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  1. Giglio and Giannutri in Toscana o in Liguria with Haven and Area Protetta Portofino
  2. I'm looking for suggestions about Galapagos. Just a few questions: 1 - Is Feb/Mar a good time? Probably a 2 wk trip 2 - Best company and boat for photographers? 3 - it's possible to rent diving equipments? 4 - Where land trip? n - .......... Thanks for your help
  3. this is my favourite in pool and this from Malesia
  4. I'm looking for a nikon close up lens 6T (62mm, +2.9 diopters)
  5. I am in search of a used seacam p90 port in good condition
  6. For sale: Nikon 60 micro afd 2,8 (300 euro) sigma apo macro 180 hsm if ex (450 euro) for nikon offer on PM
  7. I don't know .... a lot of very very fine shots thanks
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