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  1. Servicing isn't an issue, I've sent it in before. The thing is, even the staff who service it has mentioned that the housing is looking worn. I guess I'll see how it goes on my next trip, as long as I don't go beyond 30m!
  2. Looking for a diffuser for one of my SB105's. Please PM and wait for reply. I don't come into the board very often! Thanks!
  3. Hi all... My present Ikelite housing for my Fuji S2 Pro is showing signs of age, having been bought about 3years ago and it was already 2years old when I took ownership. I'm worried about the housing flooding although it seems unfounded. One of the latches can sometimes be opened without pressing on the locking latch and some parts of the housing looks like it's about to give way! Sooooo....my question is has anyone had any bad experience with Ikelite housings? I've grown very fond and loyal to Ikelite but I'd rather not take the chance and suffer a flooding! Should I switch to a D200, which seems to be getting good comments. I'd be able to get the body and a 2nd hand Ikelite housing which I've already managed to get 1st dibs on. Any comments/suggestions/idea will be very much appreciated! THANKS HEAPS!!!
  4. Thanks, Phil, that's what I'm looking for. I've managed to source someone who does it here in Singapore. I'm trying to ask them to perhaps make it internal as there's some space inside the housing where the viewfinder is. Thanks again! By the way, the one in the pic isn't detachable, right? Cheers!
  5. Alex, Lucky you, seeing the Mola at Liberty. Must've been mid-August? I was told by the operator I was with, that the guides went nuts as there was a Mola at Liberty Wreck! How crazy is that! Can't complain seeing as I saw my 1st Mola at Blue Corner! Whereabout were you when you saw that returning mimics and your 1st Wonderpus? Thanks! As always, wonderful shots!
  6. Hey all, I find that shots that appear good in the LCD post shot ends up being fuzzy when I'm editing it on the computer. Therefore, I've decided to find a magnifier like the Subal one but for an Ikelite housing a Fuji S2Pro. Has anyone gotten one done before and if so, any chance of a photo of it? I prefer it to be detachable so I don't have to repluck my foam pieces in my hardcase. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks! andrew
  7. Dave, Great shots. The barreltube shrimp-that's the eggs inside? Great stuff!
  8. Hi Nige, Thanks again. Perhaps if I had a few shots of the Bushmills, I'd be able to figure out what you were trying to tell me! Have managed to get it done! Cheers!!
  9. Hi Nige, Didn't get past the black foreground and white background! I can't find a 'text tool'! Is the 'Type tool' the same thing? I've only managed to type text where I wanted to put the mark and after that, even with right-click, I can't get the filter you mention. Sorry! Real bummer this!
  10. Iggy, Sometimes you'd have to be very lucky it's just bubbles they leave behind instead of finning up the silt bottom that would make you wanna throttle them once topside!
  11. Hi guys, I usually have f16-f19 or lesser tho I've sometimes tried f22. Do you have a preferred setting on the primary strobe ie. 1/4 and the other on 1/16 or vice versa? I haven't done any WA with it so I can't comment on that. Perhaps it's the positioning of the strobe I should try adjusting. Yes, I like the +ve on it but like we all agree on-it's bulky for a 4AA strobe, which is why I'm thinking of trying to go with just 1 on a few dives. Any tips on that would be much appreciated!
  12. Do many guys still use these? I haven't seen them in use very much. Although I've got 2 rigged up, I've only been using 1 as I find having both fire at once giving me overexposed shots, even though I've set both at 1/16. Is this a common thing? Just a bit more info-I usually shoot macro stuff more than WA, if at all! Any useful tips on the characteristics of the 105s would be appreciated! Thanks thanks!
  13. Hi James, Many thanks for the tips. Was a bit of a challenge taking the shot initiall as the whip was perpendicular to the wall and I didn't have much of a surface to 'plant' myself while taking the shot, apart from the slight current! Am glad the little fella wasn't keen on moving about too much! What's the chance of dislodging the whip if I adjust it's alignment to get the frontal shot? I understand these sea whips are quite hardy, yes? Again, much appreciation for the help. Cheerio!
  14. Any C&C on the shot would be much appreciated! I've cropped and edited it some. Also, is there any way I can 'watermark' it on Photoshop? Thanks! Cheers!
  15. Mabul Resort(SMART), great accomodation, the staff love kids and are very kid friendly. Of course, not forgetting great diving at Sipadan and Mabul and nearby Kapalai too. Travel is by flight into Kota Kinabalu then Tawau or directly to Tawau and land transfer to Semporna and after that, speedboat transfer to Mabul island. Layang Layang would very much be hit and miss as the main attraction there is the schooling hammerheads. I've met guys at Mabul who were at Layang2 for a week and didn't see any! As for East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, I don't think Perhentian would be very suitable for infants/young children. If you do want to head to the East Coast, my suggestion would be Tioman, at best. Plenty of proper resorts/hotels instead of the 'diver' version of resort. You can fly direct too, from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.
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