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  1. New package deal for the gh5 housing and camera body along with extra o rings etc. Was 3000 usd, now 2300! Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  2. Can't update the original post anymore but the lights (#6) and the Subsee +5 (#11) is now also SOLD! New package price on the nauticam gh5 and gh5 body. 3000$ for both of them! Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  3. #7 and #10 SOLD! Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  4. Selling my whole setup, both for wide angle and macro. There is a bunch more stuff than what is in the photos so feel free to ask. I did however put up the most important items and tried labeling them the best I could. Here's a list of the items and prices. I will definitely consider package deals! More pictures can be taken upon request of any item! Prices in EUR, Store prices within "()" All items have been used lightly and been taken very well care of. 1. Gh5 nauticam - 1900 (2300) 2. Gh5 camera body - 1200 (1600) 3. Wwl 1 package with bayonet mount, hard cap and buoyancy collar 1200 - (1500) 4. Nauticam na502 with monitor hood (not in pic) - 1500 (1810) 5. Smallhd 502 monitor - 750 (1050) 6. Scubalamp v6k pro with 4x battery packs - 1400 (2000) 7. Nauticam 70x250mm - 170 (240) --SOLD-- 8. Nauticam 90x170 - 170 (240) 9. Inon lf800n snoot - 200 (250) 10. Subsee +10 - 150 (200) --SOLD-- 11. Subsee +5 - 140 (180) 12. Panasonic 14-42 3.5 - 5.6 mk II for the Wwl 1 comes with 3d printed zoom gea r- 200 (270) 13. Olympus 60mm 2.8 - 550 (700) 14. Panasonic 12-35 2.8 mk1 - 300 (400) 15. Panasonic Leica 12-60 2.8-4.0 - 850 (1100) 16. Nauticam port 65 for Olympus 60mm - 275 (350) 17. Nauticam port 35 for Panasonic 14-42 - 275 (350) Best regards, Jesper. Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks guys, gonna email the serious shops and see what's up. Not a cave diver myself so the cavern part will have to do (thought it was awesome last time) Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  6. A bit of a weird one but I'm heading out to Mexico in a few weeks and will spend some of my time diving the cenotes from Tulum. Im looking for some decent video lights for my dm, to get those nice lit up scenes, the brighter the better! If anyone has any idea where I could look I'd appreciate it! Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  7. I haven’t been to cendrawasih but in triton u have a lot of good macro mixed with wide, I don’t think you would be disappointed. I was there 2019 in February.
  8. Right! Guess I was more sleepy than I thought I was when I wrote it [emoji28] Skickat från min VTR-L29 via Tapatalk
  9. Did u fly into Cabo on an international flight or was it domestic? Skickat från min VTR-L29 via Tapatalk
  10. What you could be hearing is the neckstrap attachment on the camera that might be moving around as u move, thus rattling? if I were you id just add the breathing in post.
  11. Do u have that picture? Also, have u played with having the lut already in your camera/monitor so you will see what it looks like right away or might this be a problem going deeper perhaps?
  12. Was just about to ask this. I usually fly into Mexico City first and spend a day there then head out to Cabo. Haven’t had any problems this way but then again it has been a few years since I was there. also, anyone knows if this applies for uw monitor housings as well? Could end up being very expensive.
  13. Wtf! I'm going there in February. Any way around this? Skickat från min VTR-L29 via Tapatalk
  14. Sorry for the extremely late replies. I’m pretty sure I’m looking for the rights to a photo and I’ll have it printed here myself. Bombard me with links and I’ll have a look!
  15. The list in is the video description, I have since they upgraded to the gh5 and better wide angle lights, other than that it’s all the same.
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