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  1. Sorry for the extremely late replies. I’m pretty sure I’m looking for the rights to a photo and I’ll have it printed here myself. Bombard me with links and I’ll have a look!
  2. The list in is the video description, I have since they upgraded to the gh5 and better wide angle lights, other than that it’s all the same.
  3. I know the feeling, I try to keep the clips relatively short and set a max time of 5 mins but that’s just me. Here’s wha it shot from lembeh and Ambon last year!
  4. That would be easier or course. I’m open for any suggestions. If the pic is good enough I’ll find a solution!I’m interested in any type of uw pic except for the model type shots.
  5. Hey guys! Im in the process of moving and once I am settled Id like to have some pretty big glorious uw pics on my walls. I tried to look a bit online but didnt find much of interest (unless paying ridiculous prices) So Im here to see if anyone prints and sells their pics here.. do note that they have to be full frame high mp pics as Im interested in large prints only. Preferably a aluminium print. Hit me up with a link to a website or similar. I am very picky but I know theres world class photographers here! Shoot!
  6. Looks good. Can’t wait to see more of this camera in the real world. Not having the ibis puts me off a little but raw would be so nice
  7. I use this technique for filming any type of wide angle! Think it works well. Been using the xit tripod legs for this but they add a lot of weight, gonna get some long lightweight arms and attach them just like u did interceptor and give that a try for the next trip.
  8. I would like to use smaller than what I am but I need the lift, especially with the tripod attached to make it neutral. Smaller arms would create less drag meaning a more compact and stable rig (to my understanding anyways) Not 100% sure but i think I use Nauticams 70x250mm + a long nauticam arm that I think is 8 inches to which I have 2 big 10bar floats attached on each arm. Most likely gonna leave the tripod for wide stuff in the future and try to get neutral with smaller arms tho.
  9. Oh. Well then I’d say it looks pretty good color wise, especially for poor conditions! Excited to see more!
  10. Good stuff! I believe tiger beach is THE location to use filters at haha. With a bit of grading your footage would have looked fantastic!
  11. Hard to tell without knowing the depth each individual shot in the little clip. I’m reserving judgement until more footage comes out. Good to see the camera is out there tho!
  12. Probably a lot of sales pitch. I did a liveaboard in raja 2 weeks ago and enjoy it. Plenty of small reef fish and bait fish, saw a few sharks and a lot of mantas. The corals and bait fish in misool is for me THE reason to go to raja.
  13. If I get decent results with the Lee filters I just picked up I’ll give the keldan one a go next trip. It is a keldan product designed for nauticam products.. only outcome is expensive haha
  14. Thank u interceptor! I just sent out an email to the only dealer for lee filters in indo, hopefully they have some. Will try to check in here for an update
  15. My original plan with the keldan red filter isn’t possible anymore as nobody has it in stock apparently. I leave for indo tomorrow. Might be a long shot but does anyone know where I could pick up a few magic filters in Jakarta haha?
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