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  1. I do disagree with scubaroot statement. The 10-22 is probably the best lens in its class and for shure to shoot wide angle underwater is much more useful than a 16-35 on APS-sized sensors. You can read a review of the lens here http://www.kenrockwell.com/canon/1022.htm Bear also in mind that this reviewer prefers to use Nikon equipment
  2. A regular eyepiece for the retrofitted A20 housing is available at a very good price at Aquatica.
  3. HI, I also think that several housing producers offer a product with a better finishing than Aquatica. For the money you spent you must get an housing that is not only able to keep water out. If I were you I would ask the money back and consider the purchase of a housing from an other producer. 2 weeks ago at Eudishow (the Italian biggest diving exhibition), I put my hands on the Seacam housing for the Canon 5D: It looks like a shiny jewel, with a better ergonomic positioning of the commands than Aquatica offers on their Canon Housing, and finer technical solutions. Try to give a look yourself. It seems that also the price (at least in USA) is fair. When It will be time for me to buy a new housing I will definitely try to get a Seacam.
  4. Well, now I have many solutions to my problem to choose from. This is really an effective forum. I think I will try the 2 arms with a ball joint Thanks to you all Salvatore
  5. Thanks for the useful information. Marli I'm actually trying to use the Sea & Sea mini arm. I'm impressed. Salvatore
  6. Hi, I need to connect to my Aquatica A 20 housing a focus light using a hot shoe arm that fits in a standard Nikonos V hot shoe. Is there a bracket in Aquatica catalog that connected to accessories mounting holes of the housing, can give a NikonosV-like hot shoe? (I couldn't find any) Anybody homemade this sort of bracket? Salvatore
  7. Hi. Is there anybody who owns a working Focus gear for the Canon EF-S 60mm (18710)? If yes could he/she tell me the internal radius, external Radius and the thickness of that gear? The reason why I ask this question is that Aquatica sent me twice a gear that does not fit on my housing A20 on the 60 mm EF-S Lens. Maybe the age has destroied too many brain cells of mine so that I'm not able to mount a gear on the lens; but a friend of mine received a 18710 focus gear thicker than the one that I have received twice, perfectly working. Many thanks Salvatore
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