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  1. I see that they make this lens both with and without a hood. Am I safe going with the regular "hooded" version for my a6600? The non-hooded version is really only applicable to full frame, no? Planning on using this lens behind a Zen 100mm port if that matters.
  2. I have a trip to Palau coming up at the end of January on board the Siren and am planning on purchasing a new a6600 (or a6400) prior to the trip. What lenses should I be looking at specifically for this trip? I'm considering any/all of the following: 1) Tokina 10-17mm 2) Sony 10-18mm 3) Sony 90mm 4) Sony 16-50mm + WWL-1 and/or diopter Any other suggestions? I love the flexibility of the 16-50 with WWL, but could I be equally well served with just the Tokina and the macro lens? Would the 10-18mm rectilinear be a better fit than the fisheye Tokina? I'd like to keep the gear to a relative minimum, so ideally not more than two lenses if possible.
  3. I'm unable to go past 1/200 on my a7RIII using YS-D2J's, but I'd certainly be interest in any flash trigger that would would expand that...
  4. Thanks Simon. I've gone ahead and ordered an additional package of Stix just in case...
  5. Simon, That's fantastic news, glad to hear it. I've referred to the A7rIII guide/review on your website several times, so I was familiar with the issues you were experiencing with the flash trigger and the non-"J" YS-D2's. My setup is virtually identical to yours, so your review has proved to be a great resource (kudos on the great site, BTW) in researching the potential issues to be avoided. Very interested to see your update to the page... Given that I'm shooting a virtually identical setup, a question if you wouldn't mind: When shooting with the 8-15mm fisheye with the 100mm dome, how many Jumbo Stix are your using to balance the rig? I assume you're set up to be slightly negatively buoyant? I picked up one package of the Jumbo's, but it sounds like I may need another...
  6. This would be an absolute game changer if Sony could get animal eye autofocus to work for marine life! My understanding is, thus far, it is only officially working on dogs and cats, however, others have reported success with squirrels, apes, etc.
  7. That's fantastic news then. Honestly I'd still probably pick up the Z330s if I can find them, since I haven't heard any issues whatsoever triggering them, but it sounds like I won't need to worry if I end up going with the D2Js. I'm not familiar with the Nauticam style FO bulkheads, but are the S&S cords compatible out of the box or do they require modification to use?
  8. I'll call Backscatter and see what kind of feedback they can provide on the Turtle. The last time I spoke to them, while they didn't mention the Turtle specifically, they did say the TTL on the Sony A7/9 series was still pretty problematic and to plan on going manual. Regarding the Z330's, maybe they aren't as tough to find anymore. That would definitely be my preference on strobes anyway, so I'll see what I can find here in the States. That's reassuring news, thank you. Perhaps it was just the non-J S&S's that had the trouble firing?
  9. Long story short, I'm upgrading my rig from a TG-5 and trying to decide between the A6500 and the A7R III. One thing that has given me pause about making the leap to the A7R is the lack of onboard flash and strobe triggering. I intend on using either camera in a Nauticam housing and (due primarily to the lack of availability of the Z330s) running a pair of YS-D2J strobes. For several reasons, I would prefer to stick with optical strobe firing if at all possible. I know Nauticam makes an LED trigger than they (now) say will trigger both the YS-D2 and YS-D2J (see https://www.nauticam.com/collections/flash-triggering/products/mini-flash-trigger-for-sony-compatible-with-na-a7-a7ii-a9). However, every other place on the internet stresses that this flash trigger will NOT reliably fire the YS-D2(J). Does anyone have any first hand experience this? Was a change made to the flash trigger recently to resolve the earlier issues with these strobes? I assume that most folks shooting A7 series in Nauticam housings are triggering via sync cord. Any feedback on this? Am I being to stubborn trying to stay with FO and obsessing over nothing?
  10. Hello! Zac from Oklahoma, making an introduction to validate my account.
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