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  1. Hi, I am (finally) in a position to envisage taking my D70 underwater !!! I am currently equipped with 60 AF-S and 12-24 and would therefore also look at getting Ports, etc. needed for both. Preference to Ike gear. Cheers, Sam
  2. Aïe... That would be painfull if it didn't fit ... I'd love to get this lens and start spending time on fish portraits. I believe it is the best option from what I read on the forum sofar... but I'm also planning to get equipped asap with Ike UW gear... So... anyone got more info on this issue? Ike maybe? Cheers Sam
  3. Hi Can you give us an idea of price (if still on sale) for: - the rig alone - the rig + camera Cheers
  4. Thanks for the advice Luiz, i'll do just now
  5. Hi again, To be a bit more precise, I'd be interested by the following items from your kit: - Nikon D70 camera - Ikelite UW housing - Nikon 10.5 lens - Ikelite 5503.15 port (... and eventually the 18-70 lens with ikelite #5503.55 port depending on price ) PS: more generally I'm looking for any D70 kit (camera included) that could get me started UW (ideally with nikon 10.5 and 105mm gear)... if anyone is upgrading and in a christmas mood...
  6. Hello, Is this offer still running? Cheers! Sam
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