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  1. I hope it fits the D7100 housing. If it does, I think it will be a boon for Nikon. I like the increased buffer size. This has been a great improvement from the D800E to the D810, good I hope for action and less frustrating out of buffer situations.
  2. Just got back from the Wetpixel South Komodo trip yesterday. I had a great time, terrific company excellent organisation and a whole lot of great diving. I spent a lot of the time on reefscapes and got some great images. MV Seven Seas is highly recommended as a liveaboard. Thanks to Eric and Adam and underexposures. Hope to see you guys at Dema. Best, Mark
  3. 2013 started out with two weeks in Palau followed by significant photographic surface intervals and then 3 weeks in the Phillipines. Lots of opportunities to shoot in unusual environments such as the Pantanal in Brazil and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The shot on Jellyfish Lake is one of my favourites.
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