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  1. Thanks to all those that replied directly or indirectly, but at this time both housing as well as the strobe have been sold.
  2. For Sale Aquatica Housing for Nikon D90 (Dual Nikonos Ports) - $750 + S/H Aquatica Housing for Nikon D7000 (1 Optical 1 Nikonons Port) - $1400 + S/H Inon D-2000 Strobe + Sea & Sea Nikonos Cable - $400 All gear is in excellent condition and I'll discount the asking price for anyone that is interested in one of the housing and the strobe.
  3. Correct about the external TTL Convertor...I happen to use the Heinrichs Weikamp convertor and I think there are 1 or two others options on the market.
  4. The housing come with Dual Nikonos bulkheads as well as a moisture alarm. As I am upgrading my set-up I do not have any ports that I was planning to sell at this time.
  5. Price reduced to 1500 for both the canera body and housing or 1250 for just the housing.
  6. Folks; I am upgrading from my Nikon D90 and I am having a tough time choosing between the D700 and the D7000. The D700 has the full size chip, and more focus points, but the D7000 has more pixels and a lower price tag. What do you all think is the best choice? Is the D700 worht the extra $s and why? Thanks for the advice Charles
  7. I have a Nikon D90 camera (body only) and an Aquatica Housing for the D90 that I am looking to sell. A full set of replacement O-Rings and manual comes with the housing and the manual, spare battery and battery charger comes with the camera. Both the camera and the housing are in perfect / like new condition. The camera retails for about $750 new and the housing with dual Nikonos bulkheads and leak detection retails for $2500. I am asking for $1750 (almost 50% below current retail) or best offer. Paypal or check are the preferred methods of payment
  8. I am planning to upgrade my underwater camera system and I have a Nikon D90 camera (body only) and an Aquatica Housing that I am looking to sell. Both the camera and the housing are in perfect / like new condition. The camera retails for about $750 new and the housing with dual Nikonos bulkheads and leak detection retails for $2500. I am asking for $2250 ($1000 below current retail) or best offer.
  9. Folks; I am going to Turks and Caicos (Provo) for vacation in a few weeks and my son (16) and I want to do a lot of diving. I am looking for recommendations about the best dive operator on the island. A couple of things I am looking for are: Nitrox, and UW Photographer friendly. We also like the ability to set up our gear on the boat the first day and not really deal with our gear until the last dive at the end of the week, but that is not an absolute requirement. Any thoughts and recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks Charles
  10. Folks; I use a Nikon D90 in an Aquatica housing. I plan to upgrade my strobes and even though I shoot manually today, I would love the option of using TTL every once in a while. What are my best options for strobes that support Nikon's iTTL system, preferably without having to resort to separate external converter of some sort. I'd be grateful for any advice. Charles
  11. Folks; I will be taking my almost 14 year old son to the pacific coast of Costa Rica in April to do some diving and I was looking for recommendations on dive sites. I also wanted help figuring out if this would be primarily a macro place, a wide-angle place or a mixed bag? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Charles
  12. Thanks, the thread you pointed me to had exactly what I was looking for
  13. Folks; I was planning on getting new Inon strobes because I like their compact size, but I understand that the manufacturer and their US reseller have broken off relations and I was concerned about availability and maintainability of the strobes. Any thoughts? Thanks Charles
  14. Folks; Not sure if this is the right forum for this question, but does anyone have any experience with the various color correction filters? I was thinking of getting my son (almost 14) an Ikelite housing for his point & shot camera. I don't want to complicate things for him in the begining by having him worrying about the use of strobes. Ikelite and MagicFilters both have filters to adjust color when you shot with natural lighting only and I wanted opinions on whether to get filters for my son's set-up. All thoughts and comments are welcomed and appreciated. Charles
  15. Bruce and Peter; Thanks to both of you for the input...right now I am heavily leaning towards the D90. I don't think I will ever work the camera hard enough to justify the D300. I will check with Aquatica about the housing question, but even if I do need a new housing, I think I will take the savings on the camera and housing and invest in a new strobe. Charles
  16. Folks; I currently shot with a Nikon D70 in an Aquatica housing. I am a serious amateur and want to step up my gear. Because of my current investment, I will stay with Nikon and Aquatica. The choice for me is whether the I go with a Nikon D90 and the new housing that just came out from Aquatica or I spend an extra $1000+ and go for the D300. It would be a stretch for me, but this is a long term investment and I want to get it right. Any thoughts or insights are greatly appreciated. Charles
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