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  1. Well, you get the truth from drunks and wet pixelers. Thanks guys. I'm sure I will endure anyway. My (today!) 13-year old daughter will finish her OW certication so that will be exciting enough. And frankly, we didn't have a lot of options as most resorts were sold out during this time frame (like Vilamendhoo), it's bloody Christmas New Years ... The only other realistic option was Bandos island in Male Atoll--only 15-20 minutes from the airport by boat, so I ruled it out on that--and Eriyadu also in the Male Atoll, but on the west side, so December is apparently the wrong monsoon.
  2. To be honest Tim, that sounds pretty horrible. I guess I had the right idea about the Maldives all along. And to be fair to the claim, I think there's some difference between THE best diving and SOME of the best. Well, well ... I'm going there.
  3. Pascal 's the man. Have used Hugyfot since 2009. Always fast reply and quick delivery of spares.
  4. Maldives is a white spot for me, because it has never seemed good value for dive trips. However, I have "found" myself booked on a family trip on the last two weeks of December to Ellaidhoo in North Ari Atoll. Not really a dive trip, but will bring camera anyways. It is supposed to have some of the better diving in the Maldives according to reviews. Has anyone been? What can I expect? Should be ok season wise right? Dive center is Dive & Sail (Alfons Straub?). I have mailed them and asked about photo-facilities.
  5. Thank's Tim. Will google that island. Have you been to any other resorts in the same or other atolls? Would you mind to give a brief comparison? cheets
  6. Thank's for the advice. I know of Kuredu and it is certainly one of the islands I have looked on it has a very good rep. diving wise in Scandinavia (where I'm from). However as you indicate, the house reef might not be on par with the best in the Maldives. And that rules it out. Have you visited any other islands? Maldives seems to be a place which it's really hard to find a general consensus on. In a broader sense, are there any differences between the atolls, diving wise? Or are they all more or less the same? My wife went to Kaninfinolhu in N Male 25 years ago and have always raved about how good it was (only surpassed by Sipadan and the Sudanese Red Sea according to her). Now I understand the 98 El Nino took its toll and that still today, it's not what it was. But some areas were less affected and coral can grow pretty fast under ideal circumstances...
  7. I don't have any experience from the Maldives, so I need some advice. Thinking about bringing my family in the last week of October, when the kids have a school break. Good or bad idea? Shoulder season? Lousy weather? We'll have to resort to a resort. So what would be our best choice atoll-wise, or even resort/island-specific, at that time and to fit our needs? The plan is to get my two girls soon-to-be 10 and 12 Jr-certified, do a photo-story about it and have fun together. They've been to Marsa Shagra/Red Sea a couple of times and tried a little scuba there last summer (bubblemaker?). They've been snorkeling in Thailand too/Andaman Sea and are fairlystrong swimmers for their age. We'd need a place with a great and easily accesible house reef, plus a photo friendly DC. Does it excist? Or are all hose reefs beaten up and El Ninjoed? Advice is welcome. cheers
  8. If you won a trip from a specific boat it's hard to be picky with the itinerary, I guess you have to chose from what they offer. I've dived pretty extensively in both Egypt and Sudan, from liveabaords departing out of both Egyptian ports and Port Sudan. Inmo Sudan generally offers superior diving to anything you can find in Egypt. More diversity, bigger numbers, more big fish and very few divers. But it is less comfortable and more expensive. I'm not updated on the safety right now and you'll have to consult your embassy and others who have been there recently (there are a lot of people who have never been with a lot of opinions). All I can say is that I have never felt unsafe in Port Sudan or Egypt.
  9. Long time ago I was there. Back then we used to fly from Cairo to Port Sudan on Sudan Air. Sometimes delays, once a pretty run-down Yak. But most of the time a fairly modern Airbus.
  10. Hurghada might not be the most adventurous place to dive in the Egyptian Red Sea, but there are a few nice spots, especially if you like wreck diving (Abu Nuhas). The number of divers is a lot less nowadays compared to a couple of years ago due to the recent political turmoil. Don't expect the variety of marine life as you'd find in the Philippines or Sipadan, but much better than the Caribbean, good numbers and lots of color and clear blue water. Good for WA. There are short liveaboards offered in most areas. Also consider Sharm El Sheikh (reached with ferry from Hurghada) or Marsa Ghalib (3 hours south of Hurghada) for a 2-3 day liveaboard. If you can do one week, Brother Islands and Deadalus Reef are the most exciting places inmo. Often crowded nowadays, but still offers world class experiences from time to time. Fall usually is a good time for oceanic white tips around Brother Islands and Elphinstone Reef. Good luck
  11. Wondering about the Hugyfot glass minidome vs the acrylic FE dome for a 10.5 (or 10-17). Anyone used both and care to share their experiences. I have the regular FE dome and it's pretty ugly and soon to be replaced. Thought it might be nice with something smaller. Cheers
  12. They have them year round, which is unique for the place. I've been in November and we had a draft then. Only one "real" dive with mantas in 18 dives and then a few snorkel opportunities with whale sharks on the way to and from the the dive sites. There had been a white shark spotted a week before our visit. I suspect it did scare the mantas away? It was seen once on Manta Reef by Simon Pierce and then once in the surface off Tofinjo. A group of scuba tourists thought it was a whale shark and was just about to jump into the water and snorkel with it when Simon noticed that it wasn't a whale shark and stopped them...
  13. I also have good experience from Hugyfot. I've been shooting with a Hugy / Nikon / Inon combination since 2006 and like it. The housing is well built and nimble to transport with an ergonomic layout that was intuitive to me. The Inon strobes works very well with the Heinrich Weikamp Nikon TTL-adapter. I don't have the hugycheck system as my housing is old, but it sounds like a great idea. I have had very good experience from dealing with the factory in Belgium. My housing have been there for service and I have ordered parts and equipment a couple of times--always prompt service and parts delivered in a few days to my door in Stockholm (where I lived back then--will be moving back soon). good luck
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