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  1. I forgot to add that I also have Ultralight Arms and Stix float arms to add to the list of items for sale.
  2. Hi everyone, Due to changing my photography goals (more landscape/portrait based) I have decided to switch from a Canon system to a Sony mirrorless system which means I no longer require my Canon 5DIV housing. I'm gauging if there is any interest on here before I consider selling it on auction sites etc. I also may keep a few bits for when I inevitably decide to buy a housing for my new system! All of these items were bought from Alex at Underwater Visions back in November last year (Still have the invoice for proof of purchase etc) and have seen a handful of dives mostly in the Caribbean but also in the UK as well. I've always cleaned and maintained the set up after every dive and store them in away in sealed box. I have for sale the following items NA-5DIV Nauticam Housing for Canon 5D (with Ikelite bulkheads) Vacuum Valve II Macro Port 94 C815-Z for Canon 8-15mm f/4L fisheye lens 100mm Zen Fisheye Dome with removable shade. Flip diopter holder for 67mm macro port Nauticam 45 degree viewfinder Nauticam Super Macro Convertor I also have 2 Ikelite DS160 Strobes with dome diffusers with dual sync cables 2 Light and Motion Sola Nightsea 2 nightsea filters for Ikelite DS160 I have a price in mind but I'm also open to sensible offers. I would ideally like to sell the lot as one (certainly the housing) but will consider breaking it down if I can't sell. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Many thanks Ben Edit - I'm based in London and also the Southwest of the UK so I will only consider UK buyers. Happy for collection or delivery at your own cost. Also happy to deliver myself if you are in the areas that I mentioned above.
  3. Thank for all of the replies everyone! Some really great tips here. My main issue is that I am going to be backpacking so don't really fancy taking any heavy roller bags with me. Thankfully most of my camera gear will fit into my 30l rucksack which fits within the hand luggage dimensions (definitely not within the weight restrictions) and on my back doesn't look too crammed. The only thing I am going to worry about are my strobes and arms which will most likely need to go in my main backpack, carefully wrapped in clothes! I will have to try and pad out the sides of the rucksack as well. I knew all of those styrofoam sheets I've been saving would come in handy one day!
  4. Thank you for all of your help guys! I was shooting with the strobes on manual and had them dialled down half a stop. The WA pictures were all shot at 1/25 sec and mostly at f8 and occasionally f18 (I think that may have been accidental as I don't remember changing it to that setting) also ISO was at 100. As for positioning I tried the 10 and 2 position when in landscape mode with the strobes pointing out slightly and got some ok results but for the attached pictures I had them at 12 and 6 with the bottom strobe pointed slightly up. I also tried the strobes at a 9 and 3 position slightly back from the housing facing the handles. In a pool session this worked really well but in the field I didn't have much luck at all, it think it was most likely down to not being close enough as you both mentioned. I was generally 12" from the subject each time I took a picture. Would you get closer still? Also for these pictures Troporobo has made a good point, in my efforts to get the sun in the shot I was tilting the camera up slightly without readjusting the strobes. Thanks for the recommendations and the links I have both books and have been reading them as I go, sort of as a reference book. Many thanks again, you have already given me lots to think about for my next dive Ben
  5. Finally figured it out! Apologies for the huge files in the first posts! CS0A1814-Edit-2-2 by Ben Sandford, on Flickr CS0A1810-Edit-2 by Ben Sandford, on Flickr CS0A1804-Edit-2 by Ben Sandford, on Flickr CS0A1727-2 by Ben Sandford, on Flickr CS0A1690-2 by Ben Sandford, on Flickr CS0A1147-Edit-2 by Ben Sandford, on Flickr
  6. Apologies, I am not sure how to post multiply pictures on one thread so will need to post pictures on individual replies.
  7. Hi everyone, Finally I have the confidence to post up some of my pictures from my recent trip to St Lucia. This is my first proper attempt at underwater photography and I am looking to improve and learn from all of the amazing photographers on this forum. I attempted a mixture of macro, super macro (failed miserably so no pictures) and close focus wide angle shots on my dives. I found macro to be the easiest to get right, or rather get it to a point where I was happy with the outcome, but I really struggled getting good CFWA shots, no matter where I put the strobes or what settings I changed on the camera, I just could not get the exposure correct. I resorted to colour correction in post which I don't really like doing. I'd really appreciate some feedback and constructive criticism on how I can improve. My set up is as follows; Canon 5DIV Nauticam housing Nauticam macro port Zen mini dome port 2 x Ikelite DS160 2 x Ikelite dome diffusers (for CFWA) Canon 100mm f/2.8L macro Canon 8mm-15mm f/4L fisheye Warning some of these shots are pretty poor, but I wanted to give you idea of where I was struggling
  8. Not to worry, I've just been told that at this time of the year conditions make diving in the north off limits. The south it is then!
  9. Sorry to start another travel related thread so soon (See my other thread) but before I go on my big trip in April I have a family trip to St Lucia staying in the north of the island and wanted to know if there are any good dive sites in the north? I have searched this forum and google and have had no luck getting information for the north sites, other than dive site names, which probably gives me the answer I am expecting. Time restraints due to family commitments and various on land trips mean that getting to the dive sites in the south is going to be tricky at best (although not impossible, I may be able to do a day down there), has anybody visited the sites in the north and are they worth packing my gear to see? Many thanks again for your help. Ben Also, if i am lucky enough to get down to the south for 2 dives does anyone have any recommendations for dive sites there too?
  10. Thanks very much, i will try and get a least one worthy picture up!
  11. Thanks very much for your input guys, its been very helpful and has given me a bit of confidence in keeping my gear safe. Unfortunately I'm already tied to going to Cairns as I am heading out on a liveaboard from there after Indonesia. However I won't be using Qantas to get there and will most likely be leaving from Sydney as I'm travelling around Australia for a bit after all of the diving. That should give me time to think of a way to creatively pack my bags or failing that buy some additional padding/protection to go into my pretty empty main back pack to keep a few bits in. Thank you so much again. Ben
  12. Hi Tim! Thank you very much for your reply. I can't wait for my trip to start, just counting down the final work days! That's very helpful and sounds promising too. If all else fails I may have to sweet talk my girlfriend into carrying a bit in her carry on! Just need a good excuse Thanks for the note about AirAsia too, I might have a look at their flights to get me from each destination. Did you only fly direct to your destinations or did you have any lay overs? Many thanks again. Ben
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