is http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php? but the entire window remains blank.
  3. I have included much of the same information in the topics introducing the new cameras. I am starting this particular topic to discuss converting the Subal housing for the D200 for use with the D300. Here is what I have noticed, read and surmised so far. 1) It may be necessary to make a new mounting plate to keep the camera properly lined up. 2) The larger screen on the back of the camera has necessitated that the controls be moved towards the perimeter of the camera. 3) For my personal use I would not mind having the screen on the housing back be slightly smaller than the screen on the camera. So, for me, if the Subal D200 housing back can be made to function I would like to use my existing back rather than buying a new back for perhaps half the cost of a new housing. 4) Best of all worlds would be if the back could be switched from the D300 back to the D200 with less than 1 hour in the field. Then we could keep the D200 camera as a spare body for backup use in the field. 5) As I posted on the other threads This morning when I first heard of the D300 into I Got pictures of the D200 and the D300 camera back and in Photoshop I painted the outline of the new display and, the new control locations of the D300 onto the D200 back.
  4. I am a Subal D200 owner. I believe that it should be possible to modify the existing Subal D200 Housing back to accommodate the D300. Adding or rearranging the offset plastic thingies to the required hull penetrations seems simple enough. I painted the new control locations of the D300 onto this pic of a D200 back to give a idea of what I am talking about. The straight push buttons will be easy. The focus mode selector may be a little more complicated, but I think that can be made to work also. What do you think?
  5. I painted the D300 control locations onto a pic of a D200 back. Looking at my Subal D200 housing I believe that the back will be able to be easily modified to accommodate the D300. Based on this theory I plan to order a D300 this week.
  6. Chris I am with you on the food. I stayed there about five years ago and I could barely choke down enough of it to keep up my diving energy. I lost seven pounds in one week and I do not go on vacation to loose weight. I did see my first whale shark while with them. But it was just a quick glimce while snorkleing. Don
  7. I got the answer: Hi Don, If you read the licensing information to which you agreed when installing, you'll see that you are permitted to install the software on two (2) computers, although only one can be running the program at any given time. Install and register on the laptop -- not a problem. Pete NAPP Help Desk
  8. I have a licensed copy of CS2. While I am home I use Photoshop on my windows desktop. I take most of my pictures while I am traveling. I now have a laptop to take with me when I am traveling so that I can get some of my Photoshop work done before I return home. I need to have some way to be able to use Photoshop on my desktop while I am at home and use it on my laptop while I am traveling. I registered my copy of CS2 when I installed it on my desktop. I went to install it on my laptop and I put my serial number in and then the laptop wanted to contact Adobe to register the soft ware. I declined out of fear that would cause some kind of problem. So I only had the 30 day trial on the laptop. Not the trial is expired, and I will be leaving on another trip soon. What do I have to do to be able to use my Photoshop on my PC while I am Home and on my laptop while I am away?
  9. Really great pictures. I also like your web site, what softwear did you use to build it?
  10. Sorry to here about your problem. I had the same thing with my old Oly C-8080. Ike did not get back to me till after my trip was over. Initally they gave me unhelpfull info. finally I just kept experementing with different camera flash settings and it finally started to work. Could also be a bad sync cord or some problem with flash. Is there another photographer you could swap parts with to see if it can be made to work? I am getting ready to buy a housing for my D200. So if you figer out what the problem was let us know. Good luck Diverdon
  11. I knew I was the only one who really read the manual cover to cover. It slides over the eyepiece as you say, and when there it keeps light out of the camera when shooting in the mirror up mode.
  12. littlemermaid- Thanks for the idea I found a derth of info on the L&M website so I emailed them It seems they will not introduce until Dec. Is the view finder removable for transport? No it is not. When will shipments start? Shipments will start in December for orders already placed (we do have a large backorder) How soon can I have this housing? Pending upon when you place an order and the above schedule. What is the weight of the housing? Weight is about 7 lbs.Thanks I am not sure if I can wait that long. Mike- Thanks for the offer. Have you been to Sabang before? If you need any info on the place I have been there five times. Most of the pics I have here were taken in Sabang. http://www.flickr.com/photos/diverdon davichin- That’s a great review of the Hugyfot D200. It looks like a great housing. Have you had any more trouble focusing after you replaced the stripped gears?
  13. pmooney-Thanks, I am in Buffalo New York, your offer is very generous. Now if only you were in Sabang beach Philippines I could take you up on your offer this October. Viz'art-Thanks good to know about the anodes. okuma-I am looking forward to sharing your matrix.
  14. Thanks Marli, Thats a quick check in the Aquatica box. I visited your website, great pics, I assume you use the Aquatica? How do you like the ergonomics compared to other housings?
  15. I just got my new D200, for UW use I plan mostly to use the 10.5mm and the new 105mm VR lens. I also ordered the 18-200mm for topside use. And I got two SB-800’s I plan to put in fantasea housings. http://www.fantasea.com/product_details.asp?id=182 I just love this camera the features are so well organized and easy to use. I bought the Blue Crane DVD to supplement the owner’s manual. If anyone is having trouble learning this camera I recommend that they buy this DVD. Many companies make housings for the D200 a lot of them have their good points. - Sea and Sea housing has a shutter-activated focus light I like the idea and I like the look of the sea and sea housing. - Subal’s port system dose not properly accommodate the 105mmVR lens. Unless they have new gear out which properly accommodates the diameter of this lens I have to pass on the Subal. - The Ikelite is more weight and size than I care to lug around the world for the next five years. - The Seacam is just more than I want to spend - The Aquatica is reasonably priced and seems popular. Questions: 1) Is Sea and Sea’s shutter-activated focus light feature really useful and practical in real life? Can anyone explain how the housing knows when the shutter is partly pressed. What is better this system or having a fisheye focus light? 2) Any known quality or service problems with the Sea and Sea? 3) Any known quality or service problems with the Aquatica? 4) Which of the housings have a zinc anode to prevent corrosion? 6) Any known quality or service problems with the Nexus? 7) Will the macro port and splice in rings of the Sea and Sea properly fit the new 105mm VR lens? 8) Will the macro port and splice in rings of the Aquatica properly fit the new 105mm VR lens? 9) Which of the housings macro port and splice in rings will properly fit the new 105mm VR lens? If you have any reason to consider or stay away from any particular brand please tell me. I have read all the info I can find on the forum but if you think their is something I should consider in a previous topic please provide a link. I am sure their is important info I have failed to find so far. Thanks. All your help will be appreciated.
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