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  1. I looked up the photos of sea spiders, and they looked more..well, spiderish. This thing pivoted its head (that you can see in the photo) and seemed to be looking at me with his two eyes. Plus it seemed to use two of its legs as legs, and two of its legs as arms. Sea spiders may do this too. I appreciate everyone's responses, especially the radioactivity ones...that may explain the extra thumb I grew. Now I can give 2 thumbs up with only one hand.
  2. I took this photo somewhere around North Sulawesi. It was maybe .5 to .75 inches.
  3. Do you still have the camera and extras? Reply to mortgage1234@hotmail.com
  4. Thanks for all the responses! I've read them all, and followed all of the threads...and the threads within the threads. Here is the list of possibilities that has surfaced so far: Fuji E900 Fuji F11 Olympus SP350 Canon ISUX (seems like a really bad name) Canon A620 Canon S60 or S70 Nikon S3 Coolpix 7900 Is there any camera within this list that you all feel should be ruled out or just a bad feature (i.e. I've read that the Fuji E900 has a really slow RAW)? Is there a camera missing from the list? Thank you all again for taking the time to respond!!
  5. Hello everyone, I have been scuba diving for a couple of years, and am just now able to start going to places with sealife worth taking pictures of. I have taken pictures topside for years with a 35mm SLR as an amateur. Well, I just got back from the Bahamas and found out I wasted a lot of money developing my pictures taken with a cheap 35mm underwater camera. So, I've decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and buy a decent digital camera...so I only have to develop the pictures that turned out great. I have seen some people on the board recommend a couple of different cameras...and I have no preference so far. I know that I do want the ability to shoot in RAW...and I had rather have something that will focus fast. I will never blow anything up bigger than a 8x10. I know I also want at least a 5MP. It would be great if the camera had a lot of expanability. Along with the camera...I would appreciate any recommendations as to a housing. Also, any recommendations for future accessories I should buy in the near future would be a great help. I mainly want to take great pictures to show my family and friends what they are missing underwater. Jonathan Thanks in advance...I
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