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  1. For sale : Canon 5D mark II , 1 battery + charger; Aquatica housing : 2 flash connectors Nikonos type, microphone, humidity alarm, handles. Excellent conditions. Options available (ask for price): dome port, flat macro port, zoom/focus gear for any lens.
  2. Kenny, Aquatica dome would add 430$ USD, no more than 6 dives. Macro port approx. 350$ USD also like new.
  3. Hello, I'm selling my loved and well maintained Canon 5D mark II and Aquatica housing. The housing is in really well shape only minor cosmetic scratches. This housing is really robust. Canon 5D mark II is a full frame camera that support HD video. I've shot with this kit both pictures and video shots that have been published. So it do the job really well. You can see multiple pictures I shot with it on my website: www.submersion-images.com Canon 5D2 body with 2 batteries and charger Aquatica housing with two Nikonos bulkheads, hydrophone with cable, handles and leak detector, o-ring kit I'm asking $2000 usd. Shipping : buyers pay shipping fee. I'm located in Canada near Aquatica's office. If you want a dome port or macro port I can also provide that but price will be adjusted.
  4. Reduced price .. make me an offer ! Please send PM for this.
  5. For sale: Aquatica housing;including moisture alarm handles strobe arms dovetail base bracket 8” dome port, dome shade, neoprene protector 2x; Nikon D300 body, battery, charger, body cap; Lens Nikon fisheye 10,5mm f/2.8 G ED dx - Exceptional lens for underwater useAquatica Focus gear Lens Nikon 60mm f/2.8 macro fx, equals a 90mmAquatica Focus gear Aquatica Gear for manual focusing Lens Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8 G ED dx , neutral filter for lens protection - high optical quality, great land lens.Aquatica Zoom gear Aquatica Extension tube Perfect conditions, all housing surfaces are in perfect conditions. Price: 3900$ CA or your realistic offer !
  6. Aquatica Zoom Gear #18696 Like a New one. Standard price :$95 Asking: $50 This Zoom Gear fit: Nikon AF-S 10-24mm f/4G IF-ED DX Nikon AF-S 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED DX Nikon AF-S 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED VR DX (*1) Nikon AF 18-70mm f/:3,5-4,5 G ED (*1) (*1) +3 diopter needed for 8" dome port Feel free to email me for additionnal details. Thanks,
  7. Hi, I'm planning to use the 5DmII underwater but I was wondering if some of you are using external monitor. If yes what are you using? Thanks,
  8. Thanks ! I will for sure have a look at the link you post. Temperature is not an issue for me, I'm used to dive in water down to 35F... altough I prefer warm water ;-) Thanks,
  9. I'm not yet there. I'm planning for a trip that should occur in January.
  10. Hi, Does anyone have recommendation regarding dive sites/operators around Huntigton Beach / Newport Beach in California. I'm from canada and will have to travel for a few days for work and I wanted to try a few dives around to shoot images. Are renoun kelp forest around ? Thanks in advance, Dominique
  11. - Nikon D70s - Aquatica housing Both really nice and clean. See pictures I got from it on my website: http://www.azur.qc.ca Serious buyer please... Price to discuss. Email me for questions: dominique@azur.qc.ca
  12. I think you are completely right with this point. This is probably true for the majority of us... We just have to remember great images that were shoot in the early years of u/w photography. Those great images stay, technology go away... I raised this question to get the comment of all about this. I'm actually using a D70s and thinking of renewing for better quality at higher ISO since I dive mostly in dark water. Basically I can : 1- go with a D300 and keep my lens; 2- go for FX with for let's say a D700 and buy all new lenses; 3- wait for and eventual new model...
  13. Hello, Reading this thread http://www.wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=28444 comparing FX and DX corner sharpness. From that thread understand that FX seems to be less sharp than DX. I was wondering what's the general opinion regarding to switching from DX to FX. This could be a big step since some might have to replace all lenses... Did the cost worth the investment. Probably for the future, since I'm sure manufacturer will no more follow DX path. But what about short term results ? Thanks for comments, Dominique
  14. Since I noticed there are a lot of really great pictures of u/w wildlife and landscapes and even if I already post one, I'm posting one of my wreck diver shots. I like it pretty much especially because it was my first try shooting using a remote/slave strobe... and result were not so bad. This image was taken in St-Laurence River in Canada... so it is green water here !
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