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  1. Thank you very much. I am a part of a really good team. I am a complete amateur, but some of the people I dive with have done this stuff semi-professionally. That really makes a difference.
  2. For sale: $3500 Complete underwater video/stills system. Everything you need together in a proven system. I have mainly used this system for video, but it will work very well for stills. The Tokina lens performs well for video behind the large dome. For stills you may prefer a 15mm fisheye - I have a Sigma 15mm fisheye that I would be willing to sell separately if you are interested. Items included: 1. Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 with spare battery & 32GB Sandisk CF card 2. Tokina AT-X 17mm prime rectlinear wideangle lens (Canon mount) 3. Canon 24-105 F4 L zoom lens (not really useful underwater, but a good general purpose lens). 4. Aquatica housing for Canon 5D Mk 2. This had the uprated springs (for increased depth capability) installed at the time of purchase. It has 2 Nikonos bulkheads and a third for use with a remote underwater shutter release (included); this requires a Nikonos sync cable (not included) 5. Aquatica 9 inch glass dome port. It has a 18453 port extension fitted which seems to be optimal for the Tokina lens, especially if you use the included B&W +2 diopter on the latter. You don't need either of these with a 15mm fisheye. Condition: The housing has a few cosmetic scratches from being used in caves but is 100% functional. The dome port has no scratches on the glass dome; the dome shade may have a few on the outside. The camera and lenses are in very good condition. The remote shutter is brand new, unused. I have used this system with some success in deep underwater caves. It produces very nice video. For examples see: With the included Tokina 17mm rectilinear lens: With a Sigma 15mm fisheye lens: I am selling it because most of the caves I want to video require a DPV and although I have used this very successfully with a DPV (as you can see in the links), the large dome port causes a lot of drag. I would be happy to provide more pictures of any items on request. Price may be negotiable but does not include shipping. Andy
  3. This is the opposite of what I thought I understand it to be. I thought that to obtain the same angle of view, a larger sensor would require a longer focal length lens and the depth of field would be smaller. Can some clever person help me out? Thanks. Andy
  4. Preferably the one for the Nikon WC-E68 WA adapter, but I'd also consider Aquatica's wet-mountable one. Andrew
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