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  1. This mirrors my last 3 years experience (with the Subal equivalent) - tried a 180 recently and it just felt ... wrong! R
  2. Another vote for the B&W, but it’s a close call: the composition really works IMO. R
  3. Yep, I’ve been to the Isle of Wight too at this time of year. ;-) Alex: is the end result how it looked to your eyes when you were there? I ask because for me the challenge is to try to replicate the image I saw in the water on my screen: that is my biggest challenge and the one I get the most pleasure from. I think the question of whether one should change their approach is highly dependent on what you are trying to achieve. Commercial sales? Winning competitions? Impressing friends and family? At my end of the pool the end result is relatively easy: to take shots that appeal to me - and me alone. Not that it isn’t quite a challenge in itself (my post-production skills are minimal and I don’t possess or know how to use Photoshop) so I’m rather pleased when I do produce a good result! But not having any other 'agenda' for my images makes life rather simpler for me - not that I don’t enjoy the work of others may I add. If what Alex saw in the wreck is represented pretty well by the image he’s shown then that would be a good shot IMO. Great topic though and I’ve read it with interest. R
  4. I've always regarded Dahab as being a bit behind the times. R
  5. Is the software the latest (4th) edition of Martin's book? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I've just found it on Amazon UK - and it is the 4th edition. R
  6. I've had this twice at Sharm: both times I marched my check-in case to the next counter's scales and would you believe it, the weight magically dropped. R
  7. That's actually a good idea: perhaps if we all had our images on our credit/debit cards there might be some reduction in fraud? R
  8. Aperture has been launched in the UK iTunes App section for just £44.99 - latest version too. Aperture A veritable bargain! R
  9. The 50+ rule is used in the Red Sea for dive sites that are deemed potentially challenging for less experienced divers - and which includes the ones that have been sanctioned by the latest CDWS bulletin. R
  10. Erm, back on topic! I can never decide on a 'best' shot, but this one gives me pleasurable memories of a great dive: R
  11. I'll be at SHS on Friday, Alex: en route to Dahab. Sorry to miss your talk there, really enjoyed the last one. It's changed a lot since then, mucho 'trendy' now and monkey nuts are no longer on the bar. (Pretty sure the flags have gone too). :-( R
  12. Hi Jo that's great, many thanks for putting it together! R
  13. A couple of Paul (PRC) of this parish: And one of me being photographed by ....... me! R
  14. Private guide every time for me. 1) Circumvents any hassle from the operator. 2) They can act as a model for you, show them the basics of what you want 3) Mine are encouraged to go looking for something photogenic (I'll even give them a list of what I'm looking for) 4) It is a good idea to have someone else around when you are diving! R
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